Fast, Reliable File Transfer for Live Broadcasts

Easily share footage from any location; MASV provides secure cloud-based acceleration of large media assets for live sports, news, and event broadcasts.

Try MASV today. No I.T. support required.

Secure & Certified

We are ISO 27001-certified, approved by the Motion Picture Association, support SSO and more.

Built for Size, Speed, & Efficiency

We combined AWS infrastructure with acceleration technology for fast, stable transfers of terabytes of data.

Broadcast-Friendly Features

With MASV, you can build file transfer automations, input custom metadata, bond internet connections, and more.

Video Teams Who Trust MASV

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The Challenge

Transferring large, time-critical files for each broadcast without fail.

Transferring media files into storage or to a recipient needs to be done quickly for broadcasters. Raw or intermediate footage from a live broadcast can total hundreds of gigabytes or even terabytes, making it hard to share without delays and technical issues.

Using a UDP-based file transfer tool like Aspera or Signiant, or an FTP server, can be too complicated for on-site production teams and independent reporters.

What content owners need is a file transfer solution that is fast enough to meet deadlines, able to handle large files without wavering, and nimble enough to be used wherever, whenever, by whomever.

The Solution

MASV: An efficiency booster for broadcast and production teams.

MASV is the perfect solution for broadcast and production teams looking to boost their efficiency.

We offer a suite of tools to help streamline workflows, reduce turnaround times, and improve collaboration. 🙌

With MASV, teams can:

  • Easily manage and share large media files.
  • Collaborate on projects.
  • Securely store and access their data.
  • Get up and running quickly thanks to an intuitive interface.
MASV Upload UI

Send As Much Data As You Need

Send and receive individual files up to 15 TB without a limit on how many files you can move at once.

Collect Custom Metadata

Create a custom upload form with metadata fields unique to your production.

Easily Ingest Into Cloud Storage and MAM

We have direct integrations with Amazon S3,, iconik, and more.

Create Automations in a Snap

Automatically upload files from any given folder to a recipient or cloud storage.

Boost Network Strength

Ethernet not enough? Use Multiconnect to combine your network with mobile or satellite data for faster speeds.

Increase Performance

MASV works on any browser but our Desktop app offers better speed, performance, and support for 10Gbps transfer speeds.

Hear From Other Production Pros

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“MASV just works. It’s better than everything I’ve used.”

Ian Sansavera

Post-Production Director, Team Liquid

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“MASV has solved all my large file transfer problems.”

Steve “Major” Giammaria

Supervising Sound Editor, Sound Lounge

Ready for Better Broadcast File Transfer?

Additional Features You’ll Love ❤️

Discover exclusive MASV features to upgrade your broadcast workflow:

Simple File Collection

Use a MASV Portal to request, collect, and organize files from anyone — no account needed.

Keep Track of Transfers

View sender info, package details, cost, and all sent/received assets in Transfer History.

Receive Real-Time Notifications

Receive an email or Slack alert when a recipient has started a download or someone uploaded to your Portal.

Guaranteed Delivery

MASV will auto-recover from any network interruption and resume transfer until the delivery is successful.

Flexible Pricing

Pick the best pricing plan that works for your team. Choose between pay-as-you-go, credits, or our enterprise suite.

Get Started with MASV

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