Developer Advocate

Remote (Canada)

At MASV we’re shaping the future of video production in the cloud.

If you are a self-motivated hardcore coder who loves to solve challenging development problems, then MASV might be your home. 

On the strength of our maturing API and developer tools, and growing array of integration partners, MASV ( is seeking our first Developer Advocate. This is an opportunity for a talented individual to join a growing team and build a world-class developer experience within a product-led growth framework.

As our developer advocate, you will:

  • Work closely with customers, customer success, product, growth and development teams, writing technical documentation, tutorials, code samples, and demo apps for MASV’s fast-growing service. 
  • Communicate with developers and influencers around the world MASV’s massive potential when it comes to the fast and reliable delivery of enormous content
  • Collaborate with our product and engineering teams to communicate our capabilities to developers working with MASV’s API and developer tools.
  • Share your expertise with the world, helping prospects and customers solve tough technical problems with our tools.
  • Be provided with wide leeway to build an amazing developer relations program, inspired by exceptional developer-centric tools like Stripe, SendGrid, Twilio and more.
  • Have influence on our direction and you’ll be a leader within our company. Your insights will help define our long term strategic technology roadmap, and define the roadmap for our developer toolkit and APIs
  • Present online and at events (some day!). You will teach, coach and participate in productive conversations as a representative of MASV and the cloud transformation movement. Your motivation will be to use your platform to educate and expand the market
  • You will showcase how developers can change the world for good. You will help others with no expectation of anything in return.

    Some of the skills you’ll need as our Developer Advocate include:

    • Writing – You’ll exercise your great writing skills to produce highly engaging documentation, blog posts, and tutorials
    • Editing – Quickly and accurately review as technical expert works produced by our content team
    • Coding – You will write code samples and demo apps to enable developer users. 
    • Community Building – You will foster community around MASV, answering questions in Slack or on Reddit, StackOverflow and anywhere where you can lend a hand to developers
    • A love of customers – You’ll help people in a way they’ll remember and feel good about. You will help our developer users get promoted by giving them the tools, lessons and insights they need to solve tough problems
    • Workflow – The movement of large files can be complex, and often files need to be delivered on deadlines. You’ll be an expert in the workflow of the film industry, creative agencies, healthcare, research and other fields
    • Demo mastery – You will become a legend for the quality and impact of your demos. We prefer a few laughs be included please
    • Gravitas – We’re solving million-dollar problems. You’ll be able to keep things light, but execute with maximum professionalism when it’s needed. This professionalism will allow you to communicate hard truths when our tools need to change
    • Product Expertise – MASV has a reputation for simplicity, thanks to the elegance of our underlying technology. You’ll become an expert and enable the people who love in both worlds


      To be successful in this role, you are probably:

      • A software developer technically skilled in one or more programming languages. You understand SDK and API concepts and can write sample code. You’re a geek and want to learn new technologies. 
      • A great writer/editor in English, and perhaps other languages too. You can translate jargon and technospeak into human understandable terms
      • Empathetic. You are thoughtful and understanding of the needs of others. You are motivated to make developers more successful. You may be a teacher or coach of some kind.
      • Enthusiastic. You’re willing to dive in and contribute in any way that will help our developer customers and the business overall. 
      • A film buff. You have an opinion about movies or film-making. If you are a filmmaker, oh baby, do we want to meet you!
      • Must be a Canadian resident and legally eligible to work in Canada

      Benefits and Perks

      Everyone who works at MASV benefits from a culture of continuous improvement, including professional development and peer mentorship opportunities.

      Competitive Salary

      We value our employees contributions and we put our money where our mouth is by making sure you are properly rewarded in your base salary.

      Work From Anywhere

      MASV embraces a true remote work lifestyle. We support our team remotely and ensure that your work from home environment is productive.

      Stock Option Plan

      Every new employee junior or senior gets options in the company and partial ownership.  We are building this together so we should be rewarded together as the company grows.

      Employee Benefits

      We have a robust benefits program that provides comprehensive coverage for the majority of the things that matter most (prescriptions, dental, and vision).