7 Unique Reasons for Large File Transfers

Aug 25, 2020Blog, File Hacks

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With an abundance of information and multimedia at our fingertips, individuals across the world share millions of files every day. Whether you’re sending a presentation to your coworker across the room, a photo album to a relative on the other side of the country, or sending a video file to an agency on the opposite end of the globe, there are endless reasons for large file transfers. Depending on the type of file you’re transferring and your sharing platform of choice, certain transfers are more seamless than others. Below we list 7 unique reasons for a large file transfer, and how leveraging the right platform can remove the stress from the entire process.


Video Production


“As a video producer, I am often called upon to deliver large video files over the internet. The files may be completed videos that have been edited. Or they may be raw footage that needs to be transferred to an agency or a broadcaster. Sometimes the files need to be delivered very fast e.g. news or event-related video clips. The sooner the client receives and shares these files, the more relevant and beneficial.

“One of the challenges that I encounter is the limitations that I.T. departments sometimes impose: In order to strengthen security and reduce the chance of an online attack, there are a number of file-sharing services such as Dropbox which they block. Sometimes the only option is to use their own FTP servers. It may be surprising to know that often the FTP servers used by multinational companies, even in the tech space, are notoriously slow.

“There was once an occasion where I needed to deliver video files to an international client. After setting up the file transfer on their FTP server it indicated that the transfer would take 6 months to complete! When I set up the same transfer on Dropbox the time required was less than 1 day.

“Video file sizes will continue to increase. And delivery times will decrease. So it is vital to be able to use a robust solution that is fast and reliable.”

Ryan Spanger, Managing Director, Dream Engine 

 As Spanger said, a fast and reliable solution is key when it comes to large file transfers.

At MASV, we understand that managing large files is a serious task that needs to be done securely and efficiently. Our platform offers the necessary features to complete timely transfers without ever sacrificing the integrity of your files. Using state-of-the-art encryption on all transfers, as well as protected passwords, we offer a complete solution for large file transfers.


Law Enforcement Agencies

“We transfer large files around all the time because we have to send them back and forth to our people and our clients. We work with law enforcement agencies and they send us large video files of witness or suspect interviews that we then transcribe for them.  Many times they are multiple hour-long files recorded in high def so they will be 1-5 gigabytes in size.”
Ben Walker, CEO and Founder of Transcription Outsourcing

When sending large videos such as the above, using a platform that will deliver fast and reliable transfers without limitations is essential to keeping operations running smoothly. Regardless of the file size, we enable upload and download speeds at up to 1Gbps from around the globe. When you choose MASV, you can rest assured that every transfer will be completed with ease, and you’ll only ever be billed for your exact usage.


Working from Home

“As a business whose employees work remotely, it is difficult to schedule video calls where everyone is present. We often rely on videos for presentations and upskill training since everyone can watch these at their own convenience. Making these videos required frequent file transfers between people, and since these videos are saved in AVI format for quality, the files tend to be very large. It gets troublesome when we are pressed for time, especially when someone’s connection is problematic and interrupts the file transfer altogether. It is the culprit of a few delays.”

John Stevenson, Founder and CEO of Top VPN Canada

If you can transfer large files quickly and effortlessly, why wouldn’t you? At MASV we make large file transfers accessible to anyone, regardless of your technical expertise. We bounce back in no time from network instability, always picking up the process where you left off. As long as you can send an email, you can use MASV. This makes us an excellent choice for those working remotely and in need of a simple yet effective way of transferring videos.


Wedding Videos

“In August 2017, my marriage was held, and the professional video maker covered the whole function. After editing done by him, I got a video of almost 5 GB. But when I watched on my laptop, I didn’t like the video because he added some irrelevant shots. So I decided to give him for modifications, but due to some busy routine, I couldn’t manage to visit his shop personally. So I transferred the video by using “WeTransfer” (suggested by the video maker), and it was an amazing experience to share a large file using online service. It took me almost half an hour to transfer the 5 GB video file, and I also received the confirmation email when he downloaded the file. Overall, it was an excellent experience to transfer the large file because it saved my time and travel costs.”
Zhen Tang, COOAILAW 


At MASV, we are happy to offer a variety of integrations to help you streamline your file transfer process. We are also happy to be a viable alternative to other platforms such as WeTransfer. In fact, we are 3.5X faster than WeTransfer, have a similar easy-to-use interface, and have no file size limits. We make it easy for anyone to send and receive hundreds of gigs of raw video files or DCP folders without any bumps in the road. If you want to avoid a 20GB file size limit, next time let MASV take care of your large file transfer. 


