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MASV apps and APIs make it easy, fast, and secure for creative pros to transfer large files without limits. And if our customers don’t have limits, why should your career?

If you’re ready to solve big problems, build something you can be proud of, and become your best self, MASV wants to hear from you.

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What Our Team Says


“I love working at MASV because it challenges me to be better. It’s a journey that we’re on together – we learn, we improve, we grow, we support each other and share in both our successes and failures. Sometimes it’s developing a feature or fixing a bug, but just as often it’s working to scale as our user-base grows and their needs become more complex.”

— Jonathan, Software Developer


Working at MASV just feels right. Knowing that something I’m working on is making someone else’s life easier to manage, makes me very happy.”

— Junior, Frontend Software Engineer


“At MASV, I get to work with a team that’s driven, resourceful, and excited about tackling interesting challenges that solve real customer problems. We’re all in, and that’s pretty powerful stuff.”

— Alyssa, Marketing Director

MASV team

Work that Matters

working at masv

Our customers are some of the biggest brands in media and entertainment. Why? Because media files are massive. When file sizes reach into the TBs, they become increasingly complex to work with. They are a pain to move and highly valuable, thus at risk for security breaches. That’s where MASV comes in. We solve this complexity with sophisticated tooling that works quickly, with an emphasis on security and cloud delivery.

Our goal is to make sending massive (20GB+) files as simple as sending an email. We believe MASV can be an essential tool for every type of video creator—and we need extraordinary engineering skill and creativity to make it happen. Let’s get to work.

Benefits and Perks

Everyone who works at MASV benefits from a culture of continuous improvement, including professional development and peer mentorship opportunities.

Competitive Salary

We value our employees contributions and we put our money where our mouth is by making sure you are properly rewarded in your base salary.

Work From Anywhere

MASV embraces a true remote lifestyle. We support our team remotely and ensure that your work from home environment is productive.

Stock Option Plan

Every new employee junior or senior gets options in the company and partial ownership.  We are building this together so we should be rewarded together as the company grows.

Employee Benefits

We have a robust benefits program that provides full coverage or partial (80%) coverage for the majority of the things that matter most (prescriptions, dental, and vision).

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