Large File Transfer Alternatives

See how MASV stacks up against other large file transfer alternatives like IBM Aspera, Signiant Media Shuttle, and shipping hard drives.

UDP-Based Alternatives

IBM aspera logo

Aspera Alternative

MASV is the best IBM Aspera alternative. Just as fast at 1/4 the cost. No IT Setup, plugins, or Firewalls.

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signiant media shuttle logo

Signiant Media Shuttle Alternative

MASV is an easy-to-use, Signiant Media Shuttle alternative.

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signiant media shuttle and IBM aspera logos

Signiant vs aspera

Compare Aspera and Signiant — and discover why MASV as a faster and more reliable alternative.

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filecatalyst logo

FileCatalyst Alternative

MASV is an easy-to-use, FileCatalyst alternative. With no training or tutorials.

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Cloud Transfer Alternatives

wetransfer logo

WeTransfer Alternative

MASV is a WeTransfer alternative that is 5X faster than WeTransfer Pro — and has no file size limits.

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Dropbox logo

Dropbox Alternative

MASV is a faster Dropbox alternative that can send way larger files than Dropbox Transfer.

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Gigafile Logo

Gigafile Alternative

MASV is up to 30X faster than Gigafile. Get fast, reliable, and unlimited file transfer without any advertisements.

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datadeliver logo

DataDeliver Alternative

MASV is a faster and more secure Datadeliver alternative to to send large files.

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firestorage logo

FileStorage Alternative

MASV is a reliable FileStorage alternative that won’t run into download errors — even with large multi-gigabyte files.

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FTP & Hard Drive Alternatives

FTP Alternative

Managing your FTP server and configuring firewalls isn’t fun. MASV is the easiest alternative.


Shipping Hard Drives Alternative

MASV is a fast, secure, and conveniant way to send large files over shipping a hard drive.

MASV vs Shipping >

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📖 Free Guide: How to Determine the Best File Transfer Tool?

Evaluate UDP-based file transfer and web-based solutions against the five principles of file transfer: Simplicity, speed, reliability, security, and total cost of ownership.

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