Growth Product Manager

Remote (Canada)

At MASV we’re shaping the future of video production in the cloud.

If you are a self-motivated and execution-oriented product owner who loves high development velocity, then MASV  ( might be the place for you.  

MASV is a fast-growing product-led business. We love to experiment and work closely with customers. To help us accelerate our growth, MASV is seeking our first Growth Product Manager. This is an opportunity for a talented individual to lead a growing team and build a great quality product that literally sells itself.

If you’re a data-driven product owner who is excited about taking initiative and the prospect of an action-packed career, we invite you to consider this central role in our company. Your contributions will have a concrete impact on the success of our business and your colleagues will appreciate you.

As our product manager, you will:

  • Lead the definition, development and scaling of MASV products and features, with a focus on increasing customer acquisition and engagement
  • Own and experiment at all levels of the funnel. You will prioritize projects, assess their potential impact, plan them effectively, and directly manage their execution
  • Study and empirically understand our conversion channels to effectively bring new products to market, always looking for ways to experiment and improve on our conversion rates
  • Identify growth opportunities. You will manage a pipeline of experiments and optimizations that might include mechanisms for referral, onboarding, activation, retention and expansion
  • Ship early; ship often. Organize our product team for velocity. Ensure that business requirements are translated into clear user stories, definitions of done and acceptance criteria
  • Collaborate with customers, customer success, data, engineering, UX and marketing professionals to build exceptional new features
  • Epitomize the Joy of Specification. Write great specs for everything we need to build so work items are executed in line with your vision and customers’ needs
  • Curate a growing stable of integrations and partners, building on the powerful MASV API to create transfer and collaboration solutions that accelerate the work of creative professionals
  • Collaborate with technical leads to achieve consensus on scope and development priorities, and to ensure successful and timely product releases
  • Exercise excellence in growth marketing, staying on top of trends and implementing something new every day. Double down on the things that work
  • Act as a core member of the growth team, adjust strategies as new milestones are achieved, new data is introduced, and new risks and opportunities emerge both internally and externally. Collaborate with your peers to come up with always better ideas on how we can improve
  • Inspire and motivate your colleagues to deliver innovative and exciting solutions. Contribute to a culture of productivity, infused with urgency and authentic commitment to customers
  • Play a leadership role in our evolving work-from-anywhere business. From your home address somewhere in Canada (and from where-ever you may physically choose to be), you will help us build asynchronous business processes and streamline the tasks that need to be executed on Eastern Time.

Job requirements

The successful candidate for this role is likely to possess:

  • 5+ years of experience creating customer-facing products as a product owner or manager
  • Extensive experience identifying, developing & optimising opportunities to drive growth
  • Experience building sophisticated features on multiple platforms, informed by data, customer feedback, UX conventions and good old-fashioned experience
  • Strong empathy for customers
  • A commitment to great design and user experience
  • Experience in customer research and data analysis
  • Sufficient technical expertise to collaborate with customers and developers
  • Excellent attention to detail, plus strong program management skills.
  • Experience with B2C and B2B SaaS products on web and mobile
  • An understanding of SDK and API concepts
  • Excellent written and spoken English, communication, and leadership skills
  • Experience in filmmaking or pro video. You have strong opinions about cinema
  • Optimism and a motivation to build a better future
  • A sense of humour, exercised daily
  • Must be a Canadian resident and legally eligible to work in Canada

Benefits and Perks

Everyone who works at MASV benefits from a culture of continuous improvement, including professional development and peer mentorship opportunities.

Competitive Salary

We value our employees contributions and we put our money where our mouth is by making sure you are properly rewarded in your base salary.

Work From Anywhere

MASV embraces a true remote work lifestyle. We support our team remotely and ensure that your work from home environment is productive.

Stock Option Plan

Every new employee junior or senior gets options in the company and partial ownership.  We are building this together so we should be rewarded together as the company grows.

Employee Benefits

We have a robust benefits program that provides comprehensive coverage for the majority of the things that matter most (prescriptions, dental, and vision).