Reviewing Candidate Video Introductions

“As a business leader, I’m in charge of reviewing candidates’ video introductions. In the process, we’re receiving large .mov or .mp4 files by the candidates, containing their presentations and answers to our initial questions. We transfer the data to our cloud storage for further reviewing or storing, which often takes quite a long time. Sometimes, the files get corrupted and require to reupload. We’ve even had an instance of permanently lost files due to incomplete transfers.”
Milos Djordjevic, Co-Founder of SaveMyCent

You can be confident that when you use MASV’s portal, none of your files will get lost or corrupted. Our portals are a great way of collecting large files from any device, anywhere in the world, and in no time. Best of all, this can all be done without any coaching or training required. As simple as sending an email, sending a MASV portal to your contributors is the future of large file transfers.


Enhancing Marketing Campaigns

“As a digital marketer, some of the media we use are videos and pictures. We create 4K videos or edit high-resolution images to spice up our marketing campaigns. Due to collaboration, these videos and photos need to be accessed by my remote teams from time to time. As such, it has been our practice to send large files via the internet. We used to do this via FTP, but with the advancing technologies, security has been an issue. Sometimes the transfer takes time and fails, which causes a lot of delays. That’s why we have shifted to using online services like MASV and SynaMan that guarantees to transfer and secure extensive data at a premium. This has addressed both the delay and security issues. Now, collaboration is easy and projects are always on time.”
Jeremy Harrison, Founder of Hustle Life

As you can see from Harrison’s success, using a platform such as ours at MASV will guarantee a fast, safe, and secure transfer at a great value. We are so glad to hear that our services have provided a solution to eliminate their issues with transfer delays and security. It is our goal that we make our clients’ lives easier.


File Transfer from Isolated Communities


“There’s a lot of technological – and human – effort that goes into getting a photo from a mountain village in the Philippines to an office in Kansas City.

“As part of a special book project commissioned by Pope Francis, we gathered stories from elderly people around the world, many of whom were in isolated communities. It was a massive undertaking, with hours of audio to translate, transcribe, and prepare for submission. The photos were striking, the stories and interviews had some of our translators in tears. We were excited to share them with the world – people who for too long have been overlooked and underserved were finally going to be heard.

“But then there’s the matter of getting gigabytes of files from around the world to the United States. We used multiple methods – internet service in the developing world can be slower and intermittent, so any file transfer solution had to have the ability to resume from a dropped connection. Google Drive worked well for our team of regional reporters. In some cases with more remote communities and larger file sizes, we had to hand-carry portable hard drives. Ultimately, we gathered up the entire archive through OneDrive and emailed the link to the editors at the publishing company. It could be frustrating, especially at the last mile dealing with OneDrive’s idiosyncrasies. But it worked, and the results were truly beautiful. Published by Loyola Press, Sharing the Wisdom of Time went on to become a bestseller on Amazon and win multiple awards.

“Last year we were able to deliver the books to the elders who had shared their stories. Watching them see themselves in the book may have been the most powerful moment of the entire experience.”
Andrew Kling, Community Outreach Director at Unbound

At MASV, we are proud to offer file transferring services from anywhere in the world. Whether you’re in a remote location or in the hustle and bustle of a city, we have you covered.

Stress Free File Transfers


While large file transfers may seem like a daunting task, they don’t have to be! With MASV, the days of tedious file transfers are no longer. Regardless of the size of your file, your location, or your experience, MASV makes the transfer process seamless – no training required! We make file transfers stress-free for anyone using our platform and have the features needed to carefully and securely handle large files with ease.


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