Large File Transfer Alternatives

See how MASV stacks up against other large file transfer alternatives like IBM Aspera, Signiant Media Shuttle, and shipping hard drives.

UDP and MFT Alternatives

IBM aspera logo

Aspera Alternative

MASV is the best IBM Aspera alternative. Just as fast at 1/4 the cost. No IT Setup, plugins, or Firewalls.

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signiant media shuttle logo

Signiant Media Shuttle Alternative

MASV is an easy-to-use, Signiant Media Shuttle alternative.

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signiant media shuttle and IBM aspera logos

Signiant vs aspera

Compare Aspera and Signiant — and discover why MASV as a faster and more reliable alternative.

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goanywhere logo

GoAnywhere Alternative

MASV is a secure GoAnywhere alternative without the complex I.T environment or hidden fees.

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filecatalyst logo

FileCatalyst Alternative

MASV is an easy-to-use, FileCatalyst alternative. With no training or tutorials.

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Cloud Transfer Alternatives

wetransfer logo

WeTransfer Alternative

MASV is a WeTransfer alternative that is 5X faster than WeTransfer Pro — and has no file size limits.

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Dropbox logo

Dropbox Alternative

MASV is a faster Dropbox alternative that can send way larger files than Dropbox Transfer.

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Gigafile Logo

Gigafile Alternative

MASV is up to 30X faster than Gigafile. Get fast, reliable, and unlimited file transfer without any advertisements.

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datadeliver logo

DataDeliver Alternative

MASV is a faster and more secure Datadeliver alternative to to send large files.

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firestorage logo

FileStorage Alternative

MASV is a reliable FileStorage alternative that won’t run into download errors — even with large multi-gigabyte files.

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FTP & Hard Drive Alternatives

FTP Alternative

Managing your FTP server and configuring firewalls isn’t fun. MASV is the easiest alternative.


Shipping Hard Drives Alternative

MASV is a fast, secure, and conveniant way to send large files over shipping a hard drive.

MASV vs Shipping >

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📖 Free Guide: How to Determine the Best File Transfer Tool?

Evaluate UDP-based file transfer and web-based solutions against the five principles of file transfer: Simplicity, speed, reliability, security, and total cost of ownership.

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