Schedule rate limits, generate download links upon transfer start and more updates

by | December 7, 2021

We’ve made a number of changes to streamline your workflow. Here’s what you’ll see in the newest update:

Generate download links as soon as your uploads start

No more waiting until your upload finishes. Now you can share download links with recipients right away. This was the most requested feature by customers on the MASV Feedback Forum—and it’s now live in the desktop app.

Generate download link as soon as transfer starts

Schedule download and upload rate limits

Schedule rate limits with granular time-of-day controls. This feature is especially useful if you share bandwidth. 

MASV uses all of your available internet bandwidth to deliver your packages lightning-fast. But there are times when you (or your office/housemates) might prefer to throttle down the bandwidth available to MASV transfers. In previous versions of the MASV app you could manually throttle the service, but this update lets you slow down transfers during office hours and then give them full bandwidth in the evenings.

schedule rate limits

Other updates include:

  • Added pagination to the list of transfers to improve the stability of the app when the list is very long
  • Made forms in the app easier to navigate using the Tab key
  • Fixed an issue where passwords and access limits were not enforced with some download links 

Is there a feature you’d like to see? Let us know on the MASV Feedback Forum

Until next time, happy transferring ✌

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