Large File Transfer Alternatives


UDP Alternatives

IBM Aspera Logo

Aspera Alternative

MASV is the best Aspera alternative. No IT Setup, Plugins, or Firewalls. At 1/4 the cost.

Media Shuttle Logo

Media Shuttle Alternative

MASV is an easy-to-use, Signiant Media Shuttle alternative.

filecatalyst logo

Filecatalyst Alternative

MASV is an easy-to-use, FileCatalyst alternative. With no training or tutorials.

Cloud Transfer Alternatives

wetransfer logo

WeTransfer Alternative

MASV is a WeTransfer alternative that is 5X faster than WeTransfer Pro, with no file size limits.

Dropbox Logo

Dropbox Alternative

MASV is an easy-to-use Dropbox alternative. Faster, more convenient, and able to send way larger files than Dropbox Transfer.

Gigafile Logo

Gigafile Alternative

MASV Is Up TO 30X Faster Than Gigafile. MASV delivers a fast, reliable and unlimited file transfer service without any advertisements.


Datadeliver Alternative

MASV is a faster Datadeliver alternative when you need a secure and reliable way to send large files.

FireStorage Logo

Firestorage Alternative

MASV is a file transfer service that works. When your files need to get delivered on time, you can’t risk running into download errors you face with FireStorage.

FTP & Hard Dive Alternatives

FTP Alternative

Managing your FTP server and configuring firewalls isn’t fun. MASV is the easiest alternative.

Hard Drive Alternative

MASV is a faster, more secure way to send large files than hard drives.

homepage speed chart

20 GB file sent over 1Gbps connection from Ottawa, Canada.

How Fast is MASV?

MASV outperforms other transfer services with faster upload and download speeds. Here’s why:

  • MASV leverages all your available bandwidth;
  • Large files are split into chunks in-transit and sent using smaller requests;
  • Across a network of private global servers;
  • Using TCP to ease congestion and safely pass through firewalls.
Start Sending Large Files With MASV

Get 100 GB in free transfer credits.