Five Reasons Why Your Large File Transfers Need To Get With The Times

by MathewMay 1, 2018Blog, File Hacks

So, you’ve just finished shooting and editing a truly epic piece of 4k video. The lighting? Perfect. The composition? Sublime. And that whip pan you pulled off might have been your best yet.

All that’s left is to send a very large video file to your post-production team or client.

If you’re like many in video production, your first thought might be to grab some bubble wrap and courier a physical hard drive. Or to fire up the old FTP and hunker down — if you have access to a server, that is.

But in the era of accelerated file transfer, there are five good reasons why you should look beyond shipping hard drives or using FTP for moving very large files.

Source: 4K Shooters

1. It’s Usually Cheaper

For most of us, isn’t this the most important reason? Couriering insured packages is expensive, especially if your clients live on the other side of the country (or the world). MASV’s file transfer calculator — which relies on real-time FedEx Priority shipping rates — shows how a pay-as-you-go accelerated file transfer service can save you money, especially when sending files long distances.

Case in point: Sending a 200GB file from New York to LA costs twice as much via FedEx.

Sending 200GB from Manhattan to Los Angeles: MASV vs. FedEx

(upload speed 100mbps, download speed 100mbps)

2. It’s Usually Faster

“Accelerated file transfer” isn’t just a catch phrase: it really is faster. And the further your files need to go, the more time you save: Using FedEx from Manhattan to Beijing takes around four times longer (and is three times more expensive) than MASV.

Sending 375GB from Manhattan to Beijing: MASV vs. FedEx

(upload speed 100mbps, download speed 100mbps)

3. There’s A Much Lower Risk Of Compromised Data

MASV takes security extremely seriously, which is why its network is deployed across top-shelf infrastructure providers such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. TLS encryption and overlapping security measures ensure that files are encrypted both in flight and at rest.

Physical packages can be tampered with or pilfered. So why take the risk?

4. There’s No Risk Of Physical Damage

Anyone who’s ever visited an airport knows baggage and cargo are sometimes handled less than ideally (Dave Carroll, we’re looking at you). Accidents happen. And while bubble wrap can help, the chances of your package being thrown around like a football drops to zero when using an accelerated file transfer service.

5. It’s Way More Convenient

MASV allows you to send files 24/7, meaning you can say goodbye to planning around your courier’s store hours or missing deadlines because they’re closed. It’s also browser-based, meaning there are no desktop applications to install or pay for in advance — and there certainly isn’t any packing tape, shipping boxes, or bubble wrap to deal with.

And for those using FTP, wouldn’t it be great to be able to send files with confidence over long distances? With MASV’s accelerated file transfer, you can bank on blazing fast speeds whether your file is going across town, across the country or the world.

How do you transfer your files today?

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