Seamless File Transfer for Sports Production & Live Broadcast

MASV’s accelerated file transfer platform simplifies the fast transfer of in-progress and recorded media during live productions, both on and off the field.

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Live broadcast file transfer
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Save Time Online

Boost productivity with automation, fast transfers, & an intuitive web interface.

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Cover Your Bases

Ensure secure & efficient media exchange with TPN-verified, encrypted file transfers.

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Send From Anywhere

Transfer footage smoothly and reliably even in areas with poor network connectivity.

도전 과제:

I need a simple and efficient way to streamline my live broadcast workflow in the cloud.

In live production, like sports and news broadcasts, staggering amounts of media data are generated. It must be swiftly offloaded from an OB truck to post production in real-time, entirely over the cloud.

This poses significant challenges to file-based workflows.

  • These large files can easily reach terabytes in size, which can throttle standard IP networks.
  • Live events don’t guarantee a reliable internet connection for file transfer.
  • Fast file transfer is crucial to produce edited segments, such as highlights, from live footage.
  • Tools like Signiant Media Shuttle are difficult to use and scale in a cloud environment.


MASV: A blazing fast cloud transfer tool for live broadcast media (that just works).

MASV’s helps live broadcast teams stay ahead of the game through a secure cloud platform that works anywhere.

Effortlessly gather footage and ancillary coverage—such as interviews and user-generated content—from the field and share them among multiple trucks and editing teams.

  • Comfortably transfer terabytes of data over a saturated connection—up to 10 Gbps.
  • Combine multiple internet connections to boost network resiliency and speed up transfers without specialty hardware.
  • 레버리지 업로드 포털파일 증가 to streamline file transfers.
  • Add efficiencies with an intuitive interface for all users.

Best Ways to Use MASV During a Live Broadcast

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For Reliability in Low Network Areas

MASV recovers from interruptions and can bond with cellular and satellite internet for added bandwidth and failover during low network connectivity.

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To Collect User-Generated Content

Boost your ancillary coverage with a MASV Portal, allowing fans to share videos with HQ to create content for social media.

Create a Portal >

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To Ease Migration Into The Cloud

MASV’s intuitive platform simplifies cloud migration for staff without disrupting existing on-premises workflows.

Read our migration guide >

MASV For Live Sports Production & Broadcast

Share large data, manage users, and build highly automated workflows. Try us today.


How MASV Supports Live Broadcast 파일 전송

Features and tools built to help sports and other live broadcasters win.

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Content Protection

회색 체크 표시 Secure authentication
회색 체크 표시 User permissions and access controls
회색 체크 표시 Encrypted AWS cloud network

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Game-Winning Performance

회색 체크 표시 Share up to 15 TB per file
회색 체크 표시 Combine multiple networks for faster speeds and reliability
회색 체크 표시 Accelerate delivery of in-progress and recorded media

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Seamless UX

회색 체크 표시 Drag-and-drop interface
회색 체크 표시 No-code automation
회색 체크 표시 No mandatory plugins or installs

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Effortless File Requests

회색 체크 표시 Use a MASV Portal to collect content from the field
회색 체크 표시 Invite secure uploads without user login
회색 체크 표시 Add branding, modify form fields, and set upload rules

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Broadcast-Friendly Features

회색 체크 표시 Start uploading in-progress media as its being captured
회색 체크 표시 Connect MASV to any cloud bucket
회색 체크 표시 Auto-resume stalled file transfers

Sharing Large Files for Big Events?
MASV is the Clear Winner.

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There’s no anxiety about whether it will successfully upload. It always works.

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We want creators to have no hassle. That’s what MASV gives us.

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Founder & CEO
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High-Speed File Transfers for Big Plays

Our API and web-based platform makes sending and receiving heavyweight content a snap.