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Secure, Rapid File Transfers for Digital Cinema Delivery

Effortlessly distribute IMAX-sized digital cinema packages to every theater or manage hundreds of film festival submissions via a secure file ingest Portal.

Move big data for the big screen. Try MASV for free today.

A video professional sends large files using MASV
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Track Every Transfer

Maintain oversight of every delivery with logs, notifications, and cost breakdowns.

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Free Short-Term Storage

Deliver unlimited package sizes with a free 10-day storage window for distribution.

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Control Access

Secure copyrighted media and prevent unauthorized access with expiry timers, permissions, and file limits.

The Challenge:

Coordinating the distribution of hundreds of digital cinema packages and screening files is a lengthy procedure with zero margin for error.

Both film distributors and film festivals require large volumes of high-resolution media to be securely delivered globally to tight deadlines.

  • Distributors and DCP facilities need to send digital cinema packages to thousands of theatres around the world just days before a big release.
  • Print traffic coordinators need to receive final content submissions from hundreds of filmmakers at once.
  • Protecting copyrighted material is essential, as is managing permissions, key delivery message (KDM) information, and file limits.
  • Shipping a hard drive or media shuttle is slow, expensive, and problematic.

The Solution:

MASV: Hassle-free digital cinema file delivery for film distributors and film festivals.

With an accelerated and secure global transfer network, MASV reliably moves multi-terabyte DCPs and digital cinema distribution master files over the cloud, ensuring content delivery from filmmakers and DCP facilities to movie theaters and film festivals alike.

  • Send image sequences and complex DCP folders with auto-resume to ensure every file delivery is successful in any network condition.
  • Embed upload Portals on festival submission sites with custom file size limits, permission controls, and form fields that can be modified.
  • Share copyrighted content with secure file transfer backed by TPN Gold Shield.
  • Automate the transfer of digital cinema packages to multiple destinations with simple no-code workflows.
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Why Every Cinematic Masterpiece Needs MASV

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Simplify Submissions

Define content delivery requirements for festival submissions with Portals, including bespoke naming conventions, file types, form fields, max file sizes, and much more.

Discover MASV Portals >

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Protect Folder Structure

Upload entire DCP folders without zipping first. MASV preserves all folder structures — essential for accurately delivering uncompressed Digital Cinema Packages.

Understand DCPs >

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Unbeatable Performance

4K DCI? No problem. Our platform supports unlimited volumes. Use our browser for simplicity or our free Desktop app for greater velocity and automation.

MASV Desktop App >

Improve Your Digital Cinema Delivery

Coordinate DCP delivery, prioritize uploads, and build highly automated workflows.

How MASV Supports Post-Production File Transfer

Features and tools built specifically to help post-production professionals win.

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Content Protection

checkmark grey MFA and SSO secure authentication.
checkmark grey Control access with permissions and privacy controls.
checkmark grey Leverage our encrypted AWS cloud network.

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Relentlessly Reliable

checkmark grey Share up to 15 TB per file without fail.
checkmark grey Combine multiple networks for increased speed and failover.
checkmark grey Checkpoint restart and auto-retry until files deliver.

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Powerful Automation

checkmark grey Automate into third-party storage.
checkmark grey Duplicate content delivery to multiple storage locations for instant backups.
checkmark grey Leverage our API for custom processes.

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Effortless Content Requests

checkmark grey Compile festival submissions with MASV Portals embedded on site.
checkmark grey Invite secure uploads without user login.
checkmark grey Leverage unlimited Portals for easy organization of hundreds of files.

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Optimized Performance

checkmark grey Leverage multi-gig speeds with optimization for 10 Gbps.
checkmark grey Manage bandwidth usage and prioritize transfers.
checkmark grey Detect and optimize for parallel or serial write speed for smoother transfers.

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Expense Oversight

checkmark grey Assign per-film package tags to track every billable transfer.
checkmark grey Download detailed billing ledger CSV exports.
checkmark grey Only pay for delivered files with egress-only fees and volume discounts.

Save on Hard Drives.
MASV Excels at Digital Cinema Delivery.

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My process for delivering files to clients before MASV was fractured.

Garrett Sergeant from SimpleDCP Garrett Sergeant
Simple DCP
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I’ve had festivals say, ‘You need to use Dropbox’. I send a MASV link and it works every time.

SheilaLynch Portrait@3x Sheila Lynch
Operations Manager
Hell’s Color Kitchen
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The team adapted really fast and the cinemas didn’t have any problems.

Mery Villanueva
Post-Production Head

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I send a digital cinema package (DCP) online?

The best way to send large DCPs online is to use MASV—the secure and reliable media file transfer tool for distributors and film festivals.

With support for unlimited file packages, image sequences, popular formats like DPX and MXF, and because MASV maintains the complete file and folder structure of your source upload, transferring a digital cinema package folder online is a simple drag-and-drop procedure without the need to zip the content first.

This saves a lot of time, not waiting for the massive dcp file to compress, making the whole process faster and more efficient.

How can I distribute DCPs to multiple theaters around the world?

MASV’s lightning-fast transfers are enabled by leveraging AWS’s global network of over 300 data centres to ensure film distributor DCPs are delivered to cinema fans everywhere, be they in Los Angeles, North America, or anywhere in the world with an internet connection!

With the ability to auto-recover from any network interruption and iteratively resume critical transfers, MASV can ensure every digital delivery is successful.

MASV’s detailed reporting log also gives you complete oversight of every upload and download that occurs, and with files being hosted in our cloud storage for 10-days for free, there’s plenty of time for local theaters and motion picture screening rooms to download the DCPs ready to display on their digital projector.

Distributing sensitive intellectual property and copyrighted media through MASV’s network is also a highly secure process, backed as it is by the Motion Picture Association’s (MPA) Trusted Partner Network (TPN) Gold Shield.

As MASV’s fees are egress only, charges will only be incurred when files are downloaded. You can offer your DCPs to as many theaters as you like, with generous discounts on larger volume downloads. Custom Package Tags and downloadable CSV billing reports allow you to assign egress fees to specific packages for accounting purposes.

How can I manage hundreds of film festival submissions?

MASV’s enhanced Portals are the ultimate universal file uploader for every workflow. They can be customized with festival branding, restricted to specific file formats and naming conventions and much more.

Custom form fields also enable festival organizers to ensure filmmakers agree to the necessary permissions, waivers and copyright ownership before uploading a content submission.

This highly customized Portal can be embedded directly into your festival website, so there’s no need to direct filmmakers elsewhere.

With the ability to transfer single files of up to 15 TB each while maintaining all file metadata and folder structures, MASV is the perfect way to reliably receive digital cinema distribution master files and digital cinema package content securely, including high-resolution video files for film festival screening on a digital projector. All without receiving and returning a hard drive.

By assigning multiple destinations to a single Portal, media files can be simultaneously delivered to multiple storage locations and accurately backed up to third-party cloud storage.

File Transfers for Filmmakers and Movie Fans

The MASV platform makes sending and receiving cinema-quality files a snap.