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Nov 2, 2020

MASV Portals Provides Single Point of Upload For Video Collaboration.

C365’s Adrian Pennington wrote earlier this summer that “the media and entertainment industry has not only decentralised its entire organisational model, but dramatically sped up its transition to cloud-based workflows, archives and computing resources.” and MASV could be the poster-children for this statement. has rendered incredibly simpler the act of reviewing and collaborating on video projects, especially when your team is remote, in different timezones, or otherwise working like we do in 2020. Similarly, MASV is making it simple to navigate the myriad of cloud services available to creatives today by providing the simplest and fastest on- and off-ramps to the cloud. With MASV as your start- and end-point, we’re able to help you get your massive (20GB+) content right where it needs to be.

Just last week, MovieLabs CEO Richard Berger blogged from the future and described the importance of “Cloud Foundations, Security & Access, and Software-Defined Workflows” to the video industry of 2030.

Here at MASV, the future is now. 

By providing a fast, reliable and simple on-ramp to the cloud, with interchanges that can move content to critical cloud services like, we are laying the groundwork for a rapidly accelerating video production supply chain inherently based in the cloud.

And frankly, with integration partners like, things are getting a lot easier. 

With MASV Portals and, a Portal owner can simply configure their Portal to deliver files to their account and then invite contributors to upload. 

You don’t need everyone to have a account, nor do you need everyone to have a MASV account. You simply invite users to a custom-branded URL and web page, where they can drag and drop their content. It will automatically be transferred to your account. 

No contributor Q&A, no guesswork, no tech support required. For one-and-done uploads, there’s nothing simpler.

For ongoing collaborations, there is something simpler! That’s the MASV app. 

Available for Mac and Windows, the MASV app can be used by you and your contributors to automatically upload to your account or other cloud services. The app offers a watch folder function that can point to a specific Portal. So if you’ve already connected on a MASV Portal, you just set up the app and set the desired portal — there’s nothing else to do.

We think this will make your cloud collaboration on even better. A full set of instructions follows, but if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to [email protected].


You can read our official press release here

MASV File Transfer and Review and Collaboration

Getting Started

Once you connect MASV with, you and your team will find it really easy to upload any volume of files. But there is a little work to do to configure everything. Here’s how to do it.

Creating A Developer Token

Head over to and sign in with your credentials. Then, click Tokens > New. On the next page, write a friendly name for your token and select the following permissions:

  • Accounts: read
  • Teams: read
  • Projects: read
  • Assets: delete, create, update, read

Here’s a screenshot: API Token Scope

Click Create and your token will be created and displayed on the next page. Make sure you copy the token because it will only be shown once.

Integrating MASV With

Sign in to your MASV team and click Cloud Connect. You’ll need to be a MASV Team Admin or Owner to access this page. On the Cloud Connect Page, click Add Connection button and choose from the drop-down list.

MASV Cloud Connect MASV Cloud Connect Settings

 Connecting To A Portal

Head over to Portals page in your MASV Account. You can either choose to Edit an existing Portal or Create a new Portal for your integration.

Under Cloud Connect section in Portal Settings, click, Select Connections, and choose from the pup-up box. Click Update Portal. 

That’s it! Your integration is set. Now every time you receive a delivery in that Portal, MASV will automatically transfer it to

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MASV Integrates With

MASV Portals Provides Single Point of Upload For Video Collaboration. C365’s Adrian Pennington wrote earlier this summer that “the media and...

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While large file transfers may seem like a daunting task, they don’t have to be! With MASV, the days of tedious file transfers are no longer. Regardless of the size of your file, your location, or your experience, MASV makes the transfer process seamless – no training required! We make file transfers stress-free for anyone using our platform and have the features needed to carefully and securely handle large files with ease.