Unbeatable Speed and Performance With The MASV App

The MASV App is a durable desktop client built to accelerate petabyte-sized files with exceptional speed, reliability, and automation features.

MASV App for Desktop
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Get it Done Faster

Accelerate turnaround times with stable transfers of multi-terabyte packages.

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Streamline Workflows

Set up no-code automations in seconds to save time and reduce transfer errors.

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Hit the Ground Running

Ready to use out of the box without significant IT investment, allowing you to realize ROI faster.

The Perfect Tool for High-Volume File Transfer

Power users who handle high volumes of large data every day, cannot afford delays caused by slowdowns and incomplete transfers.

The MASV Desktop App provides increased speed and reliability compared to web-based file transfers, all within a clean, minimalist interface.

MASV Desktop app interface with pause and resume
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Build Resiliency

Automatically resume transfers from any network interruption and leverage checksums to maintain file integrity.

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Retain Control

Manage bandwidth usage with scheduling tools, pause and resume functionality, and transfer priority settings.

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Accelerate From Anywhere

Boost your file transfer performance even further with channel bonding and support for 10-gig ethernet.

Achieve Maximum Efficiency With The MASV App

Standard features and tools to help you share petabytes of data—without fail.

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No-Code Automation

checkmark grey Convert local folders to hot folders
checkmark grey Automate sending, receiving, and ingesting in minutes
checkmark grey Upload in-progress data using a Growing Files automation

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Transfer Acceleration

checkmark grey Achieve double the throughput compared to a browser
checkmark grey Bond ethernet with mobile and satellite internet for faster transfers
checkmark grey Optimized for 10 Gbps bandwidth

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Transfer Resiliency

checkmark grey Auto-resume progress after interruptions
checkmark grey Download folder trees without ZIP compression
checkmark grey Validate file integrity with MD5 checksums

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Performance Management

checkmark grey Set speed limits to control bandwidth usage by date/time
checkmark grey Optimize MASV app for serial vs parallel write speed
checkmark grey Pause and resume transfers or set priority labels

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Intuitive Experience

checkmark grey Drag-and-drop interface
checkmark grey High-contrast UI and simple navigation
checkmark grey Instant download links at the start of every upload

Get Early Access to New Features

Get the official MASV App or download the beta version for early access to new features.

Watch Folders

Save time and effort when you transform any local folder into an automated Watch Folder in just a few clicks.

MASV automated watch folders


Bond internet, cellular, and satellite data with Multiconnect for increased bandwidth in remote areas.

Bond internet connections with MASV Multiconnect

Advanced Speed

Activate Advanced Speed to leverage up to 10 Gbps bandwidth at a high-speed facility or studio.

10 Gbps optimization with MASV

Send Countless Heavy Files Faster and More Reliably

Sign-up for a free account and try the MASV app today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MASV Desktop App?

The MASV app for desktop is a high-performance file transfer platform designed to share large files faster than a web browser, with greater performance and stability. The MASV Desktop App can be used to share petabytes of data and perform automated file transfers without any development effort.

What are the features of the MASV Desktop App?

The MASV Desktop App contains the following features:

  • A clean, minimalist interface
  • Client-side acceleration for uploads and downloads
  • Automatic transfer resumptions in case of network interruption
  • Ability to limit bandwidth usage with Speed Limits
  • Watch Folder automations
  • Growing files capability, allowing for the transfer of files still being recorded
  • Multiconnect internet bonding for greater performance
  • Support for 10-gigabit internet
  • An itemized log of transfers
  • Drag-and-drop upload
  • Pause & resume transfers
  • Ability to set Transfer Priority

How does the MASV Desktop App work?

The MASV Desktop app is very easy to use. Simply drag and drop files onto the main app homepage to upload files. From there, the true power of the MASV App comes into play.

All MASV transfers moving through the Desktop App travel across a private cloud highway at max speed. Since the the MASV App is not bound by the limitations of a web browser, it is more efficient and reliable.

Transfer data is stored in the cloud during transit. If there’s a network outage, the MASV App will recover once a connection is detected and resume the transfer without any loss in data.

The MASV app leverages MASV’s proprietary cloud-acceleration technology to ease congestion and be fair to others on a shared network.

Additionally, the MASV app comes with a ton of exclusive features to help make large file transfers more manageable, such as:

  • Multiconnect internet bonding
  • Support for 10-gigabit internet
  • Assign a priority status
  • Add Speed Limits to control bandwidth usage
  • Watch Folder automations

How do the MASV App’s transfer control features work?

The MASV Desktop App has several transfer control features that keep users in charge of the performance of their transfers at all times:

  • Transfer Priority allows users to easily send rush deliveries without the asset having to wait in a transfer queue. Without Transfer Priority, power users must manually turn off all other ongoing transfers to allow the rush delivery to reach its destination on time. While not a mandatory tool, users who need to can assign a priority status of highest, high, default, low, or lowest to all transfers. It’s important to note that the Transfer Priority tool does not stop other transfers in progress; rather, it redistributes bandwidth to the highest priority transfers.
  • Speed Limits are another control feature that allow users to limit the bandwidth MASV uses based on the day or the week or time of day. This tool is most valuable if you share a network with others and don’t want to hog all bandwidth, or if you need to cut down on network provider fees. Speed Limits allow users to set separate max speeds for uploads and downloads, along with specifying which days of the week and times of day those limits should apply (a common use case is to reduce bandwidth during the day, when others are on the network, and remove Speed Limits overnight).
  • Pause and Resume functionality allows users to manually pause and resume file transfers with a click. If you’ve got multiple transfers going, pausing a transfer will automatically redirect bandwidth to other files in progress. Or you can use Pause and Resume if you need more bandwidth for another application, such as video conferencing.

How do I use the MASV Desktop App?

  1. Go to MASV Desktop App and download the MASV app on either macOS, Windows, or Linux.
  2. Follow the download instructions on your computer.
  3. Create a MASV account or sign-in if you already have an account.
  4. To upload, drag-and-drop files and folders onto the main app homepage or press the ‘Send’ button.
  5. To download, press the ‘Receive’ button and paste the download link or select ‘Open MASV App’ when downloading from a web browser.

Which operating system does the MASV Desktop App support?

The MASV Desktop App is available for macOS, Windows, and Linux.

Does activity on the Desktop App show up in the browser/web app and vice versa?

If you send or receive a file through through the Desktop App, it will appear under ‘Transfer History’ on the web app.

If you send/receive a file exclusively through the browser, it will not appear on the Desktop App transfer dashboard. This is done on purpose to de-clutter the Desktop App dashboard.

Is the MASV Desktop App free?

There is no charge to download and use the MASV App. Users are charged for downloads and uploads to cloud storage, unless you’re using your free 20 GBs of data credits (or up to 70 free GBs for paid accounts) all new MASV users receive.

MASV’s pricing option include pay-as-you-go, transfer credits, or enterprise plans.