Upload Media to Frame.io Without an Account

Use a secure upload portal to collect large files into Frame.io storage from those who don’t have account access.

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Work Faster Together

A MASV Portal only takes a few seconds to create. Start receiving files into Frame.io instantly, with incredibly fast ingest speed.

Control who has access

Limit the number of people with admin access to your corporate Frame.io account. Let MASV Portals handle daily file ingest.

Save Time & Money

Spend less time setting up accounts and managing permissions. Save on per-seat license fees in the process.

Casey Schendel

The combination of MASV and Frame.io provides a seamless experience for any clients, contractors, or team members we’re working with. It helps keep the project moving along, whether we’re getting first looks or doing live reviews over Zoom.

— Casey Schendel, Head of Production, Think Out Loud Studio

The Problem:

Managing external users has become a chore.

If you are the admin of a corporate Frame.io account and you want to receive assets from those who are not a part of your team — like a freelance editor or a photographer on-location — you have three options:

💰 Set the contributors up with their own account, which comes with a per-seat fee.

🚨 Share existing login credentials which is an obvious security risk.

⏱ Receive all contributor assets with another tool and manually upload everything into Frame.io — which is a huge waste of time.

The Solution:

How MASV x Frame.io Makes Video Collaboration Easier.

With MASV, you can create a MASV Portal to collect file deliveries from external collaborators.

A MASV Portal is a secure upload portal which connects to your Frame.io account. This cloud integration allows for accelerated ingest of large files into Frame.io storage without having to enter login credentials.

Just share a Portal link with those you want to receive files from, and watch as the files appear in your Frame.io account. ✅

Spend less time juggling user permissions and more time collaborating with your team with the MASV x Frame.io integration.

Who is Frame.io?

Frame.io is the post production industry’s premier video review and collaboration tool. Video professionals around the world use it to share media, collect feedback, manage reviews, and deliver finished work to stakeholders.

Who is MASV?

MASV is a secure file transfer tool designed to deliver heavy media files over the cloud, fast. It’s trusted by thousands of media pros to move raw footage, proxy files, and large file formats between teams and clients.

How to Integrate Frame.io with MASV?

Setting up Frame.io with MASV is a simple no-code integration that only takes a few minutes. To get started, watch the video tutorial below or read our in-depth help guide.

1. Start by creating a MASV Portal.

2. Pick Frame.io as a cloud integration and fill out the info.

3. Grab a Frame.io developer token to complete the integration.

4. Paste the token into the correct field, pick your media folder, hit ‘Connect’.

Video Tutorial

Discover MASV x Frame.io Workflows

MASV think out loud featured image 1

Think Out Loud Studios

All Think Out Loud needs to do is send their clients or partners a link to the Portal. The uploaded files are then automatically transferred to the agency’s Frame.io account without anyone having to lift a finger.

jellysmack featured image


MASV’s built-in automation means Jellysmack doesn’t need to do anything — literally— to ingest video via a MASV Portal, save it within Frame.io, and have it instantly ready for editing.

The MASV Advantage 🏆

More reasons why MASV and Frame.io are the perfect pair for video team harmony.

As many portals as you need

Create as many Portals — and as many cloud integrations — as you need to get the job done (at no extra charge).

Automatic delivery

When you link Frame.io with a MASV Portal, all files are delivered into Frame.io storage automatically.

File Encryption

MASV has TLS 1.2 encryption on all file deliveries in-flight. We also have AES-256 encryption for files at-rest.

Require two Passwords

Add an extra layer of protection to all Portal deliveries by setting an upload and download password.

Work in a browser

You don’t need special software to create a Portal or integrate Frame.io. Everything can be done in a browser window.

View Transfer History

Keep track of deliveries with a detailed ledger of every file you receive via a MASV Portal.

Try The MASV x Frame.io Integration

Join other video teams who already use MASV and Frame.io to ingest large videos and images, fast.

Sign-up for a MASV account and we’ll give you 20 GB to test things out.