MASV For Film Festivals

MASV is an easy-to-use large file delivery service that helps film festivals receive masters and DCP’s from filmmakers around the world.

Because When You’re Receiving Thousands Of Entries, It Just Needs To Work

Thousands Of Ingests

Large festivals receive upwards of 13k submissions in various file formats and sizes, from various network connections, and transfer distances.

Speed And On-Time Delivery

Because of tight screening schedules at film festivals, it’s imperative these files be on time.


It’s Low Maintenance

Festivals need secure and predictable transfer systems, as fast as possible, with minimal technical issues.

MASV Delivers Feature Films At The Fastest Speeds

If MASV was a film, it would probably be The Fast and the Furious. That’s because MASV’s global network of servers always make sure that your package travels the fastest, most efficient route. MASV sends large video files effortlessly, from the toughest locations, anywhere in the world at lightning-fast speeds.

film festivals can brand their MASV experience the way they want

Stay On-Brand And Keep Your Entries Well-Organized

Receive submissions via customized MASV Portals with your festival’s logo, wallpaper, brand colours and custom messages. Set up multiple portals based on demographics, film types, or other criteria to easily track submissions. Portals have no limits in terms of the number you can create or amount of data they can receive.

MASV Is Designed For Everyone

For festival staff and systems processing dozens of submissions per day, technical problems or steep learning curves are a recipe for disaster. That’s why MASV’s browser-based interface is designed for simplicity. If you can send an email, then you can transfer files using MASV with no tutorials or instruction manuals.

MASV is designed to be intuitive, so your film festivals crew can use it without any friction
MASV fast file transfer is secure and is powered by Amazon Web Services

When It Comes To Security, MASV Is A Big-Screen Hero

MASV’s end-to-end security is backed by highly secure MPAA certified cloud infrastructure provider – Amazon Web Services. Transfers are TLS encrypted in flight and at rest and protected by overlapping application security measures. You can also add your own passwords for additional security.

MASV Makes Film Festivals More Organized

A host of other features make MASV the obvious choice when selecting your film festival’s transfer system:

Robust Technology

MASV automatically recovers from lost Internet connections, so your filmmakers don’t need to worry about broken transfers.

On Time, Every Time

If a submission doesn’t arrive on time and it’s MASV’s fault, we’ll refund your money.

Lossless Compressions

MASV’s lossless compression means files are automatically zipped and received in the same quality they were sent.


MASV Maintains Your Folder Structure

Whether transferring multiple files or folders with subfolders, MASV maintains your original file and folder structure.


No Limits

MASV allows for unlimited numbers of portals, unlimited teammates, and unlimited amounts of data sent or received.

“I was really sold on the pay as you use it model. This is very attractive to us as we never know how much data we will use or what method the client will want to use to deliver the files. So having the ability to say we can send big files fast but it will cost you x amount is great!”

tony greenwood 1 Tony Greenwood

Technical Director – Core Post

"I think MASV has huge potential. No plugin and no port issues are absolute music to my ears!"

olly strous Olly Strous

Head of Post Production – ITN

We already use MASV as our only transfer option for all large and finished client files because it's quicker and easier than any other platform we have used, simple as that.

Nick 4 2 Nick Stevenson

Producer – Cadre Productions

“Sharing large files with clients has always been one compromise after another. MASV simplifies all of that and makes file transfer both effortless and blazing fast!”

Garrett Sergeant Garrett Sergeant

CTO – Simple DCP

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