Receive Large Files With MASV Portals

A MASV Portal is the fast, easy way to receive large files. Request, collect, and organize file deliveries from anyone.

Start your free trial and get 100 GB on us.

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What is a MASV Portal?

Think of a MASV Portal as an upload window unique to you. Anything uploaded to your Portal is delivered to your inbox or cloud storage of choice.

Simply create a Portal, brand it to your liking, and share with collaborators. You can receive large files from clients, teammates, vendors — anyone.

Recipients don’t need a MASV account to upload files. You can even send a file request. The recipient will receive an email to contribute to your Portal.

The Best Way to Receive Large Files. Here’s Why.

Create in Seconds

It only takes a couple seconds to whip up a new Portal. A few short clicks and you’re ready to start receiving large files.

Unlimited Portals

Create as many Portals as you need. Organize files by team, project, or event (like conferences or festivals). 

no file size limit

When we say large files, we mean it. Receive terabytes of data like big video files, images, DCPs, and more.

Hassle-free upload

Contributors don’t need a MASV account to upload files — and our UI is simple and easy enough for anyone to use. 

Fully Customizable

MASV Portals are fully customizable. Show off your brand and change the logo, background, and colors (for free).

Auto-cloud delivery

Attach your favorite cloud storage service to a Portal and automatically route files you receive to cloud storage.

Send a File Request

Everyone needs a gentle reminder every now and then. Request a file upload to your Portal without leaving the app.

Easy to Share

Finished creating your MASV Portal? Grab its share link or embed into your CMS (WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, etc.)

Ready to Receive Large Files?
MASV charges $0.25 for every gigabyte downloaded

Make a Killer First Impression

First impressions matter; customize your MASV Portal to showcase your brand (it’ll keep Marketing off your back). Portal branding is available to everyone right off the bat, for free.

  • Upload your company logo
  • Change the background of the Portal page
  • Modify the font and button colors
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Only Pay For What You Use ✅

MASV operates on a pay-as-you-go pricing plan. We charge $0.25 for every gigabyte downloaded. Uploads are completely free.

It costs nothing to upload to a MASV Portal. If you receive a file, you won’t be charged unless you decide to download the delivery.

Only pay for the data you use. No subscriptions. No pricey payment tiers.

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Better Cloud Collaboration

When you connect a cloud storage service to your MASV Portal, any file you receive will automatically appear in your cloud storage space.

Drop files into Google Drive, Amazon S3,, and more by simply uploading to a Portal.

Let people contribute to your cloud storage without having to create a new user or grant special admin access.

See all of our cloud integrations.

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3 Ways to Automate

A MASV Portal offers three different ways you can automate your workflow to be more efficient:

  • Upload: Automatically upload to a Portal when files are added to a specified desktop folder.
  • Download: Download any file received to your Portal onto your desktop.
  • Send to Cloud: Attach a cloud storage to your MASV Portal and instant backup files you receive.

🔒 Send Files With Peace of Mind

Our customers trust us to deliver copyrighted video files and sensitive material. As such, security is top-of-mind:

  • MASV is validated by the Trusted Partner Network, the leading voice in content security — a spin-off of the Motion Picture Association.
  • MASV operates on the AWS platform, which has stringest on-premise and cloud security measures.
  • All MASV transfers are encrypted, both in-flight and at-rest.
  • MASV Portals have an upload and download password for double the protection.
  • We are fully GDPR compliant.
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Goodbye FTP. Hello MASV Portals. 👋

Valued at over $1 billion and named the ‘Most Innovative Video Company’ of 2022 by Fast Company, Jellysmack helps popular Creators expand their monetization portfolio by optimizing their content for different platforms.

Tired of their inconveniant FTP solution, Jellysmack switched their file delivery workflow to MASV Portals and found “a better way to work”. Learn more about Jellysmack’s new and improved Portals-driven workflow.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to receive large files?
How to receive large video files?
How to receive large files from clients?
What is a file request?

With MASV Portals, you have the option to send a file request. When you select this option, a window will open with an email field and a message box. Simply fill in an email recipient(s) and write a message specifying the files and/or folders you want access to. The recipient will receive the message in their email with a link to contribute to your Portal.

A MASV Portal is used to receive files from clients, teammates, vendors, and other collaborators.

How do I create a request file?

With MASV Portals, you have the option to create a file request. From your Portals homepage, select the Portal you want to receive files to. Hover over the three dots and select “Send Upload Request”. This will open up a window with an email field and a message box. Fill in an email recipient(s) and write a message specifying the files and/or folders you want access to. The recipient will receive the message in their email with a link to contribute to your Portal.

Can I receive files on Google Drive?
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