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The World’s Fastest Way to Collect Digital Assets

Average Days to Ship a Hard Drive

Average Cost to Express Ship

Average Time to Prepare a Drive

Say goodbye to shipping hard drives and tedious folders in the cloud

MASV Portals is the best way to collect large files from anyone, anywhere. No more coaching clients through uploads or navigating unfamiliar folder structures. Simply invite contributors to your custom-branded MASV Portal page. MASV does the rest – delivering contributed content fast.

masv portal showing complete transfer

Simple Content Collection

There’s an easier way to collect files from contributors. Simply send a MASV Portal to your contributors. It’s as easy for them to use as sending an email.

Custom Branding

Your brand communicates confidence. Your Portal does the same. With MASV, you can custom-brand the main application, delivery emails, download pages, and any of your Portals.

Customer Branded MASV Portal

Free for Contributors

Use a branded link to your custom portal where contributors can upload content super-fast. The cost of uploads is applied to your account, invisible to the contributor.

Automated Delivery

Combine MASV Portals and MASV App 2 to automatically download packages to your desktop. A huge time saver. Overnight deliveries will be waiting for you, first thing in the morning.

Security-First Design

MASV takes security seriously. We use top-of-the-line TLS encryption on file transfers both in-flight and at rest and password-protected uploads that administrators can edit at any time. MASV is built on Amazon Web Services, which has built-in on-premises and in-cloud security that’s second to none.

Password Protected Uploads

Since we take security very seriously, we want to make sure we give you every opportunity to secure your files. With our Portals, we allow you to password protect your Portal uploads from unwanted users, and we allow you to password protect the files when downloading, so only intended recipients have access to your files.

MASV App Portal Automations

What is an Automation?

With new Automations, MASV accelerates your transfer workflow by removing tasks you used to perform manually. Use MASV App 2 to download Portal transfers as they happen, automatically delivering to local or cloud storage. So go ahead and leave for the day. Your teams can upload their content when they’re ready and your files will be waiting for you without ever hitting the ‘download’ button.

Auto-Upload to Cloud

MASV Portals makes it easy to deliver content to cloud storage with our new direct-to-cloud integrations. Now you can deliver Portal uploads to Amazon S3, Backblaze B2 and a growing number of other cloud options.

Blackblaze B2 Support Amazon S3



Collect Without Limits

Whether you’re collecting from one contributor or 1000, MASV can handle the load. Our global accelerated network of 160 servers can handle full project folders, keeping file and folder structure intact.

MASV Coverage Map 

Need to Receive Files Immediately?

Embeddable Portals

To make a truly custom upload workflow, try Embedded Portals. Simply cut-and-paste our embed code to place the MASV Portals form directly on your website, seamless with your own branding and content. It’s as easy as embedding a Youtube video.

MASV Portals Embed code

Your Collaboration Hub

Speed wins. MASV Portals make it easy to receive footage from anyone!

  • Creative agencies
  • Film festivals
  • Digital delivery specialists 
  • Broadcasters 
  • Event organizers
  • AWS or Dropbox storage users

Open API

MASV is built on a robust API ( that we use to connect to a growing number of integration partners ( including Amazon S3, Dropbox, Slack, Google Drive and Backblaze. Don’t see an integration you need?

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