Ingest Media Assets Directly to Object Matrix with MASV

The fastest way to send large media assets to MatrixStore Object Storage

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MASV integration with Object Matrix

Automate Media Asset Delivery to Your MatrixStore Object Storage

Easily connect any MASV Portal to your Object Matrix account. Your media assets will flow into your MatrixStore Object Storage seamlessly, saving you time and headaches.

Share your MASV Portal with anyone who needs to send you files, allowing them to send assets directly to your storage (they don’t even need a MASV account). Easy peasy.

The best part? The MASV integration with Object Matrix only takes a few minutes and anyone can do it–no IT support required.

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MASV is the Fastest Way to Upload Media Assets to Object Matrix

MASV is the fastest transfer solution on the cloud. Leveraging over 150 worldwide servers, MASV’s accelerated transfer platform means your files never have to travel far before riding on our network. There’s no need for firewalls or port configuration, and no need to call your IT department. You’ll be up and running in just a few clicks.

Secure large file transfer

Securely Designed for Media and Entertainment Professionals

MASV makes it easy for you and your collaborators securely upload footage to Object Matrix. All content passing through MASV is encrypted both in-flight and at rest, and automatically protected against content breaches and security threats. MASV has completed rigorous security third-party testing and follows Trusted Partner Network best practices to ensure your media content is secure.

Trusted by 78,301 video professionals around the world

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Connecting MASV to Object Matrix is Easy

Set Up Object Matrix

Login to the MatrixStore Admin as you usually would. Create a Vault (without spaces or special characters in the name). This will be the name for our S3 bucket. Create a user with sign-on disabled and grant them the level of access you require to the vault you have created. At a minimum, Read, Search, and Update Metadata are required. You may also require Write access. Next, create an Access Key ID and  Access Key Secret on this user. Your endpoint URL will have been given to you when the system was deployed and is typically If prompted for a Region choose EU.

Add the Object Matrix Cloud Integration in MASV

Next, create a Cloud Integration in MASV using the new Object Matrix provider option. Now you can attach your Cloud Integration to your MASV Portal(s) to have your uploads automatically transferred to Object Matrix. You may also select this connection to upload individual packages using the Send to Cloud feature on the Packages list pages.


Send Files to Object Matrix via a MASV Portal

To attach a cloud integration to a MASV Portal, simply select the desired Portal and choose “Select Connections” under “Deliver to Cloud”. Then locate the Object Matrix connection you want to use and click “Update”.

This integration was built based on feedback from MASV customers like you!

Help us make MASV more productive for you. If you have any kind of feedback for us, please submit it via our feedback forum.

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