MASV App 2.0 Automates Transfer of Ultra-Large Files For Remote Teams

by MathewApr 8, 2020

Resilient n​ew app sends and receives through poor Internet conditions


OTTAWA, Canada – April 8, 2020​ – MASV (, the Pay-As-You-Go large file transfer service, today announced a major update to our app for macOS and Windows. ​MASV App V.2.0 ​ is designed for media & entertainment professionals, creatives and enterprise video users to send and receive 100GB+ files with ease.

At the core of MASV App 2.0 is new automation tools that help producers collect video content from contributors and automate downloads from a MASV portal. The net result is less waiting, so projects get done and billed sooner. The app is free to download at

New features include:

  • All-new interactive interface. ​MASV App 2.0 is a​ ​complete redesign, and provides an elegant and easy-to-use interface that’s consistent across Windows and macOS.
  • Transfer Dashboard.​ A new dashboard shows all transfer progress in one view, displaying speeds and estimated delivery times.
  • Support for MASV Portals.​ MASV Portals is a simple landing page used to collect assets from contributors. In V.2, contributors can upload to a Portal through the app, providing unparalleled reliability.
  • Transfer Automation.​ Deliver automatically to Cloud or local storage: no click of the download button required. Supports local, Amazon S3 and Backblaze B2 storage.
  • Pause & Resume​. Get more control over your transfers, with pause and resume for each transfer. Intuitive and context-sensitive buttons help make the process easy.
  • Unstoppable Transfer Performance​. Improved integration between app and the MASV Cloud service ensures delivery following Internet disruptions. The App pushes through slow internet connections so your files will still get delivered even if you don’t have the bandwidth to take advantage of MASV’s industry-best speed.
  • Simultaneous deliveries​. Effortlessly run concurrent transfers.
  • Folder structure retention, without zips on download.​ Invite recipients to get the app for faster deliveries and to retain folder structure without needing the time or hard drive space to unzip their deliveries
  • Dark Mode.​ The app also has a nice light mode and respects system settings, but seriously, you should use dark mode.

“MASV is dedicated to solving the big problems of ultra-large file delivery. We’re here to make it trivial — easy enough that video professionals don’t have to spend any time on it.” Said Greg Wood, CEO of MASV. “Now more than ever, video professionals are working remotely and need the ability to get their enormous files reliably and quickly. Whether you’re sending a Terabyte of RAW video or simply sharing a Zoom meeting recording, MASV is the fastest and simplest way to do so.”

A 100GB free trial makes it easy to test MASV with your biggest files. Find it at

How It Works

Sign up for a free MASV trial. (​​). ​It’s free. No credit card required.

  1. Download the desktop app from:​ ​​.
  2. Send/Receive​ deliveries from MASV App V.2 using your MASV account credentials.
  3. Configure Portals.​ MASV Portals can be configured within MASV’s 7-day 100GB (that’s a lot) trial period. After that, it is just $0.25/GB of egress data*.
  4. Automate Portal Deliveries.​ Share your Portal URL with your clients to receive files from them. Configure automation for that Portal in MASV app so that the files are downloaded on your computer automatically as soon as your clients finish uploading.
  5. That’s it!​ You can send/receive multiple deliveries at the same time as well as configure automations to download your Portal deliveries.

Next up

In addition to expanding the scope of Automations, MASV will soon offer new security certifications frequently sought by our Enterprise prospects. Contact [email protected]​ for details.


About is a faster, better way to send the world’s biggest files. Its ability to transfer very large files, along with a unique pay-as-you-go pricing model, offers unparalleled flexibility when you and your team have to send big files quickly. MASV’s mission​ ​is to unshackle professionals from mundane file transfer and collaboration tasks so they have more time to do the work they love. MASV is happily based in Ottawa, Canada.


*MASV costs $0.25/GB (USD) and charges for each egress from the MASV Transfer service. That means more packages transferred incurs more cost, regardless of whether you deliver to local or cloud storage. You can create your own estimates with our pricing calculator at