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Create a secure file share Portal to collect media assets from third-party teams and streamline your file collection process. Try a MASV Portal for free today!

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No barriers to entry

Request files via email or send a link for someone to upload to your Portal. They won’t need a MASV account to contribute.

Fully Customizable

Customize the look and function of your Portal. Add branding and modify the form fields to capture custom metadata.

Automate your ingest workflow

Add a cloud storage to your Portal and automatically upload files you receive to the connected storage.

Trusted By Companies Who Need to Organize Their Media

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MASV customer logos

The Challenge:

Collecting Files Can Be Chaotic…

As a project lead, you are responsible for managing the flow of media assets from clients, teammates, and third-party vendors. You live in a constant state of chaos as you try to keep track of who sent which file in a sea of project management tools, chat threads, emails, and Dropbox file request links — each with their own log-in credentials.

What you need is order amidst the chaos. A single source of truth where you can receive large batches of files, from multiple recipients, without setting-up their account credentials.

What you need is a MASV Portal — the easiest and fastest way to receive large file requests; keep your media perfectly organized by team or by project.

The Solution:

A Simple File Upload Portal With Big Benefits

A MASV Portal is your answer to unstructured file management. It’s a secure file transfer Portal you can share to collect files from clients, teammates, and vendors — even if they don’t have an account.

Files uploaded to Portal automatically appear in Google Drive

Easy to Share

Either share a link to your Portal, embed it onto any webpage, or send an email upload request.

Unlimited Use

Use any number of Portals as many times as you want. We support unlimited file sizes at 15 TB per file.

Wonderful Features

Add company branding, integrate a cloud storage, add tags, create file requests, and much more.

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masv secure password protection

Secure Content Collection

All Portals come with upload and download passwords; they can be “set to private” so only a select few can view and access the contents of a Portal. All uploads are encrypted in-flight and at-rest. 

MASV is a Trusted Partner Network (TPN) vendor and compliant with ISO 27001 and SOC 2 standards.

View our security posture >

Date picker selection on a MASV custom form

Get Organized With Custom Forms

Simplify how you receive files and metadata from multiple people.

Modify the form fields of your MASV Portal to capture additional information related to an upload.

Learn more about Custom Forms >

cloud integrations

Automated Cloud Ingest

Do you wish you could instantly upload files you receive to an S3 bucket or a review platform like

Connect a cloud storage to your MASV Portal and automatically ingest all uploads to the connected storage. We support over 20 different storage providers to accommodate most workflows.

See our integrations >

Portals are Perfect for…

Below are just a few examples of when to use a MASV Portal.

Post Vendors

Receive batch footage and assets from clients to your post house, recording studio, finishing shop, etc.

MASV for Post-Production >

Events & Film Festivals

Collect presenter files for conferences and submissions for film festivals.

MASV for Events >

Creative Agencies

Create a Portal for every project and receive files from clients and contracted vendors.

MASV for Agencies >

Easier File Requests are One Click Away

Try MASV for free today and discover how simple and efficient file collection be with Portals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to receive large files?

How to receive large video files?

How to receive large files from clients?

What is a file request?

With MASV Portals, you have the option to send a file request. When you select this option, a window will open with an email field and a message box. Simply fill in an email recipient(s) and write a message specifying the files and/or folders you want access to. The recipient will receive the message in their email with a link to contribute to your Portal.

A MASV Portal is used to receive files from clients, teammates, vendors, and other collaborators.

How do I create a request file?

With MASV Portals, you have the option to create a file request. From your Portals homepage, select the Portal you want to receive files to. Hover over the three dots and select “Send Upload Request”. This will open up a window with an email field and a message box. Fill in an email recipient(s) and write a message specifying the files and/or folders you want access to. The recipient will receive the message in their email with a link to contribute to your Portal.

Can I receive files on Google Drive?

MASV Portal vs Dropbox file request

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