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Video collaboration is a team sport. MASV Portals makes it faster than ever to get your team’s footage into

Get 100GB Free Now!

Simpler-than-ever Ingest, meet MASV Portals. Now it’s easier than ever to transfer your team’s content into MASV Portals provides a simple drop-link service where anyone can easily send you files. Simply set up as a destination behind a MASV Portal and your contributors’ files will be delivered directly to your account — no need for everyone to have a login

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Direct Deliver-To-Cloud

MASV is the only file transfer service with Cloud Connect – integrations with popular cloud services so you don’t need to spend time downloading files only to reupload somewhere else. 

Just connect your MASV Portal to and receive all future incoming deliveries directly in your account. And since your files are already on MASV, you can send copies to store, backup or archive — no additional uploads required!

Blazing Fast Speeds

MASV’s accelerated cloud sends files at faster-than-internet speeds and with exceptional reliability and minimal slow-downs. Our global network quickly delivers even TB-sized files to cloud or local storage faster than ever before.

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We Have An App For That

Contributors can easily upload files to through the browser, but when the going gets tough, and the files get really huge, turn to our free app for macOS and Windows.

The MASV app handles slow or spotty internet connections with exceptional resilience; supports automated upload and downloads; allows you to set speed limits so you can still have those zoom meetings while transferring; and includes pause/resume so your clients can set priority over their upload queue. Learn more about the app.

How Does It Work?

Head to MASV Cloud Connect and select Then, enter your authentication token and specify your Team, Project, and Folder where you want MASV to send the deliveries. Next, go to your Portal’s settings page and connect

That’s it! All new incoming deliveries to that Portal will be automatically delivered to your specified Project. Click here for detailed instructions on developer token and connecting it with your MASV Portal.

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Integrate MASV with your brand

MASV offers personalization and branding features that let users create beautifully branded pages and emails for clients and partners.

A completely customizable Portal upload experience lets users stay on-brand throughout, creating a fully integrated workflow that will delight your users.

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Why MASV File Transfer Is Popular Among Post-Production Professionals

There’s a reason why a growing number of post-production professionals rely on MASV for all their file transfer needs

60 seconds to First File Send

No demos. No sales calls. Just create an account and send your first file in 60 seconds.

MASV is optimized for 20+ GB files

MASV is the perfect choice for developers with extra-large data appetites who value speed, ease-of-use, and reliability. 

MASV Doesn’t Hog Your Bandwidth

MASV’s TCP acceleration technology means even the biggest file transfers won’t interfere with anyone else on your network. Our optional app can even be set to limit how much bandwidth we use, so your spouse or kids can still do their Zoom call.

Automatic Recovery

MASV easily handles dropped Internet connections. When you’re back online, the upload automatically resumes.

It Works Everywhere

The best part about no software or plugin installations? You can use MASV from the internet browser, on any computer, anywhere in the world.

Delivery Guarantee

MASV guarantees your large file delivery will arrive on time or you’ll get your money back.


One of the challenges that I encounter is the limitations that I.T. departments sometimes impose: In order to strengthen security and reduce the chance of an online attack, there are a number of file-sharing services such as Dropbox which they block. Sometimes the only option is to use their own FTP servers. It may be surprising to know that often the FTP servers used by multinational companies, even in the tech space, are notoriously slow.

Video file sizes will continue to increase. And delivery times will decrease. So it is vital to be able to use a robust solution that is fast and reliable.

Ryan Spanger

Managing Director, Dream Engine


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