Collect Asset Information with Custom Metadata Fields

Save time by collecting custom metadata on uploads to your MASV Portals.

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Collect custom metadata with custom metadata fields

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What can I do with custom metadata fields?

Now you can add your own custom metadata collection fields to your MASV Portals to ensure your clients and partners include all necessary metadata when submitting assets.

You can request or require that senders add specific metadata relating to the files they’re uploading. This could include program name, season, episode, and scene numbers, or project name, production name, contact name, email, and phone number. It’s totally up to you.

You can even pre-fill metadata to a portal so that all transfer packages sent to your Portal automatically contain certain metadata that will flow through to your media asset management system. This saves you time while reducing data entry errors by ensuring consistency across all of your assets.

Create flexible forms to collect the information you need

Choose from a variety of form field types including

  • Checkbox
  • Date Picker
  • Dropdown Select
  • Email
  • Number Field
  • Radio Button
  • Text Area
  • Text Field

You can even add a clickable hyperlink to share things like your terms and conditions, privacy policy, or production requirements.

Decide whether your custom metadata fields should be required, optional, read-only or hidden. Customize field labels to control what the sender sees when uploading to your Portal.

Customize metadata form fields
Custom metadata form template

Duplicate forms for quick reuse

At MASV, we’re all about saving you time. When you have a recurring use case, you can save your form as a reusable template.

Create new metadata forms from your template library in just a click.

Send asset metadata directly to your digital asset management platform or cloud storage

MASV integrates with media asset management tools like iconik and Reach Engine. Using field identifiers from your DAM, you can easily integrate information from new MASV transfers.

When you connect your Portal to your cloud storage provider like Amazon S3, Google Cloud, Backblaze B2, Wasabi (or any S3 supported cloud storage), your custom metadata will be automatically delivered within your transfer package, along with your main assets. You can choose to save metadata in a variety of formats like JSON, CSV, and/or XML.

Import metadata to with MASV

Designed for Modern Media Workflows

Connect your MASV Portals to an external cloud storage provider by way of Cloud Integration. The connection details are entered once and can be reused across multiple portals. Each portal can have one or more connections attached and as new uploads are received they will be transferred automatically to each external cloud storage account.

MASV Cloud Connections

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