Customer Stories

From large file delivery to remote collaboration, read stories from organizations using MASV to save time, money, and energy on their creative projects.

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NEW: Jellysmack

Tired of an inconvenient FTP solution that led to project delays, Jellysmack jumped ship to MASV to speed up their file transfer workflow.

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NEW: Team Liquid

Why Team Liquid chose to use MASV when all other file transfer solutions proved to be uncapable of sending large video files for post-production.

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How RugbyPass turned hours of effort into minutes using MASV Portals and a MASV Cloud Connect integration with Amazon S3.

Thunder4 Productions

How Thunder4 Productions uses MASV to reliably share 4K+ footage with their post-production facility abroad, despite spotty bandwidth.

Special Operations Customer Story

Shadow Magic Studios

How Shadow Magic Studios uses MASV’s automation tools to transfer terabytes of footage from set to remote post-production facilities.

Global Technology Conference

How MASV helped a global conference leader transition to virtual events by streamlining their remote production workflow with MASV Portals.

Special Operations Customer Story

Special Operations Studios

How Special Operations Studios successfully collaborated remotely using MASV to send and receive large files under (very) tight deadlines.


How Salon uses MASV Portals to gather large video files from major film and television productions across the world.

Think Out Loud

How Salon uses MASV Portals to gather large video files from major film and television productions across the world.

Special Operations Customer Story

The Finish Line

How The Finish Line—a small yet mighty group of just under 20 professionals delivered close to one thousand hour-long programs over the course of a year with MASV.

Simple DCP

Why MASV’s “client-proof” interface and robust transfer technology was enough to migrate Simple DCP away from complicated file sharing solutions like Aspera and Filemail.

Special Operations Customer Story

West Digital Post Production

How West Digital Post Production said goodbye to Customs and shipping labels when they reduced hard drive shipments by 80% thanks to MASV.

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