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MASV Launches Multiconnect to Power Ultra Fast File Transfers

MASV Multiconnect allows media and video professionals to dramatically increase transfer speeds by combining multiple internet connections.

Anna Mroczkowski Avatar

Anna Mroczkowski

Aug 10

What the Rogers Outage Can Teach Us About Failover

The great Canadian internet shutdown has opened many eyes to the concept (and benefit) of a failover.

Jim Donnelly Avatar

Jim Donnelly

Jul 18

The Evolution of Video File Transfer: From ‘Reel Boys’ to Automation

From the days of reel boys hauling films cross-country by steam train to today’s accelerated digital solutions, the history of video file transfer is as rich as it is varied.

Jim Donnelly Avatar

Jim Donnelly

Jul 12

10Gbps Internet: What is It (And How Do I Get It)?

while 10Gbps internet speed is a possibility, even the fastest connections aren’t very useful without the right hardware and software to take advantage of all that speed. Anything else risks creating a bottleneck, throttling your actual speed and neutering the effectiveness of your fancy new connection.

Jim Donnelly Avatar

Jim Donnelly

Jul 7

How to Make Your Voice Sound Better in Premiere Pro

If you’re recording a voiceover, your voice should be crisp, with depth and richness. It should not be muffled, echoey, and tinny (like the bad video conference calls during the height of 2020). Here's how can you enhance the quality of your dialogue audio and make your voice sound better.

Alexandra Marriott Avatar

Alexandra Marriott

Jul 5

How to Share Files With Your Team While Working From Home

The most important ways to share files with your team while working from home, along with best practices to keep your data safe, secure, and always available to those who need it most.

Jim Donnelly Avatar

Jim Donnelly

Jun 28

A Secure Remote Workflow Checklist for Video Pros

How can you maintain an airtight security posture while working with multiple remote stakeholders around the world, each accessing video content via the internet and often using residential WiFi networks?

Jim Donnelly Avatar

Jim Donnelly

Jun 21

How Much Is a Terabyte?

Anyone who works with large files on a regular basis is used to the sticker shock of a terabyte (TB). While most consumers still consider a terabyte to be a considerable amount of data, it’s also clear a terabyte ‘aint what it used to be as file sizes and internet usage increase.

Jim Donnelly Avatar

Jim Donnelly

Jun 17

The Top 5 Best External Hard Drives For Video Pros

External drives are an absolute must for any video pro working with large, high-resolution media files on a daily basis. When you’re shooting in 4K, a couple of gigs can lead to a few terabytes of video.

Jay Soriano Avatar

Jay Soriano

Jun 13

MASV Launches World-First 10Gbps Video Transfer Performance

MASV, the world’s fastest video transfer service, today got even faster, announcing that it has been optimized for next-generation 10Gbps internet.

Greg Wood Avatar

Greg Wood

Jun 2

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