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Need to send DCPs or receive submissions for a film festival? MASV is the big-screen hero you need.

Discover why cinemas and film festivals, big and small, love MASV file transfer.

Stop Shipping Hard Drives

Sending a digital cinema package with MASV is far less expensive and easier than shipping multiple hard drives.

Fast & Furious File Deliveries

Never miss a deadline with MASV’s built-in file acceleration and relentless reliability.

Really Easy File Collection

Create a secure upload portal to receive movie files from anyone. Perfect for film festival submissions.

Cinema Professionals Who Trust MASV

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The Challenge

Sending and receiving digital cinema files is time-consuming and requires a lot of coordination.

Managing the delivery of media files for screenings at cinemas can be incredibly frustrating and time-consuming.

  • Distributors and DCP shops need to send digital cinema packages to thousands of theaters around the world, in various formats (standard, IMAX, etc.), just days before a big release.
  • Event organizers and traffic coordinators need to collect film samples from filmmakers to show at festivals without granting permissions to every submitter.

Both scenarios require large batches of high-resolution media to be securely delivered in a short amount of time.

MASV is the ultimate tool to quickly deliver movie files to and from theatres while staying organized

The Solution

MASV makes digital cinema delivery a breeze. 🍿

Good news — there’s an ideal solution for cinemas and festivals looking to easily manage movie submissions.

MASV provides a suite of tools that can speed up cinema operations by streamlining the delivery of large media files.

  • Easily share multi-gig files like digital cinema packages.
  • Track each and every transfer.
  • Securely store and transfer data.
  • Get up and running thanks to an intuitive interface.
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Send Big Files at Once

Send a DCP for a 3-hour superhero epic? MASV can handle the biggest of blockbusters with a 15 TB limit per file.

Keep Track of Deliveries

With our detailed Transfer History tab, you can view and filter transfers by sender, recipient, and status.

Collect Files Without Stress

Create a branded MASV Portal to collect files from anyone. They don’t need an account to upload. ✌️

Protect Your Assets

Encrypted transfers, ISO certification, and backing by the Motion Picture Association’s Trusted Partner Network.

Automate, Automate, Automate

Automate the process of receiving DCPs and other file submissions with the MASV Desktop app.

Store a Copy, No Matter the Size

Keep files close by for the length of a theatrical run; use our secure cloud storage for as many days you need.

The Best File Sharing Tool for Cinemas and Festivals

Recommended Features 🏆

Discover additional MASV features that deserve an Oscar:

Lossless Compression

Uploaded folders are automatically zipped and received in the same quality they were sent.


Whether transferring multiple files or folders with subfolders, MASV maintains your original structure.

Unlimited Access

Want to create a hundred Portals? Invite the whole team? Go for it. MASV only charges per download.


Send files to your cloud workspace. We have integrations with providers like Dropbox, Google Drive, and AWS S3.


Receive an email or Slack alert when a recipient has started a download or someone uploaded to your Portal.

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