Looking for a Dropbox Alternative to Send Large Files?

MASV is an easy-to-use Dropbox Transfer alternative. Finally, a file delivery service that’s faster, more convenient, and able to send way larger files than Dropbox Transfer.

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Dropbox Transfer caps uploads at 100 GB. With MASV, you can send up to 15 TB per file!


No one likes slow transfer speeds. We send big files faster than Dropbox (yes, we’ve tested it).


Avoid price tiers and recurring payments. MASV charges a pay-as-you-go rate of $0.25/GB downloaded.

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20 GB file sent over 1Gbps connection from Ottawa, Canada.

The Challenge:

Dropbox Transfer limits file uploads to 100 GB which is not sufficient for modern creative projects.

With Dropbox Transfer, anyone with an account can send files to a recipient without having to upload to their Dropbox storage. Unfortunately, Dropbox Transfer can only upload files up to 100 GB.

This is not be enough for creative professionals who need to share high-resolution videos or images. For instance, 10 minutes of footage from a 4K cinematic camera will hit Dropbox Transfer’s 100 GB limit.

The alternative is either upgrade to an enterprise account with a 250 GB limit (which is still not enough), or upload the file to Dropbox storage first (if there is enough space), set permissions, and then share the file.

The Solution:

MASV is the best Dropbox file transfer alternative for large media files.

MASV is a secure file transfer service built to move large volumes of data quickly and reliably.

With MASV, creative professionals like yourself get:

  • A whopping 15 TB per file — with no limit on the number of files you can send at once.
  • Insane speeds using our custom acceleration technology.
  • Enhanced security measures and certifications.
  • Flexible pricing; only pay for downloads at $0.25/GB. You can also buy credits in advance and save big.

Make large file transfer hassle-free; get your files where they need to go on time and anywhere in the world.

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4 Big Reasons to Switch from Dropbox Transfer to MASV

MASV Portals Visual

MASV Portals

Request and receive large file deliveries from other people with a branded upload portal.

Explore Portals >

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Backup Storage

Store a backup of your files in our secure cloud storage. Store for the first seven days free.

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MASV Cloud Integrations

Cloud Integrations

Track transfer status in Slack and store deliveries within your preferred cloud storage provider.

Our integrations >

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Desktop App

Unlock better performance, speed, and exclusive acceleration features with the MASV Desktop app.

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Why MASV is the Best Dropbox Alternative  🏆

More reasons why MASV is better than Dropbox Transfer.


MacOS no longer supports Dropbox sync folders on external drives. Luckily, MASV offers a workaround.

EASY AS 1-2-3

Enjoy a super simple browser experience. If you can send an email, you can use MASV.


When you use MASV Portals to receive files, your clients won’t even know you’re using a third-party service!


MASV is certified under ISO 27001 with TPN, password-protection, in-flight and at-rest encryption.


MASV is pay-as-you-go, so you can avoid pricey subscription fees and only pay for the transfers you use.


Track your status, see recipients, and view the contents of your delivery at any time from our Transfer History tab.

Headshot of Greg Somerville from Somerville Media

“I’ve had smaller [film] festivals say, ‘You need to use Dropbox’ — which we hate. It’s a disaster. Half the time I don’t even ask – I just send a MASV link and it works for them every time.”

— Sheila Lynch, Operations Manager, Hell’s Color Kitchen

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MASV vs Dropbox Transfer

Feature MASV  Dropbox
Send all data at once
International transfers
Send from remote location
Data backup
Share delivery with multiple recipients
Security features
Unlimited file sizes
File acceleration
Status tracking
Use custom logo and brand colors
Flexible pricing
Money-back guarantee
24/7 dedicated support

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is MASV better than Dropbox Transfer?

MASV is an easy-to-use file transfer service that allows users to transfer 15 TB per file, solving the problem of Dropbox Transfer’s upload limit. MASV is also ISO 27001-certified and TPN-verified, making it the most secure file transfer service.

What features does MASV offer that Dropbox does not?

MASV offers a 15 TB file size limit, 24/7 customer support, flexible pay-as-you-go pricing, custom branding, and the fastest transfer speeds over an accelerated global cloud network.

How secure is MASV compared to Dropbox?

Both MASV and Dropbox are secure file transfer tools with ISO certification, in-flight TLS protection, and AES-256 at-rest encryption.

Does MASV offer any collaboration tools?

MASV doesn’t charge per seat; collaborate with as many team members as you need and take advantage of collaboration tools such as Team profiles, file request portals, cloud storage integrations, Slack notifications, and more.

What type of customer support does MASV provide?

If you run into any technical problems, MASV’s support team is there 24/7 to answer any questions.

How much does MASV cost compared to Dropbox?

MASV offers a flexible pay-as-you-go plan at $0.25/GB downloaded, which means you don’t have to pay for pricey subscription plans or by seat. Furthermore, if you prepay for transfer credits in advance, you can save up to 40%.

Dropbox offers a variety of plans, including cloud storage, that are billed monthly or yearly, but with limited transfer limits. For example, their Advanced plan requires a minimum of 3 users and costs $24/user/month. This plan comes to $864/year for 3 users. It gives you as much storage space as needed, but you can only transfer a maximum of 100 GB per file, whereas MASV’s file size limit is 150x that at 15 TB!

Say No to File Size Limits & Slow Transfers

Sign-up for a MASV account and we’ll give you 20 GB to test against a Dropbox Transfer delivery.