A Fast, Secure Aspera Alternative at 1/4 the Cost

If you have a hybrid team that needs to move large video files quickly, MASV is the perfect IBM Aspera alternative.

Scale your file delivery without the complexity, long sales cycles, and sky-high Aspera costs.

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Get To Work Faster

It takes seconds to sign-up and test MASV. Move up to 15 terabytes without any I.T support.

Save on Expenses

Reduce your overall operating costs; view our Professional and Plus plans for high-volume transfers at a low rate.

Send Files With Confidence

Send petabytes without packet loss. We offer ISO, SOC 2, and TPN compliance, as well as SSO for your peace of mind.

Trusted By Companies Who Need to Send Large Files

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MASV customer logos

How To Migrate From Aspera to MASV ⏩

Hey, we get it. Aspera is likely embedded in everything you do. Making the jump to a new platform can be scary. You don’t want to disrupt your existing worklow.

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Make an informed decision

It’s why we put together this migration guide which details various features of Aspera on Cloud and how MASV can directly support a switch and save you money in the process.

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The Fastest Cloud Delivery

No one likes slow transfer speeds. We send big files over the cloud faster than Aspera (yes, we’ve tested it).

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MASV vs Aspera on Cloud Benchmark

5 GB file sent over 2.3Gbps connection from a Microsoft Windows Server 2022.

The Challenge:

IBM Aspera gets in the way of agile teams that need to share large files.

IBM Aspera is a legacy file transfer solution that offers extremely fast transfers or large files, as long as you have the budget and patience to support it.

Before you can send your first file:

  • You need to reach out to a sales representative for an introductory call, followed by demo meetings and contract negotiations.
  • Then, your IT team has to install desktop software, reconfigure networks, and purchase servers.
  • Followed by training sessions for internal and external teams, like clients and remote collaborators who need additional support.
  • Plus any troubleshooting that comes as a result of Aspera’s UDP-based protocol.

These complications are time-consuming and expensive. They get in the way of agile teams who need to send large files over the cloud in order to be more efficient.

The Solution:

MASV is the best IBM Aspera alternative. Period.

MASV is a modern, flexible file transfer service built to move large volumes of data quickly and reliably online.

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  • Unlike Aspera, there is no need to get your I.T. or procurement teams involved. You can sign-up, test, and start using MASV on your own — right from our website.
  • Our easy-to-use interface simplifies the technical aspects, making it accessible to anyone with a browser. You can save a significant amount of money by avoiding costly training meetings.
  • We run on an accelerated version of TCP which gives you the speed you want with the securities and reliability of modern browser technology.

It’s Easier for Everyone

Easily share files through email or links. No need for your recipients to have an account.

Our API Adapts to Your Workflow

Embed MASV into your custom workflows using our file transfer API.

It Works With the Tools You Love

Connect with over 20 cloud storage providers and MAMs with our point-and-click integrations.

It Won’t Slow You Down

Enjoy faster file exchanges with complete bandwidth usage, AWS performance, and our file acceleration.

It Will Protect Your Data

All transfers are encrypted in-flight and at-rest. You can also customize passwords, download limits, and file expiry dates.

It Gets the Job Done

Send up to 15 terabytes at once without interruption. Pause and resume anytime and recover from network interruptions.

Don’t be fooled into believing large file transfer tools need to be complicated. If you want to modernize your workflow, migrate your operations to the cloud, and work seamlessly with remote teams, MASV is the fast, simple, and secure alternative to Aspera for you.

Choose The Best Plan for Your Team

We understand that every workflow and team is different. That’s why we offer a variety of flexible payment options to fit your budget and usage.

Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG)

For teams sending large files from time to time. Only $0.25/GB per download.

Try for free today >

Monthly Subscription

For teams sending large files often. Select your requirements and receive a set invoice every month.

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Custom Pricing

For teams or organizations who need enhanced workflow and security requirements like SSO.

Contact us >

MASV vs. Aspera: Which One is Right For You?

*Package storage can be extended past 10 days, billed at $0.10 a GB/month.

Ready To Move On From Aspera?

