Send Large Files with MASV Transfer

Tackle large projects like never before, and at the best price

The Fastest Way to Send Large Files

MASV’s clean, simple interface is so easy that anyone can use it – no special training required! A stress-free experience combined with the features required for handling large files helps MASV strike the perfect balance of form and function. See it in action for yourself.

MASV Perks at a Glance


Killer speed

Upload and download at up to 1Gbps from around the globe, even when sending large video files.

Unstoppable Reliability

Dropping out? We can handle it. MASV easily recovers from network instability, automatically resuming the transfer process right from where you left off.

No Limits

Leave performance bottlenecks and throttling in the past where they belong. MASV can handle multi-terabyte files and full project folders with ease, all right from your browser.

Pay-As-You-Go Billing

MASV charges $0.25 per gigabyte for each file delivery, so you can easily bill back customers based on their exact usage.

No Login Required

No longer do your users have to fight firewalls or rifle through passwords to get things done! There’s no login required for them to upload or download files. And for added security, you can also password-protect all packages sent by you and your users.


Know how to send an email? Then you already know how to use MASV. Clients can keep pace and enjoy a stress-free experience, sending and receiving large files with no support staff, tutorials or training materials required.

Easily Send or Receive Files

MASV has two main functions – you can send files to desired recipients or use MASV portals so clients or partners can transfer files to you. In either case, you and your clients benefit from a remarkably easy and hassle-free process: Simply drag and drop files into the transfer window, add the desired recipient’s email addresses, and MASV does the rest. That’s as “complicated” as it gets!

Your large files are then immediately uploaded to our global accelerated network of 160 servers, and recipients are altered upon completion. MASV can even handle full project folders, keeping your file and folder structure intact while automatically creating a .ZIP folder your recipients can download.

Show Off Your Brand, Not Ours

As creatives, we know how important your brand is to you and your clients. Visibility is everything. At no extra cost, you can “rebrand” many visual elements of your MASV account including the main application UI, delivery emails, download pages, and any portals you create to receive files from clients. MASV keeps a small company logo on the bottom of the page to help raise awareness of our brand, but you’ll hardly notice that it’s there. Your brand remains in the spotlight!

We believe that the most efficient and user-friendly solutions are those that melt into the background, staying out of the way of your work. By using MASV to send large files with an experience so seamless, your clients might not even notice just what that magical tool was that they used until after the fact.

Creation is a Team Sport

MASV offers a full suite of user management options including the creation of multiple teams, separate billing and data access permissions by different groups, user roles to provide full or limited access depending on the job function, and basic user management to easily onboard and direct your team. Each transfer is easily searchable by the sender, and administrators can access a clear, comprehensive transfer history to track usage on a per-team basis.

Mobile Friendly


Transfer huge files straight from your phone! Simply choose what you want to send, then start the transfer with no hassle. Getting your work done no matter where you are has never been easier.

Download Files

Access deliveries sent to you through MASV portals. If you have sufficient available storage capacity, you can simply download files right onto your phone.

View PAckage History

Unsure whether a client has accessed a file for a time-sensitive project? Quickly check on previously sent or received transfers to see for yourself, all while monitoring what each client has downloaded.

masv browser app mobile

Manage Users

Look after your team and the job at hand, no matter where you are. Any administrator features in your web app are also available through your mobile phone, ensuring hassle-free management whether on the road or at your workstation.

Branded Experience

The same beautiful branding applied to the web browser experience also applies to MASV on your mobile device. Our platform melts into the background so your brand stands out like never before!

Android & IOS

Android, iOS… why not both? MASV is designed for full compatibility out of the box with the latest flagship mobile operating systems.

Security-First Design

Large file management is serious business – you’re not messing around with these projects and neither are we. MASV therefore takes security very seriously. We use top-of-the-line encryption on all transfers, both in-flight and at rest, in addition to comprehensive password protection that administrators can edit at any time. MASV operates on the Amazon Web Services platform, which features built-in, on-premise and cloud-based security protocols for the best possible protection. All download pages also receive randomly generated URLs that are next-to-impossible to guess. And, if that’s not enough, MASV is also fully GDPR compliant and Amazon is an MPAA Certified cloud vendor.

To summarize, you’re in very capable and experienced hands, and we leave nothing to chance. If you have any additional questions about our security practices, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

A Robust API Designed for Seamless Integration

Our goal has always been to help video and creative professionals streamline their workflows. Our new API-first design is exactly how we’re accomplishing that. MASV is built on the bones of a robust and capable API that we use in our own products. This API is available to customers, designed to support key integrations with popular services you use every day. This ensures that MASV is always the perfect fit for your workflow.

No More Subscription Fatigue

At MASV, we know there’s an ebb and flow to your business, which is why our pricing is designed to keep things moving the way you need them to. That means no more being held at the mercy of your locked-in subscription plans or “extra features” that you don’t need which hike the price. With our simple pay-as-you-go pricing, you can send large files without being limited within a subscription tier – simply send and pay for files when you need to, without being locked in to an onerous annual contract. It’s that painless, enabling for you to get things done without worrying about billing fluctuations.

MASV bills you $0.25 per gigabyte of data downloaded through our pay-as-you-go service. That means you only pay when we deliver your file. And if you have a slow month, your costs stay lined up with earnings. You can also track your costs back to a per delivery line item that makes billing clients a piece of cake. Our users love this model, and we think you will too.

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