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by MathewMay 13, 2019Blog, Product Updates

Some recent MASV product updates

It’s finally starting to warm up here in Ottawa, Canada so naturally we at MASV have been doing some spring cleaning, including adding some highly requested features into the product and fixing bugs.

Here is what we have added in the last couple of months:




For the more technically inclined we have released a comprehensive API for MASV. Our goal for this release was simply to get our API into the hands of our customers with some basic information on how to do the main stuff we thought you would want to do with it.

We have examples on how to do the following, documented for various languages:

  • Logging in (because API’s are not much fun if you can’t use them)
  • Uploading packages
  • Downloading packages
  • Creating portals

You can view these tutorials in our API Guides section. Or, if you’re more adventurous, head on over to our API Reference and see the full published capabilities of our new API.

As we gain feedback from customers and build stuff with our API ourselves we will be making the documentation more comprehensive and simplifying elements of it by publishing a command line interface for various OS’s. The API documentation is in its early stages so any feedback you have is very much appreciated to help guide our efforts. We are excited to see what you build!

Email Notification Settings

Email Notification Settings

 Email Notification Settings

A long requested feature from our users is the ability to control not only which emails you as a user receive from MASV but also how often we remind (via email) your recipients. Well, now you can configure both at either the team level for your recipients in your team settings or at the personal level for yourself in the profile settings.

If you’re like me you had a filtered folder in your email for MASV emails and now you can choose exactly how much communication your inbox gets based on your preferences.

Dates that aren’t annoying

Package Sent View

When we transitioned from MASV 2.0 to MASV 3.0 we attempted to make our date fields feel a little more friendly. It would show dates by saying things like “about 5 minutes ago” or “in about 1 week”. We heard loud and clear that these are fun ways to display dates for blog post articles but very annoying when you’re managing a delivery deadline.

We have changed this to the simple, age-old mm dd, yyyy format. Sorry about that — consider it a lesson learned! Quick tip: When you hover over any date we show you a tooltip of the exact time it occurred as well.

Passwords for Portal Downloads

Portal Passwords

MASV Portals enable Password Protection

We added the ability to add passwords to the send files functionality a few months ago but neglected deliveries that were sent to you through portals. We now support passwords on any type of download you may have through MASV. Just head over to your portal settings section and toggle download password on to set a default password for all deliveries sent to you through that portal.

Mac Sleep Issue


We built MASV to be as reliable as possible but uncovered a bug where Mac devices could run into a stalled upload if their Mac went to sleep during an in-progress upload. This bug was only encountered on Mac and if you were using a windows machine the expected behaviour was that your upload would temporarily pause then once you wake your computer it would resume. We have fixed the bug and now Mac users will resume where they left off if their computer temporarily goes to sleep.

We highly recommend changing your settings to prevent sleep if you intend to transfer files for long periods of time where you are not actively using your computer. Here is quick guide we wrote on how to make sure your transfers go off without a hitch https://intercom.help/masv3/sending-and-receiving-files/how-to-avoid-upload-issues

The download button is back

MASV Downloads

We’re bringing downloads back

A few weeks ago we took the download button in the packages view out to try and create one function to generate sharable links that could be used both for external distribution and for you to access your own downloads.

As many of you pointed out, this made it take longer to download if you are constantly accessing your packages and downloading them. So, the download button is back and we won’t take it away from you again… promise.

Coming Soon! (It’s already here)

The next couple of months are very exciting from a product standpoint. Here is a sneak peak at some of the things we are targeting in near term updates:

  • Generate Shareable Links instead of sending emails
  • Extended Storage so you can change the delete date to longer than 10 days
  • Desktop App for relentless / indestructible uploading / downloading
  • Adobe Premiere Panel
  • Slack Integration

Now that we have our new system in place we can really start working on the features we think will have the biggest impact on the day-to-day value you get from MASV. As always, keep the product requests coming so we can prioritize our efforts.

If you’re new and reading about MASV for the first time head on over to our website and sign up for a free 7-day trial.


*Photo by Mike from Pexels

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