Meet customers who said no to Aspera in favor of easier, faster file transfer with MASV.

3 Big Reasons to Switch to MASV

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Desktop App

Unlock petabyte-grade performance with our free Desktop app. Enjoy exclusive features like pause/resume, bandwidth controls, and more.

Explore Desktop app >



With MASV, you can easily create no-code automations to transfer files to and from your machine or cloud storage.

Discover Automations >

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Give your large transfers a boost by combining different sources of internet into one, strong network.

Explore Multiconnect >

TCP vs UDP-Based File Transfer

TCP vs UDP-Based File Transfer: Which One is Right For You?

Learn why web-based transfer solutions like MASV are better than UDP-based ones like Aspera.

Read the free guide >

Discover Why The World’s Best Video Teams Choose MASV

Sign-up for a MASV account and we’ll give you 20 GB to test against an Aspera delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Aspera?

IBM Aspera is a high-speed data transfer tool specializing in the delivery of large file sizes. It’s often used by larger companies due to its high price point and contractual agreements. An alternative to Aspera is MASV, which is a high-speed cloud file transfer service that can deliver files of any size at a fraction of the cost of Aspera, with one-click sign-up.

2. How much does Aspera cost?

Aspera on Cloud’s Advanced pricing starts at $10,440/year to transfer 6 TB and store 10 TB/month. You get only one custom URL and one workspace.

Compared to Aspera’s Advanced plan, MASV’s Professional plan is only $100/month for the same transfers and unlimited storage for 10 days. And you get 100 custom URLs and as many workspaces as you need.

Aspera on Cloud pay-as-you-go pricing starts at $0.95/GB USD but doesn’t include storage.

With MASV pay-as-you-go, uploads are free. Downloads are almost a quarter of the price, $0.25 for every GB, and even less expensive if you prepay. Also, all MASV transfers come with a complimentary 7 days of storage, no matter the file size. Additional storage can be purchased at $0.10/GB.

With the MASV Plus plan, you can save a lot more if you’re transferring more than 10 TB/month.

3. How does Aspera on Cloud work?

IBM Aspera bases its technology on the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) to deliver large files across a hybrid of cloud and on-premise servers. UDP is considered aggressively fast, so much so that it is often blocked by IT firewalls for its tendency to bully others on the same network.

MASV is an Aspera alternative that leverages the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) rather than UDP. TCP is designed to reliably saturate your network connection while adapting to network congestion automatically. Thanks to TCP, MASV is far less likely to be blocked by restrictive IT environments. That means you get reliable and fast global transfers.

4. Does Aspera pricing include automation?

The Aspera on Cloud Advanced plan includes workflow automation. Aspera on Cloud pay-as-you-go does not.

With any MASV plan, you can use the free, optional MASV Desktop app to automate to your heart’s content, and we won’t charge you a thing for it. The same goes for the other desktop features like prioritizing and resuming transfers, Multiconnect, and 10Gbps support.

5. What is the best Aspera alternative?

MASV is an IBM Aspera alternative that is modern, faster, just as secure, and reliable, without the complicated IT infrastructure, long sales cycles, and sky-high Aspera costs.

MASV can deliver up to 15 TB with a single file, over the cloud, using any browser or MASV’s lightweight desktop app — and the time between sign-up and sending a file with MASV is less than a minute, with no demo, sales meeting, or contract required.

MASV also adds a suite of additional file transfer tooling at no extra charge, including automations, mass file collection and collaboration with custom Portals, cloud storage integrations, a bonded internet solution, and a developer API.

6. Is MASV faster than Aspera?

Yes! MASV does this in a few ways. First, MASV can saturate your network connection but still offer the reliability of TCP’s congestion control. And with a private accelerated network of 300+ data centers located worldwide, there is very little distance between sender and recipient to ensure safe, reliable, and fast global transfers.

For even more speed, MASV can take advantage of your 10 Gbps network connection, no problem, no extra charge.

7. What type of customer support does MASV provide?

MASV offers live support from 9am to 5pm EST and 24/7 email support with real people, always.