Still Shipping Hard Drives? MASV is a Secure HDD Alternative

Looking for an HDD alternative to shipping your large media files? You’ve landed in the right place. MASV is a better way to transfer large files to your clients.

MASV Is Way More Secure Than Tape And Bubble Wrap

Our end-to-end encryption locks down your file transfers with maximum security, ensuring access to only the right people. MASV transfers are encrypted both in-flight and at rest and users can also add their own passwords on each delivery.

On the other hand, anyone can read a hard drive’s data. And who has the time to encrypt one of those things?

unlike Aspera, no set up or plugins are required. Just log in and transfer filesunlike Aspera, no set up or plugins are required. Just log in and transfer files
trusted partner network assessment available

MASV is the Only TPN-Assessed File Transfer Service for Truly Massive Files

MASV has completed a rigorous third-party evaluation to ensure compliance with the Trusted Partner Network (TPN), owned and managed by the Motion Picture Association (MPA) a leader in third-party entertainment industry assessments.

Upholding Trusted Partner Network standards ensures all content passing through MASV is protected against content security threats so you can confidently use MASV as a secure alternative to shipping hard drives.

Learn more about MASV’s commitment to content protection.

MASV Is Tailor-Made For The Joy Of Collaboration

Like Slack’s multiple workspaces, MASV Teams allows different collaborators to work on different projects, with different colleagues – all in the same account.

Invite team members to work on various projects within your account with no stress. Save time by easily delegating and dividing work, all while keeping billing separate.

Use personalization and branding to market your work with MASV
Use personalization and branding to market your work with MASV

Way More Convenient Than Heading to the Fedex Store

Forget about bubble wrap, packing tape, and burning hard drives. And no more speeding to the courier’s office only to discover it closed five minutes ago, never mind potential issues with customs or possible physical damage.

Shipping hard drives is less convenient, and riskier than moving files with MASV.

Customizable to Meet your Brand Standards

Unlike other HDD alternatives, the entire MASV experience can be customized or branded so seamlessly your clients won’t even realize they’re not using your website.

Show off your latest work, market your brand, and grow your business all while performing client work with MASV’s complete suite of personalization features, make it the best HDD alternative.

Use personalization and branding to market your work with MASV

Because You’ve Got Better Things To Do With Your Time

Deliver files just as fast – or faster – with MASV, for not even half the effort as shipping hard drives. Plus:

HDD Alternative Made To Be Easy

If you can send an email, you can deliver large files using MASV with no training or tutorials.

On Time, Guaranteed

If your package doesn’t arrive on time and it’s MASV’s fault, we’ll give you a complete refund.


It Scales Along With Your Needs

Forget about transferring data onto multiple hard drives – MASV can send TBs of data across the world, all in one go.

Track It Effortlessly

No need for tracking codes – users are automatically notified when a package is delivered or downloaded.


24x7 Customer Support

Even though MASV was designed with simplicity in mind, if you have trouble, our support team is always on.

"I think MASV has huge potential. No plugin and no port issues are absolute music to my ears!"

olly strous

Olly Strous

Head of Post Production – ITN

“I was really sold on the pay as you use it model. This is very attractive to us as we never know how much data we will use or what method the client will want to use to deliver the files. So having the ability to say we can send big files fast but it will cost you x amount is great!”

tony greenwood 1

Tony Greenwood

Technical Director – Core Post

We already use MASV as our only transfer option for all large and finished client files because it's quicker and easier than any other platform we have used, simple as that.

Nick 4 2

Nick Stevenson

Producer – Cadre Productions

“Sharing large files with clients has always been one compromise after another. MASV simplifies all of that and makes file transfer both effortless and blazing fast!”

Garrett Sergeant

Garrett Sergeant

CTO – Simple DCP

Send Your Next File With MASV