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Everything You Need to Know About Fast, Easy, and Secure Transfer of Massive Files

Get started with MASV and share hundreds of gigabytes — even terabytes of data. Browse our collection below to start exploring features.👇

3 Simple Tricks to Speed Up Your File Transfers With MASV

Customer Success Engineer, Zed, shows you how the MASV Desktop app gives you tips and tricks for smarter, faster file transfers

A Quick Start Guide to Uploading & Downloading Your Files

Watch a quick overview on how to upload and download files using MASV on your browser.

How to Connect MASV to iconik

You can send media assets directly to iconik using MASV Cloud Connect. Watch this video to see how easy it is.

How to Connect MASV to Your Cloud Storage

MASV Cloud Connect is the hassle-free way to back up files to the cloud. In this video, you will learn how attach your preferred cloud storage, MAM, or collaboration tool with MASV.

Setting Up a MASV Portal to Receive Files

A Portal is your personalized upload window to collect files from multiple sources. Read our step-by-step guide or watch the video above and learn how to create, brand, and share a Portal.

Creating Automations with Watch Folders

Learn how automations can benefit your file transfer workflow and create your own automated triggers using MASV Watch Folders.

Downloading the MASV desktop app

Using the Desktop App

The MASV Desktop app is capable of moving large files without the limitations of a browser. Get faster deliveries, pause & resume transfers, set priority status, and more.

MASV extended storage featured image

Extending Your Default File Storage Period

By default, MASV stores all files transferred for a period of seven days for free. If you want to extend your storage, you can choose to keep your files on MASV forever using the unlimited storage option.

learn about secure file transfer with MASV

Security & Privacy

Learn more about our security & compliance measures — like our Trusted Partner Network validation, a content protection assessment led by the Motion Picture Association.

Activate Speed-Boosting Features to Get Even Faster Transfers

How to set transfer priority with MASV

Set Transfer Priority When Speed is Critical

Using Transfer Priority, available in the desktop app, you can choose which one of your transfers deserves more attention. Higher priority packages are allocated more of your internet’s bandwidth to finish uploading and downloading faster.

learn how to upload faster in a browser

How to Upload Faster in a Browser

Browsers have some limitations but they are capable of sending large files over the internet. At MASV, we successfully send large files (TB+) to destinations around the world using a browser window. Read this guide to learn how to use your browser like Google Chrome to send large files.

learn how to send files to google drive

How to Upload Your Files to Google Drive

MASV integrates with Google Drive so you can save files directly to your Google Drive storage account, or set up automation to send your files there automatically. Read this guide to learn how to connect MASV to your Google Drive account.

🎥 How MASV Simplified Shadow Magic Studio's Remote DIT Workflow

Massive files? Short turnaround? Remote collaboration? No problem. 💪  Learn how Shadow Magic Studios uses MASV’s automation tools to transfer terabytes of RAW footage from set to their remote post-production facilities. Shadow Magic Studios is just one of many creative teams leveraging MASV to speed up their workflow. Find more examples below.

The More You Know

file zipping featured image

The Problem with File Zipping

MASV maintains your folder structure so you never have to zip files prior to upload. File zipping is known to corrupt files and slow down deliveries. Here’s why. 👇 🤐

download large files featured image

Stop Saving Files to an External Drive

Did you know that saving files to your external drive significantly slows down transfer time? The culprit isn’t download speed. It’s your dongle. 👀

on-premise file sharing featured image

7 Reasons To Use Cloud Over On-Prem

If you’re debating between a cloud file transfer solution and on-prem for your enterprise, here are seven reasons why cloud might be right for your team. ☁️

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