Unstoppable Transfers

New! MASV App 2.0 for macOS & Windows

No matter where you work,  MASV App 2.0 has the power to deliver

MASV 2.0. Maximum Speed. Maximum Reliability.

Transferring 100s of GBs? No problem. The new MASV App crushes issues that limit the browser’s ability to send truly massive files in challenging network conditions. If your network goes down, your computer goes to sleep or you have an unstable internet connection, MASV Desktop app will recover automatically and deliver at the fastest possible transfer speed.

Transfer Dashboard

Our new dashboard lets you see all uploads and downloads in one view. Easily check status or make updates and see all your data in one place. 

MASV Desktop Dashboard supports Light/Dark Mode
MASV Desktop now supports Portal uploads directly in-app

Upload to MASV Portals

MASV Portals is the world’s easiest way to collect assets from anyone. MASV App 2.0 now supports Portal uploads, creating exceptionally fast and reliable collaboration capabilities when you or your team regularly need to pool assets.

Pause & Resume

Moving between networks? Need to restart your PC? Heading home for dinner? Now you can pause and resume at will. Progress is saved on cloud and hitting ‘resume’ will pick up where you left off.

MASV Desktop support Pause/Resume of all transfers
MASV Desktop can automate downloads

Transfer Automations

Now you can set up automated deliveries when using the app with a Portal. Simply configure your portal to transfer to your storage of choice. Point the app at that portal and any uploads will be delivered automatically. Create and save an unlimited number of automations and upload without limits.

All-New Interactive Interface

MASV App 2.0 has a clean and elegant new interface that’s consistent across macOS and Windows for simple system-switching and tech support.

MASV Desktop all-in-one dashboard
MASV Desktop Downloads

Improved Download Performance

Provide recipients with high-reliability by installing MASV App 2.0 at both ends of your transfer. Remove the need to zip and unzip files, avoid swap space hassles and give your clients faster access to your content. Downloads happen immediately with our direct-to-file system structure, avoid the time and hassle of dealing with zip files.

Outstanding Transfer & App Performance

In MASV App 2, every transfer is faster. Immediately check throughput with a glance. Quickly download, install and update. The app uses fewer system resources and offers a responsive user experience in every way.


Updated Transfer Controls

Context-sensitive buttons give you the right controls at the right time.


Improved Settings

Located under the gear icon, our new settings screen makes it easier to set defaults, check for updates or export logs when we need to help you with troubleshooting.

Superior Performance over VPN

VPNs can choke  internet connectivity. Bandwidth- efficient MASV App 2 automatically adjusts transfer volume when VPNs crowd out other traffic. We respect your other traffic, and we keep getting your bits through.

Time-saving Delete Behaviour

Now you can choose to delete or retain a package from your device when deleting it from the App’s transfer queue.

Remove The Hassle Of Shipping Hard Drives

Designed exclusively for your RAW footage / proxy delivery workflow, MASV Desktop App is capable of transferring multi-terabyte packages from the toughest of locations.