The Easiest Way to Receive

Large Files

Say goodbye to shipping hard drives

MASV Portals are the fastest and most secure way to receive large video, audio, and media files from anyone, anywhere. Simply create a Portal, share the URL, and start collecting packages right away. ✌️


No Time to Waste

Setting up a MASV Portal takes seconds. In just a few short clicks, you can create a unique file collection workflow for your project.

Unlimited Portals

Create as many Portals as you need—for free. Organize files by team, topic, or event. Want 250 Portals? Go for it.

Hassle-Free Uploads

Contributors don’t need a MASV account or a credit card to upload files to a Portal. Our pay as you go plan means Portal owners only pay for the files they download.


Automated Delivery

Combine MASV Portals and the MASV Desktop App to automatically download packages to your machine. Overnight deliveries will be waiting for you, first thing in the morning.

user-friendly file upload

Seriously User-Friendly

No more coaching collaborators through a needlessly complicated upload process. MASV Portals come with a simple, intuitive UI that focuses on one thing and one thing only. Uploading files.

MASV is designed to be intuitive, so your film festivals crew can use it without any friction

Cloud Connect

Automatically send uploaded packages to a connected cloud storage with our direct-to-cloud integration. MASV supports most major cloud storage options including Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Wasabi, and media storage providers like

film festivals can brand their MASV experience the way they want

Security Guaranteed

We take security very seriously. Password-protect your Portal uploads and downloads from unwanted users. We use top-of-the-line TLS encryption on file transfers both in-flight and at rest. MASV is built on Amazon Web Services, which has built-in on-premise and in-cloud security that’s second to none.

custom branded file transfer app

About That Brand

First impressions matter. MASV Portals can be customized; display your logo, change the background of the page, augment colors to fit your brand look and feel, and embed the Portal on your website. Best of all, this feature is available to everyone right off the bat. It’s not hidden behind a pricier tier.

Create Automations with our Desktop App

With Automations, MASV accelerates your transfer workflow by removing tasks you used to perform manually. Use MASV App 2 to download Portal transfers as they happen, automatically delivering to local or cloud storage. Need to leave the studio to be on-set? Your teams can upload their content when they’re ready and your files will be waiting for you. No need to hit the ‘download’ button.

film festivals can brand their MASV experience the way they want

How to Use MASV Portals

A Portal can be used for a number of different reasons. A few examples, based on how customers already use Portals are:

  • To backup video footage from a hard drive to cloud storage.
  • To deliver bulk video files to post-production teams.
  • And to receive video submissions from those entering a film festival or speaking at a conference.

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