Fast, Secure File Transfer for Live Broadcasts

Share both static and growing files from any location. Accelerate media through a secure cloud environment with an intuitive interface that’s easy-to-use for the whole team.

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Protect Your Content

Avoid self-hosted pitfalls with our secure cloud platform built for media; enjoy SSO authentication and TPN/ISO compliance.

Automate For Efficiency

Create Watch Folders to automate uploads, downloads, ingest, and watch for incoming data of a growing file.

Accelerate on-Demand

Our Desktop app offers support for 10-gig internet at facilities and channel bonding for areas with slow networks.

Video Teams Who Trust MASV

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The Challenge

I need a fast and secure media delivery platform that I can easily implement into my cloud broadcast workflow.

As broadcast professionals migrate their traditional broadcast workflow to the cloud, they require a media delivery solution capable of handling terabytes of raw media. Their team has undoubtedly been faced with a significant learning curve during their migration, which is why simplicity in a file transfer tool is a must.

Using a self-hosted file transfer tool like Aspera or Signiant or an FTP server is not an option as these tools are too complicated for on-site production teams and independent reporters. The former are also susceptible to zero-day attacks which puts content at risk.

What broadcast teams need is a file transfer solution that is fast enough to meet deadlines, able to handle large files without wavering, and nimble enough to be used wherever, whenever, by whomever.

The Solution

MASV: A versatile cloud tool for broadcast and production teams.

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MASV is the perfect solution for broadcast and production teams looking to migrate their workflow to the cloud.

Our simple yet powerful file transfer platform is easy to implement and onboard new team members to and comes with a suite of tools to accelerate file transfers and automate key processes.

Send Growing Files

Upload a file in-progress; MASV will automatically apply any new information to the ongoing transfer.

Share Hours of Footage

With no file size limits, you can transfer entire broadcasts to an email or a cloud storage like S3.

Increase Performance

Turn on 10Gbps speeds or Multiconnect bonding to take advantage of stronger networks.

Hear From Other Production Pros

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“MASV just works. It’s better than everything I’ve used.”

Ian Sansavera

Post-Production Director, Team Liquid

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“MASV has solved all my large file transfer problems.”

Steve “Major” Giammaria

Supervising Sound Editor, Sound Lounge

Ready for Better Broadcast File Transfer?

Additional Features You’ll Love ❤️

Discover exclusive MASV features to upgrade your broadcast workflow:

Simple File Collection

Use a MASV Portal to request, collect, and organize files from anyone — no account needed.

Keep Track of Transfers

View sender info, package details, cost, and all sent/received assets in Transfer History.

Guaranteed Delivery

MASV will auto-recover from any network interruption and resume transfer until the delivery is successful.

Collect Custom Metadata

Create a custom upload form with metadata fields unique to your production.

Ingest to Media Asset Manager

We have direct integrations with popular MAMs like, and iconik.

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