Introducing MASV 2.0

Nov 16, 2017Newsroom, Product Updates

Enterprise-Grade Reliability, Rock-Solid Security, And Faster Speeds.

We launched MASV 1.0 back in February and were thrilled by the response we received from video editors, enterprises, and broadcasters across the world.

Our goal was to create the easiest way to quickly transfer massive files.

We looked at every solution out there for transferring large (10’s-1000’s of GB) files and removed everything that made them difficult to use.

MASV is pay-as-you-go, requires no plugins or software, is firewall friendly, has no file size limits, and is capable of sending as fast as your connections can handle consistently.

The MASV team is very excited to announce our latest upgrade to our system — MASV 2.0.

We believe MASV 2.0 fully realizes this vision.

This upgrade includes:

  • A complete overhaul of the core MASV infrastructure to improve our reliability and performance.
  • New features for our users to make MASV more brand-able, better support for zips, increased number of downloads per delivery, and plenty of user interface improvements.
  • PLUS — we are offering you 100 GB of additional data for free to go play with MASV 2.0. 

The New Infrastructure

We have re-deployed MASV on a leading cloud provider (Microsoft Azure) to ensure our system was reliable, secure, and could more consistently deliver exceptional performance for both uploads and downloads.

Here is a graph of some of the speed tests we performed:

We are now capable of supporting uploads at up to 800 Mbps and downloads through the browser at speeds up to 400 Mbps. Download speeds are throttled by our cloud provider on a per flow basis but using a download manager such as ( can get more speed for our users with higher connections. We will keep pushing the browsers and clouds to the limit to squeeze out the last bit of performance in future updates. We are also working on our own version of a download manager that can authenticate with your account and automatically download the files you receive through your portals. Stay tuned for progress on that!

After performing thousands of tests from all over the world we posted a 0% failure rate for undelivered packages on our new system. High five to our engineering team!

We also deployed new servers in the following locations to better serve our customers and ensure optimal performance anywhere in the world:

  • Washington
  • San Jose
  • Sao Paulo
  • Amsterdam
  • London
  • Mumbai
  • Singapore
  • Tokyo
  • Sydney

Now that’s one heck of an infrastructure. Our system is built out to automatically scale and ensure you are capable of sending at maximum speeds.

New Feature: Dynamic Zip Format

If you had asked me if allowing users to download their files as a zip was going to be difficult when we launched MASV, I would have laughed. It turns out that each operating system has different methods for creating zip files. This is especially true for the massive file sizes we allow you to transfer using our service. The result is that a zip created on one operating system cannot always be unzipped on another. This was very annoying for our users and poorly documented on the web. Our engineering team enjoys challenging tasks so we set out to build a system that could dynamically generate different versions of the zip format for different operating systems.

We didn’t want this to slow down your overall delivery time so this is done on the fly as your files upload.

Today, based on the operating system you download the zip from, you will be dynamically sent to the correct zip type for your target machine (just don’t share the zips to other operating systems after you download them). No more errors unzipping packages sent through MASV or having to worry about zipping deliveries before you send them.

If you use the add folders feature we will also maintain your folder structure in the zip we create so your recipients are working off the same structure you created on your machine… Yay!

New Feature: 50 Downloads Per Delivery

When MASV launched we limited you to 5 downloads per delivery. Based on customer feedback we consistently heard that sometimes that was not enough.

So we went a little crazy and increased it to 50.

Our ultimate goal is to change our billing to be based on downloads instead of uploads and give you the control to specify how many downloads you would like to allow and when your data expires. For now, we just want to get out of the way and let you get your files to where they need to go… on us.

New Feature: Access Your Download Links In Your History

Sometimes emails wind up in Junk mail. We do everything we can to make our emails inbox friendly but unfortunately sometimes aggressive spam filters will block our emails. As a workaround, we gave you the ability to access your download links through the history section so you can manually share the link with your recipients through email.

New Beta: Brandable Upload Portals To Receive Files

We announced this new beta via email but for those who missed it, we have deployed a new feature we call portals. Portals are brand-able upload portals with personalized URLs you can use to send to others to receive files from them. For Portals, the costs are charged to your account and all the deliveries are sent to the email address you specify. Portals are billed the same way as sending files through MASV at $0.25 per GB (early adopters or volume prebuys can achieve a lower rate). You can create as many portals as you like and filter your deliveries in the history section by portal name. Many of our customers create different portals for different projects they are working on to keep all their cost data separate for billing back to their customers.

Here are some examples of portals our beta users have already created:

We would love to have some more beta testers so please do request access to the portals beta here and tell us what you think through our chat widget:

MASV Portals

All of the features listed above are live and available in the system today.

Last but not least, as a personal thank you from the MASV team and to get your feedback we would like to offer all existing and new users reading this post an additional 100 GB of free data.

New or existing users can fill out the form below to have an account created and receive 100 GB promotion:

Credits work for both sending files and the portals beta in MASV.

We hope you are enjoying MASV and as always please keep reporting the features you wish to see in our app because we are most definitely listening.

Thank you for your support,

David Horne – VP of Product

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