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MASV is the fastest way for media professionals to securely transfer large media files anywhere in the world. Get started today with a 100 GB free trial.

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A Large File Transfer Service That Works

MASV is a cloud file transfer service that brings together size, speed, security, and stability into one, easy-to-use tool.

No File Size Limits

Send large files up to 15 TB per file and upload entire project folders without zipping (MASV maintains your folder structure).

Unmatched Speeds

Utilize all of your bandwidth for fast file transfers. Our 300+ worldwide servers close the gap between sender and recipient.

Fair & Reliable Transfers

With our unique TCP-acceleration technology, files travel far and fast, with no port-forwarding, firewall issues, or dropped packets.

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20 GB file sent over 1Gbps connection from Ottawa, Canada.

How Fast is MASV?

MASV outperforms other transfer services with faster upload and download speeds. Here’s why:

  • MASV leverages all your available bandwidth;
  • Large files are split into chunks in-transit and sent using smaller requests;
  • Across a network of private global servers;
  • Using TCP to ease congestion and safely pass through firewalls.
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We Deliver Or Your Money Back

We charge a flat, pay-as-you-go fee of $0.25 for every gigabyte downloaded. Uploads are free.

Plus, when you transfer more, you save more.

No subscriptions, tiers, or annual contracts.

If your package fails to deliver and it’s our fault, we will refund your money back. Guaranteed.

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File Collection Made Easy 🙌

Receive large files with a MASV Portal: request, collect, and organize file deliveries from anyone (they don’t need an account to upload).

Customize Your Portal

Create a Portal and change the logo, background, and colors to match your brand. Whip up as many Portals as you need at no extra charge.

Share, Request, and Collect

Share your Portal URL, send a file request, or embed your Portal onto a webpage to receive public submissions (e.g. a film festival).

Automated Cloud Backup

Connect your preferred cloud storage to a MASV Portal and automatically backup files you receive.

MASV desktop UI features

A Powerful Desktop App 💪

Get the MASV Desktop app and transfer terabytes of data faster than a browser, with added performance and stability.

Relentless Reliability

Automatically resume transfers after a network interruption. MASV won’t stop until your file is delivered successfully.


Multiconnect combines two or more internet connections to create one strong network that multiplies your transfer speeds.

Exclusive Features

Create upload/download automations, schedule transfers with periods of low congestion, pause & resume, and more.

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Send to Cloud Storage ☁️

Send files directly to cloud storage for easy backup and better remote collaboration with MASV Cloud Integrations.

BYOS (Bring Your Own Storage)

MASV plays nice with most major cloud storage providers:

  • Basic (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.)
  • Enterprise (Amazon S3, Backblaze B2, etc.)
  • Asset Management (Frame.io, iconik, etc.)

Additional Storage

MASV offers Extended Storage options as a failsafe. Store for a few days, a few months, or forever.

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Slack Notifications

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Premiere Pro Panel

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Docker Container

More Ways to Integrate
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Enterprise-Grade Security 🔒

We understand the importance of secure file transfer and protecting intellectual property from unwanted eyes.

MASV is ISO 27001 certified and verified by the Trusted Partner Network. In addition to industry-leading compliance, all MASV transfers are encrypted in-flight and at-rest and can be password-protected.

Large File Transfer Made Easy

A few more reasons why MASV takes the pain out of large file transfer.

Multi-Gig Bandwidth

Our premium cloud infrastructure can support 10Gbps internet speeds.

Transfer Log

MASV keeps a log of every file you send and receive so you can stay on top of deliverables.

Robust API

Integrate MASV into your custom workflow with our API (we use the same one).


Customer Support

If, for any reason, you run into problems, our support team is available 24/7.

Start Sending Files with MASV

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MASV?

Is MASV secure?

MASV is an ISO 27001 certified secure file transfer solution. All MASV transfers are encrypted in-flight and at-rest. Users can choose to password-protect every transfer. And MASV is validated by the Trusted Partner Network — a detailed security assessment led by the Motion Picture Association.
Additionally, MASV uses Amazon Web Services which has the best on-premise security in the world.

How much does MASV cost?

What is the MASV app?

Does MASV have an API?

Yes, the MASV API lets developers integrate MASV’s transfer capability into their custom workflow to automate file uploads, downloads, and backup files to storage.

Does MASV offer a free trial?

Yes, any new user who signs up for MASV gets a 14-day free trial and 100 gigabytes in data credits to use towards their transfers.

Why choose a pay-as-you-go file transfer plan?

What apps does MASV work with?

MASV offers seamless integration with a number of popular apps. From storage providers like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Amazon S3; to productivity tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams; to media-specific tools like Frame.io and Adobe Premiere Pro.

MASV is designed to complement, not disrupt, your existing workflow. You can view our full list of integrations here.

How does MASV work?

MASV is simple enough for anyone to use. Simply sign up for an account and drag-and-drop your files and folders into either the MASV browser or Desktop app. During upload, you can write a short message to your recipient, set an expiry date for your transfer, and add a password. MASV can send up to 15 TB per file as an email or a share link. You can learn more in this video.

MASV also has a series of tools to help make file transfer faster and easier:

  • MASV Portals – create your own upload window to receive large files
  • Cloud Integration – store files you receive directly into your preferred cloud storage
  • Watch Folders – create upload and download automations
  • Multiconnect – bond multiple internet connections to create one strong network
  • File Transfer API – create custom workflows with MASV as the ingest and egress tool
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