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Customer Stories

Browse stories from those using MASV’s large file transfer platform to 1) improve their creative workflows, 2) speed up their turnaround time, and 3) be more efficient when working remotely.

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Discover how MASV's flexible and accelerated file transfer platform helps Optimus' share time-sensitive files with clients like Nike and Disney.

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Tasty Edits

When Tasty Edits needed a reliable large file transfer tool to facilitate file sharing inside their video management app, they chose MASV. Here's why.

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Why Avalon chose MASV over Signiant to deliver DCPs to cinemas, film labs, TV stations, and streaming services.

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Driving Plates

Why Driving Plates — the top VFX plate provider for driving footage — trusts MASV to share their videos between teams and clients.

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Stimulated Inc

Moving 6K experiential video footage without compression or file splitting.

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The Open Mind

“As soon as I discovered MASV, I could not forget WeTransfer any faster.”

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Smart Post Atlanta

Why Smart Post Atlanta chose MASV as their alternative to Aspera and Signiant.

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Motion Picture Enterprises

Why MASV has been a smash hit at MPE’s state-of-the-art hybrid post-production facility.

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GroundStorm Media

Using MASV to transfer documentary footage from the frontlines of Ukraine.

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Hell's Color Kitchen

Why Hell’s Color Kitchen’s ‘can’t survive’ without MASV’s speed, ease of use, and large file transfer capability.

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Somerville Media

Why Somerville Media stopped shipping hard drives after MASV.

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Sound Lounge

How MASV solved all of Sound Lounge’s large file transfer challenges.

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Why Apache ditched Aspera in favor of MASV to transfer terabytes of data.

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Opus Agency

Sharing footage from live events to post-production (on conference Wi-Fi).

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Curiosity Stream

How MASV’s transfer speed and ease of use won over Curiosity Stream.

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Tired of FTP, Jellysmack jumped ship to MASV to speed up their file transfer workflow.

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Team Liquid

Why Team Liquid chose MASV to transfer large video files when all other solutions proved to be uncapable.

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How RugbyPass turned hours of effort into minutes using MASV Portals.

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Thunder4 Productions

Using MASV to share 4K+ footage with a remote post-production facility, despite spotty bandwidth.

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How MASV Portals Helps a Global Conference Move Thousands of Videos On Time

Read How MASV Portals Helps a Global Conference Move Thousands of Videos On Time's Story >


Using the MASV API to gather large video files from major film and television productions across the world.

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Special Operations Studios

Learn how Special Operations Studios found success using MASV to send and receive large files under tight deadlines.

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Think Out Loud

Moving video projects forward and empowering creatives with MASV’s integration.

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Shadow Magic Studios

Using MASV automation to transfer footage from set to remote post-production facilities.

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West Digital Post Production Story

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Simple DCP

Switching to MASV from Aspera and Filemail to send fully mastered films and digital cinema packages.

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