MASV File Transfer Calculator

by | January 10, 2018

Today we are very excited to announce our new file transfer time and cost calculator.

Many of our users are video editors and post-production companies and frequently must decide upon the best option to handle large file delivery (typically 10GB up to around 2TB) depending on the project logistics they are working with.

Should the file be sent using an online tool, FTP, peer to peer tool or on a hard drive through FedEx?

At MASV, we don’t like having to do math so we built this handy-dandy tool to help you figure this out. This first version of our calculator will help you decide when it makes sense to ship a hard drive versus using MASV or another tool with similar traits.

Our goal was to create a file transfer calculator that really helped answer the question in an honest, unbiased way. We wanted it to be modelled based on the performance we see with real-world results for the MASV time estimates and have the shipping estimates be based off actual address locations. We believe this calculator is as close to a real estimate as we were able to achieve but please let us know how we can improve it!

We use the FedEx API to serve up real-time shipping pricing and time estimates. From the FedEx results, we take their fastest overnight option and grab the up-to-date shipping rate information.

For MASV we based our overall delivery time on both upload and download time to fairly represent the start to end time.

Please keep in mind that the FedEx shipping cost only includes the cost for the actual shipping of a hard drive (in a regular sized box) and none of the hardware costs associated with the purchase of a hard drive or the cost to ship it back. We’ve gone with the assumption that you have a hard drive on hand to not skew the results in our favour but that could be a factor for some of you.

For those of you who don’t already know their upload and download transfer speed, you can run a quick speed test at to find out. If you’re sending files you will want to input your upload speed from the above test and have your recipient send you their download speed to properly estimate the total time.

Now that you know how it works please give it a whirl!

All feedback and recommendations are greatly appreciated at @masvfast. Our end goal is to help you figure out the very best way to get your package delivered for every possible scenario.