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MASV is all about empowering our users to get more done. The following support page is for our users to learn more about MASV in a self-serving manner.  

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Security and Compliance

MASV takes security and compliance very seriously. Relevant links to security and compliance documents and initiatives can be found below:

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I receive content/assets from my clients?

This is probably the most common question we have been asked recently. People want a way to receive content/digital assets from their customers, but don’t want to have their customer create an account or be billed for this.

Read more about our Portals.

How do you charge?

Our pricing model is probably the simplest messaging I can tell you. It’s a flat $0.25/GB (USD) for all downloaded data and $0.10/GB/30 days of extended storage after the first 10 days (we give you 10 days for free). You are not charged for uploading, unless you store it past the 10 days.

Now there is a small caveat here: If you decide to cancel a download in progress, you will still be billed for the partially downloaded data. If there was a problem with the download or it failed due to an issue with MASV, we are more than happy to refund the portion of the transfer that failed due to MASV. If you’re computer shuts down or you have a bad internet connection, we can’t be held responsible. If the latter is the case, we highly recommend you download our MASV App which can easily recover when a system crashes or Internet connection is unreliable.

My upload has stalled? What can I do?

So there are 2 main reason why an upload will stall. You can confirm the package has stalled vs stopped by confirming that you computer is not actually sending anymore data.

If an upload stalls towards the end of a transfers (between 95-99%), the cause can usually be attributed to MASV having to re-upload past chunks of the upload. Because theu have been uploaded already, our progress bar does not backtrack to take this into account.

If your transfer has stalled, reach us on our chat or email [email protected]. We will need the Package Name and/or account or Portal you are uploading into.

My Package has expired but I need to recover it

Unfortuntaly, once a package has expired in your account, it has been marked for deletion in our storage. We are not in the service to keep your files but simply to deliver them to your recipients. Once a file is deleted, we have no way of recovering it. With an upgraded pay as you go account (not trial), we do allow you to extend the storage of any of your packages for whatever time period at a cost of $0.10/GB/30 days. The settings “Enable Extended Storage” in your Team Account settings.

I uploaded content into a Portal and I want to confirm that the files were delivered.

When files are uploaded into a Portal, once the file has been uploaded successfully, if the Portal owner has allowed, you will receive a receipt email that the file has been delivered successfully. Otherwise, you need to reach out to the Portal owner. The MASV Team can not confirm or view any files that are uploaded into a Portal, only the Portal owner.