Large File Transfer for Post-Production Teams

Fast, reliable file transfer for in-house and remote post-production teams. Share raw media, proxies, and other large assets between editors, colorists, VFX, and more.

Receive 20 GB When You Sign-Up

Stop Splitting large files

Deliver raw 4K footage, high-quality proxies, and large file formats like DPX/EPX in one upload. MASV supports up to 15 TB per file.

Spend less time sharing files

Use MASV’s custom acceleration technology along with AWS infrastructure and a global network of servers to speed up file transfers.

Easy Media Asset Support

MASV has one-click integrations with popular cloud storages and media asset management tools like and iconik.

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The Problem

When Time Equals Money, Every Second Counts

In post-production, a single delay can have a domino effect on an entire release schedule. Teams need to be efficient in order to stay on-top of deliverables.

This requires a file transfer solution that can move terabytes of data across the post production pipeline with speed and resiliency.

MASV is the ultimate file transfer tool for post-production teams who need to share critical files before deadline; from set to edit bays, to coloring suites, recording studios, finishing houses and the director’s chair for review and approval.

The Solution

MASV: A Post-Production File Transfer Solution

Along with incredibly fast transfers of raw and high-resolution media, and direct integrations with media asset managers, MASV also offers:

Secure, compliant, & certified

MASV is ISO-27001 certified, verified by the Motion Picture Association, and comes with must-have security features.

Collaborate in the cloud

MASV is supported on all browsers; teams can work in the cloud without any plugins, whether they are in-office, hybrid, or remote.

work with your team (for free)

Create Teams to organize file transfers; add members, track activity, and set user permissions without having to pay per-seat.

Trust your files will deliver

MASV will auto-recover from any network interruption and resume transfer until the delivery is successful.

Don't get locked in

No expensive contracts or tiered subscriptions. MASV charges $0.25/GB per download. Uploads are free and you save when you buy data in bulk.

Get started without I.T.

Get up and running with MASV in a matter of seconds. Sign-up and start sending files today without any I.T. support or training.

Ready for Better Post-Production File Transfer?

Features You’ll Love ❤️

Discover exclusive MASV features which post-production professionals swear by. Upgrade your workflow with…👇

Branded Upload Portals

Receive batch footage and contributor assets with a MASV Portal; request, collect, and organize files from anyone — they don’t need an account to upload.

Cloud Tool Integrations

Integrate with third-party tools like cloud storage providers, media asset management platforms, Adobe Premiere Pro, messaging apps, and more.

Powerful Desktop App

Get the MASV Desktop app for greater transfer speed, performance, stability, and features you won’t find in our browser app. Available for MacOS, Windows, and Linux.

File Transfer Automations

Get work done while you sleep. Create automations to trigger file uploads and downloads to and from your machine.


Boost your transfer speeds; Multiconnect bonds multiple sources of internet to create one supercharged network.

Cloud Backups

Store delivered files in the MASV Cloud for seven days free. Extend for just $0.10/GB per month and secure an extra failsafe.

Transfer History

View a ledger of every file you — and your Team have sent and received for tracking and billing purposes.

Easy Client Billing

Assign a custom Package Tag to every delivery. Tags are searchable within Transfer History; this creates an easy filter to export a CSV for client billing.

Folder Preservation

Upload entire folders into MASV without prior zipping. We preserve folder structures — which is great for proxy editing.

Hear From Other Post-Production Pros

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“MASV just works. It’s better than everything I’ve used.”

Ian Sansavera

Post-Production Director, Team Liquid

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“MASV has solved all my large file transfer problems.”

Steve “Major” Giammaria

Supervising Sound Editor, Sound Lounge

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