Heavy Lifting at Home

by Greg WoodMar 30, 2020

How MASV Is Providing Large File Transfer for The Worlds New WFH Workforce

Send & Receive Enormous Files Without Limits

We’ve all experienced limits or failures when sending or receiving large files, especially video. Our IT teams have used a variety of solutions to address this: FTP; physically shipping hard drives; cloud storage services; enterprise Managed File Transfer software.

But in a world where we’ve been forced to work from home on residential Internet connections, these solutions fail. Digital media files are just too big.


That’s why there’s MASV.

MASV (massive.io) transforms the way you move enormous content, making sending and receiving huge (20GB+) files drag-and-drop easy.

MASV is built on an accelerated cloud network that moves files with speed and reliability that far exceeds the public Internet. MASV requires no software to install, no IT support and no monthly subscription required. Plus, there’s no transfer limits, no complicated interfaces and no firewall issues. Getting started is free with MASV’s 100GB trial.


MASV Consists of Three Critical Elements


Send with MASV Transfer

When you need to send files, simply log into your account, upload your content, add a password and message and hit ‘send.’ MASV is fully encrypted at rest and in flight, so your files get delivered as fast as your Web connection allows. Your team will be notified by email or Slack.


Receive with MASV Portals

When you need to collect content, MASV Portals is a simple, custom-branded landing page where you can receive any variety of assets. All admin and billing details are invisible to contributors. Download content locally or automatically deliver to your cloud storage of choice.

Automate Transfers with MASV Apps

MASV apps add a whole new level of speed and reliability with transfer automations.


    • Send a terabyte of data. Use the MASV Desktop App (Mac/Windows) to overcome browser limitations when file sizes surpass 100GB
    • Automatically store or backup to the Cloud. Automatically deliver files from MASV Portals to Amazon S3 and Backblaze, or Save to Google Drive and Dropbox
    • Seamlessly Send from Adobe Premiere Pro. Use the MASV plugin to send files directly from Premiere Pro
    • Collaborate on Slack. MASV’s Slack app automatically notifies teammates of deliveries
    • Build custom workflows. Use the MASV API (https://developer.massive.io/masv-api/) to automate large file deliveries to any other API-friendly system

MASV: The Key Benefits

Here’s how MASV helps the world’s new WFH workforce:

  • Unbeatable Speed – MASV allows you to upload and download at up to 1 Gbps from most locations around the globe, even when transferring huge video files. MASV is built on AWS, not the public internet, providing your content an unbeatable ‘express lane’ across the Internet.
  • Unstoppable Reliability – MASV easily recovers from internet drops and automatically resumes transferring right where it left off. MASV works exceptionally well in the browser — but for transfers above 100GB, MASV also offers a Mac and Windows app to avoid browser time-outs.
  • No Transfer Limits – MASV has no speed limits and no throttling. MASV can handle multi-terabyte files with ease and full project folders, all from your browser (while still respecting your other network traffic).
  • Flexible Pay-As-You-Go Billing – MASV charges $0.25 per gigabyte for each delivery, so you can easily expense transfers or bill back customers based on their exact usage.
  • No Login Required – There’s no login required for users to upload or download files. For added security, you can also password-protect all file transfers sent by you and your users.
  • It’s easy – MASV is client-proof. If your team or clients know how to send an email, they can use MASV for sending and receiving huge files. No support staff, tutorials, or training materials required.


Try MASV right now!

It takes less than 60 seconds to open an account and start sending enormous files. Sign up now!!

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