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Unlock 10Gbps File Transfer for Ultra-Fast Delivery

Eliminate bottlenecks in your media delivery workflow with 10Gbps file transfer — the fastest ingest and delivery in the industry.

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MASV bandwidth performance

Internal speed test of a 1 TB package uploaded at 10Gbps vs 1Gbps. Results show an 89% increase in speed with 10Gbps.

The Only Cloud Delivery Platform Optimized for 10Gb File Transfer Performance

We tuned the MASV Desktop app to accept a large influx of network speed, capable of handling 10 gigabits of bandwidth. Download the app today and see the MASV difference.

Cloud file transfer with MASV

Not Getting the Speed You Deserve?

So, you’re working off a super-fast gigabit internet connection, but your file transfers aren’t moving much faster. Did you know that even if you have an exceptionally fast broadband connection, other cloud file transfer solutions may not utilize your entire internet bandwidth?

That’s because most consumer transfer platforms like WeTransfer and FileCatalyst are developed on inexpensive, low-cost infrastructure that cannot accommodate 10 Gb/s data transfer. As a result, they intentionally limit their bandwidth to save on expenses, therefore creating bottlenecks.

MASV doesn’t throttle your speed. We value agility and reliability above all else and as such, have invested in premium cloud infrastructure and engineered our TCP-based protocol to utilize all of your available bandwidth for upload and download transactions. 🔥

Advanced speed preferences in the MASV desktop app for 10Gbps file transfer

Only turn on ‘Advanced’ Speed Preferences in the MASV Desktop app if you have more than 5Gbps of internet.

Introducing ‘Advanced’ Speed Preferences for 10Gbps Optimization

Our Desktop app’s exclusive 10Gbps file transfer optimization takes full advantage of your ‘ultra-fast broadband’ connection at the flip of a switch. Simply switch the toggle from ‘Standard‘ to ‘Advanced‘ in Settings and MASV will take care of the rest.

Power your next-generation production workflows and send terabytes of raw video footage from set, exchange large media files between clients and collaborators, and deliver fully mastered and finished DCPs to cinemas for screenings.

MASV's global-accelerated TCP transfer platform

Did you know: UDP traffic is frequently blocked by networks and its data packets are more likely to get dropped in-transit, resulting in corrupted files.

Send Further and Faster with TCP

Traditionally, UDP is the go-to protocol for 10Gbps acceleration but MASV leverages TCP for fast, fair, and reliable transfer of data over Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms, without the IT configuration, firewall exceptions, and exorbitant costs associated with UDP.

Unlike point-to-point UDP solutions like Aspera, files sent and received via MASV always travel on a global-accelerated network consisting of 300+ worldwide servers, so the physical distance between sender and recipient doesn’t matter.

MASV is the first cloud file transfer solution to optimize for 10Gbps transfer speeds

10Gbps optimization is included as a free feature in the MASV desktop app. As always, we price on a pay-as-you-go basis at $0.25/GB downloaded. Uploads are completely free.

How Does MASV’s 10Gbps File Transfer Optimization Work?

  • MASV leverages all available bandwidth minus any overhead
  • Transfers travel on a private, congestion-free highway built on the cloud
  • 300+ global servers means data doesn’t travel far between sender and recipient
  • Large files are split into chunks using logic and sent using smaller requests, ultimately reassembling at the destination in less time than it would take one large request. This multi-threaded approach makes it easier to recover any dropped data in the event of a network interruption.
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MASV Multiconnect

More Speed? Madness.

No. That’s Multiconnect.

Multiconnect gives you the power to turn on more internet by combining two or more different networks to create one network that can multiply your transfer speeds.

Combine your home or office internet with mobile data or a satellite receiver and hit speeds you never imagined. ⚡️

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 10Gbps File Transfer?

How does 10Gbps file transfer work?

In order for 10Gbps file transfer to work properly, you need a file transfer solution that can accept a large influx of network speed, capable of handling 10 gigabits of bandwidth, without running into bottlenecks.

With MASV, users can turn on an Advanced speed preference to optimize their transfer for 10Gbps file transfer.

In the MASV desktop, go to: Settings > Speed > Speed Preferences

Here, you will see two options: Standard and Advanced

By default, all profiles are set to ‘Standard’ which can handle up to 5Gbps. If you have more than 5Gbps internet, click the ‘Advanced’ tab to turn on ultra-fast broadband connectivity. MASV will automatically optimize for your increased speed.

What is 10Gbps to Mbps?

A transmission speed of 10Gbps equates to 10,000Mbps or 1,250 Mbyte/s

What can I do with a 10Gbps internet connection?

With a 10Gbps internet connection, your computer can proccess internet-based requests at incredibly fast speeds — as long as the hardware and software is capable of accepting that much network strength at once.

Tools like MASV have optimized their Desktop app to accept 10 gigabits of bandwidth to transfer large terabyte-level files in a few minutes. In their latest speed test, a 1 TB package was delivered in 16 minutes and 13 seconds using a 10Gbps connection.

What if I don’t have 10Gbps internet?

10Gbps is considered next-generation internet speeds, meaning not many people have access to a connection this strong, just yet. You will likely find speeds of this magnitude at facilities where large data processing over the internet is vital to the business, such as video production houses and film/TV studios.

A lot of modern consumer hardware and software is not ready to handle 10Gbps internet. There are exceptions, like MASV, which successfully utilizes 10Gbps file transfer speed performance to deliver large media files.

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