Jonathan Baldock

Jonathan Baldock

Technical Team Lead

About Jonathan

Jonathan joined the MASV development team in 2017 and is currently the Technical Team Lead for the API and backend services that power it.

He has worked on the core architecture of the API, and built the account management and reporting systems, along with features such as Cloud Connect and Portals, to name a few.

He specializes in integrations, specifically ways that MASV can seamlessly connect with other tools. This includes expanding MASV’s capabilities and looking for ways to support developers who want to integrate MASV into their offerings.

Throughout his career, Jonathan has always valued empowering users to do more; making powerful tools and complex systems accessible to anyone. What started as an interest in technology and all the ways it could improve how we do things, over time has become a passion for making it accessible to others so that everyone can benefit from it.

Career Highlights

Over the past 15 years, Jonathan has worked on a wide variety of projects from e-commerce websites to security software, cloud-service provisioning platforms, and operations management tools for small-business owners.

Prior to joining MASV, he developed integrations with Stripe, QuickBooks (Online and Desktop),, and developed apps for the Parallels Automation platform.


Personal Interests

Jonathan enjoys camping, hiking, video games, and watching horror movies (especially B-movies!) with his wife and cat. On a hot summer day you’ll find him out in the shade with a book and when the weather is not so nice you’ll find him exploring the reaches of Tamriel with his wife.

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