Thanks for the MASV Upgrade. Now let’s get you going faster.

So you’ve upgraded you MASV Account. Now what?

Before you go any further, let’s go through a MASV checklist


Send Your First Package
Use all your free data (100GB)
Refer a friend (Free 50GB)
Customize your MASV Experience
Create a Portal
Download the MASV Desktop App 2.0

Here’s just a brief recap of what MASV offers:


  • Unlimited file transfers
  • No recurring costs
  • Simple Pay as You Go – $0.25/GB of all downloaded data (no charges for uploaded data)
  • Unlimited Users
  • Upload and Download all files from the browser or our Desktop App (though we highly recommend using our MASV Desktop App for Uploads/Downloads greater than 20GB)
  • MASV Portals – Easily create a Portal to allow anyone to send you content
  • 5TB package size limit (if all your files are larger than 5TB, simply send them in multiple transfers)
  • MASV’s Excellent Customer Support (we have a 24/7 chat system we try to answer the best we can, and we never outsource our support)
  • Unlimited Storage for 10 days (Extended Storage is available at $0.10/GB/month)
  • Smart File Upload (We always upload to the closest region to you, ensuring the best possible performance)

If you need to contact us, email us at [email protected] or contact us directly on our chat system when on If you need more help or simply looking for some guides on how to use MASV, visit our Support Page to learn more