MASV response to Covid-19

by Mathew Sobkowicz | March 12, 2020

MASV File Transfer Service Offers Remote Production Alternatives For Businesses Disrupted By COVID-19

Europe-USA Travel Ban Expected to Disrupt Media Media Supply Chains

OTTAWA, Canada – March 12, 2020 – A message from MASV CEO Greg Wood:

On Tuesday, March 11, U.S. President Trump announced a ban affecting travel between Europe and the USA, adding to the growing number of other travel restrictions being adopted worldwide.

The team at MASV expects these policies will further disrupt media supply chains by restricting movement of video professionals to production locations, and via the imposition of work-from-home policies. Shipping of hard drives remains an important part of the media supply chain and the impact of COVID-19 on this practice is unknown.

We will be taking the following steps to help creative professionals cope with these business disruptions and adopt more effective remote production practices:

  • 10% Discount on Transfers in March: To help alleviate pressure on video professionals at this time, our already affordable $0.25/GB transfer price will be discounted by 10% in March. Discounts will be applied at month-end billing.

  • Extended Delivery Window – To accommodate potential delays as production teams shift to remote workflows, MASV will extend our free delivery window from 10 to 30 days. The default setting will remain at 10 days; users can configure their expiry times according to their needs. Normally this costs $0.10/GB/month.

  • Resetting expired trials – MASV offers a 100GB trial. The trial is free for anyone to use and provides the fastest way to deliver files. For those who have tried MASV in the past, we will be resetting expired trials to help you move your content.

  • Alternative to hard drive shipments & Fastest Cloud Transfer – MASV is the fast and simple way to move large assets via the browser. It is ideal for remote collaboration. For 100GB+ transfers, we recommend the MASV desktop app be used at both ends of your transfer chain. The app offers relentless transfer performance even in work-from-home (WFH) scenarios where Internet connectivity is poor. The app is free. You only pay for content downloaded. There are no subscriptions or ongoing commitments.
  • Extended support – MASV staff will remain available to help support customers who need to move content on deadline. The best way to get support is through the chat function on our website. We’ll do everything we can to help with your deliveries.

  • Service Continuity & Reliability – MASV has implemented a business continuity plan to ensure our service will remain fast, reliable and secure for customers, and our people safe, during this time. The MASV team has always had the ability to work and support our customers remotely.  


Our business will continue as normal and we will do our best to provide you with stability. Please contact us via the chat app on our website or [email protected] if you need any help.

Our primary thoughts at MASV are with the people worldwide affected personally by COVID-19. We all have a role to play in limiting the virus’s spread and its impact on our lives. Acting together is key. MASV will do our part.

You are invited to contact MASV directly at [email protected] if our team can help resolve issues related to moving large content. Thank you.

Please take care of each other.

Greg Wood



*MASV costs $0.25/GB (USD) and charges for each egress from the MASV Transfer service. That means more packages transferred incurs more cost, regardless of whether you deliver to local or cloud storage. See our pricing.

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Greg Wood
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