How to Accept File Transfers on your Wix, Squarespace and WordPress Sites

More and more individuals and organizations are wanting to have a web presence with popular website building sites like Wix, SquareSpace and WordPress being the answer.

They give anyone with a bit of creative ingenuity and patience to get a full fledged and most often, stunning website online in the span of a few hours.

With freelance videographers and photographers now having an online presense, the challenge becomes when they start to operate. One main challenge we hear most often:

How can I accept large files from my clients?

Enter MASV Portals as that solution. MASV Portals has one main function: Accept Large File Transfers from people. That’s it. Your clients don’t need to setup any account, don’t need to download any software. Everything can be done directly on a MASV Portal. Even better, that MASV Portal can be embedded on your website.

We have created a 3 part series of How to Embed MASV Portals on your site. If you use Wix, SquareSpace or WordPress, simply click on your tutorial below.

Embed MASV Portals into your Wix Site

Click here to read our tutorial on how to embed a MASV Portal in your Wix site.

How to Collect Large Files In Squarespace

Click here to read our walkthrough on creating a MASV portal and adding it to your Squarespace site. 

Collecting Large Files in WordPress

Click here to read our tutorial on how to embed a MASV Portal in your WordPress site. This is the simple, no plugins required approach.