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Alyssa Hanson Avatar

Alyssa Hanson

Apr 5

MASV Delivers to Microsoft Azure Storage

Today, MASV is pleased to announce our latest integration with a major cloud provider: Microsoft Azure. That means you can now use MASV to transfer large files and any volume of video content directly to Azure’s highly available and scalable cloud storage, with all the speed, security and simplicity you’ve come to expect from MASV.

Greg Wood Avatar

Greg Wood

Feb 22

MASV Integrates With

MASV Portals provides a single point of upload for video collaborators with the ability now to transfer large files directly in

Mathew Sobkowicz Avatar

Mathew Sobkowicz

Nov 2

MASV Automates Large File Transfer To Popular Media & Entertainment Clouds

Watch Folders automates the process of uploading files from the MASV app to popular cloud storage services. MASV Cloud Integration establishes a central hub where IT and video professionals can collect files and funnel uploads to the world’s most popular clouds:

Mathew Sobkowicz Avatar

Mathew Sobkowicz

Sep 8

MASV Launches New Service to Upload Large Files to Amazon Simple Storage Service

MASV announced a major update that allows delivery of enormous (20GB+) files to Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). Amazon S3 is an object storage service that offers industry-leading scalability, data availability, security, and performance on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Mathew Sobkowicz Avatar

Mathew Sobkowicz

Feb 26

MASV Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro

MASV is not just another generic file transfer tool. MASV is purpose-built for videographers to deliver large video files lightning fast to their clients. This new integration is a major step in that direction. Now you can transfer files directly from within Adobe Premiere Pro. With 3 new options.

Mathew Sobkowicz Avatar

Mathew Sobkowicz

Jul 24

MASV File Transfer Calculator

Many of our users are video editors and post-production companies and frequently must decide upon the best option to handle large file delivery (typically 10GB up to around 2TB) depending on the project logistics they are working with.

Mathew Sobkowicz Avatar

Mathew Sobkowicz

Jan 10