Upload Files to Frame.io Without an Account

Use a secure upload portal to collect large media files into Frame.io storage from those who don’t have account access.

Connect Frame.io to MASV today.

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Work Faster Together

Receive files into Frame.io instantly, with incredibly fast ingest speed.

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Control Access

Limit admin access to your corporate Frame.io account.

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Save Time & Money

Spend less time managing. Save on per-seat license fees.

The Challenge:

I need an easy way for freelance teams to submit files into my Frame.io project.

Managing external collaborators for my production isn’t as seamless as it can be in Frame.io.

  • Paying per seat for external users strains budgets.
  • Saving on seat costs by sharing logins compromises security.
  • Manually uploading files from freelancers slows my team down.

The Solution:

MASV’s Frame.io Integration makes contributor file collection a breeze.

With a MASV Portal, you can invite secure uploads into Frame.io from external teams without a login.

  • Use a MASV upload Portal as secure bridge into Frame.io.
  • Contributors can add to Frame.io without a paid account or a login.
  • Accelerate all uploads into Frame.io for faster ingest.

How to Connect Frame.io to MASV?

  1. Create a new MASV Portal.
  2. In the Portal builder, Go to Cloud Integrations.
  3. Choose Frame.io from the dropdown list.
  4. Fill in the required token and bucket information.
  5. Finish your Portal and share the URL with anyone.

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Discover MASV x Frame.io Workflows

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The combination of MASV and Frame.io is seamless for clients or contractors.

Casey Schendel from Think Out Loud Studios Casey Schendel
Head of Production
Think Out Loud Studios
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It’s [MASV] just a better way to work. We don’t have to worry about file transfer anymore.

Nicolas Leroy from Jellysmack Nicolas Leroy

The MASV Advantage

More reasons why MASV is perfect for video collaboration.

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Easy Automation

Portal uploads autosave to connected cloud storage.

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Extra Security

Control access, set expiry & download limits, add passwords, etc.

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Better Organization

Unlimited Portals for every project, team, & client.

Try The MASV Integration with Frame.io

Use MASV and Frame.io to speed up and simplify video collaboration.

Who is Frame.io?

Frame.io is the post production industry’s premier video review and collaboration tool. Video professionals around the world use it to share media, collect feedback, manage reviews, and deliver finished work to stakeholders.

Who is MASV?

MASV is a secure cloud software company designed to quickly transfer heavy media files worldwide to meet fast-paced production schedules. Global media organizations rely on MASV to automatically deliver their large files without any restrictions, allowing them to focus on their next big deliverable.

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