Send Entire Project Files with the MASV Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro

by | January 25, 2022

The MASV Panel is a file transfer plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro. It lets you transfer media assets to an email address from inside Premiere.

As a result, you can send full projects, sequences, or individual files from your bin with a few simple clicks.

In other words, The MASV Panel cuts out the mundane wait for a render to complete before uploading. Additionally, it makes it easier for your recipients to link media.

The MASV Panel also lets you select an entire project to send. This packages up all the files in your bin and sends it as a single folder. Perfect if your team is working off the same Premiere file as you.

Get Started with the MASV Panel

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How to Send Project Files from Adobe Premiere Pro

Here’s how to send entire Adobe Premiere project files and sequences with the MASV Panel:

1. Download the MASV Panel plugin.

2. Open up the MASV Panel in Premiere and select two of the following options:

Add Item:

Select a single item from your bin and send it to an email address. If you select a sequence, you will have the option to “Render and Send”. This will open up Media Encoder and export your chosen sequence to your preferred codec. Then, the MASV Panel will automatically start the upload process.

Add Project:

This option sends an entire Premiere project file. It packages up all the files and metadata into a single folder for easy media linking. To save time, the MASV Panel will select the project you’re currently working on.

3. Enter the email addresses’ of your recipients, a package name and message, and a password if you want to protect the content.

4. Select the Upload and Send button.

As you can see, the MASV Panel is a major time-saver for video pros working in Adobe Premiere Pro.

By sending entire project files, remote teams can easily manage their media. Project recipients can pick up right where you left off and link media from a single folder.

By sending sequences, you can export, render, and upload a file for review/approval in a single motion. By doing so, you speed up delivery, which gives you more time to focus on the next task. Or, take a much-deserved break.

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