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Take the pain out of media delivery. Share large files of any size using MASV’s accelerated file transfer solution.

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The Fastest Way to Send Large Files 🚀

Large file sharing has never been this fast or easy.

Simply drag and drop multiple files onto MASV’s easy-to-use interface and hit send. Just like you would send an email. Our powerful transfer platform will secure and send files across 300+ private global servers at max speed.

Discover why thousands of media professionals trust MASV to speed up their workflow and deliver large videos with ease.

Why You Should Send Large Files with MASV

Send Terabytes of Data

MASV can handle multi-terabyte files and entire project folders. Deliver raw footage, hi-res images, DCPs, and more.

Fair & Fast Transfers

Maximize your bandwidth without throttling your network. MASV leverages TCP for fast, fair, and stable transfers.


Dropping out? MASV recovers from network instability, automatically resuming the process where you left off.

Pay-as-you-go billing

MASV charges $0.25 per gigabyte downloaded. Easily invoice clients based on usage with per-transfer itemized billing.

No IT Required

You can use MASV from any browser or leverage our free desktop app for uncapped, faster large file transfers.


MASV encrypts files both in-flight and at-rest. Users can also set custom passwords for every transfer.

Avoid Zipping

MASV maintains folder structures so you don’t have to waste time zipping prior to upload. Great for proxy editing.

Robust API

Integrate MASV into your custom workflow with our API — the same one we use in our own products.

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MASV Speed Test

Global file delivery, now optimized for 10Gbps file transfer.

Built For Large File Sharing 💪

MASV is specifically built to handle large file deliveries; bringing together size, speed, and stability into one easy-to-use tool. Here’s how it works:

  • MASV leverages all of your available bandwidth (minus any overhead).
  • Files are sent using TCP to avoid bottlenecks and firewall issues.
  • Transfers travel on a private, congestion-free highway built on the cloud.
  • 300+ global servers closes the gap between sender and recipient.
  • Large files are split into chunks using logic and reassembled at the destination. This multi-threaded approach uses smaller requests, which takes less time than one large request.

🔒 Send Large Files With Confidence

Our customers trust us to deliver copyrighted video files and sensitive material. As such, we take secure file transfer seriously:

  • MASV is validated by the Trusted Partner Network, an industry-leading security assessment led by the Motion Picture Association.
  • MASV operates on the AWS platform, which features built-in, on-premise, and cloud-based security protocols.
  • We use premium encryption on all transfers, both in-flight and at-rest.
  • Users can password protect every transfer.
  • All download pages receive randomly generated URLs that are next-to-impossible to guess.
  • We are fully GDPR compliant.
MASV charges $0.25 for every gigabyte downloaded

Only Pay For What You Use ✅

Your business has its own unique ebb and flow.

With our simple pay-as-you-go pricing, you can send large files without commitment. Only pay for the data you use, without being locked into a paid subscription.

MASV charges $0.25 for every gigabyte downloaded. Uploads are free. We don’t get paid until your file gets downloaded successfully. We also offer 7 days of complimentary storage. Additional days are price at $0.10/GB.

MASV charges $0.25 for every gigabyte downloaded

Show Off Your Brand Not Ours

As creatives, we know how important your brand is to you and your clients. Visibility is everything.

You can customize many visual elements of your MASV account to match your brand. This includes the main application UI, delivery emails, download pages, and any Portals you create to receive files from clients.

The best part of all? Custom branding is free for all users.

MASV charges $0.25 for every gigabyte downloaded

Creation is a Team Sport ✊

MASV offers a full suite of user management options to organize transfers and manage permissions:

  • Create multiple teams for different projects/clients.
  • Assign separate billing per team to keep track of expenses.
  • Add as many teammates as required per team. We don’t charge per seat. All team transfers are billed to the master card on file.
  • View an itemized list of transfers by team and see which packages have been sent, received, downloaded, or have expired.
MASV charges $0.25 for every gigabyte downloaded

Send Large Files Straight to Cloud Storage

Large files require significant cloud storage. MASV plays nice with all major cloud storage providers and even some media asset management tools like and Iconik.

Integrate your preferred cloud provider with MASV in a few easy clicks and route all transfers to storage.

MASV supports enterprise storage providers, as well as basic options like Google Drive and Dropbox.

Big Files Require Big Tools

Get access to MASV’s extended suite of file transfer tools at no extra cost. Find the right tool for your workflow.

Portals thumbnail

MASV Portals

A Portal is your personal upload window. Use it to receive large files from anyone — even if they don’t have an account — directly to your inbox or cloud storage of choice.

MASV custom branded Portal to receive files

Cloud Connect

MASV Cloud Connect is a central hub to manage third-party cloud storage integrations. Transfer files to storage with one-click delivery or hands-free automation.

MASV custom branded Portal to receive files


With Watch Folder automations, you can designate a folder on your desktop to automatically download or upload files to and from MASV. No manual work required.

Multiconnect Thumbnail 1200x600 1


Introducing bonded internet for file transfer: combine two or more different internet networks to create one, powerful network and multiply your transfer speeds.

Mobile Friendly


Send files straight from your phone! Simply choose what you want to send, then start the transfer with no hassle. Getting your work done no matter where you are has never been easier.


Access deliveries sent to you through MASV portals. If you have sufficient available storage capacity, you can simply download files right onto your phone.


If you share files with a team, MASV offers an itemized log of all file transfers. Quickly check on previously sent or received transfers and verify what’s been sent and downloaded.

masv mobile file transfer on device


Look after your team and the job at hand, no matter where you are. Any administrator features in your web app are also available through your mobile phone, ensuring hassle-free management whether on the road or at your workstation.


The same beautiful branding applied to the web browser experience also applies to MASV on your mobile device. Our platform melts into the background so your brand stands out like never before!

Android & IOS

Android, iOS… why not both? MASV is designed for full compatibility out of the box with the latest flagship mobile operating systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to upload a large file?
Where can I send big files for free and fast?
How do I send large files like videos and images?

Videos and images are notoriously hard to send because of their large file sizes. MASV is a file sharing service specifically designed to quickly move heavy media files like 4K video footage, high-resolution images, and production files. MASV users can send up to 5TB per file to over 300 servers worldwide to ensure fast, secure delivery regardless of distance, which makes it a great option for videographers and photographers working in a remote location.

How can I send large files via email?

How to send large files over email is a common ask by many professionals, as it’s such an important tool for day-to-day communications. MASV makes large file transfers over email simple. Just upload your large file — up to 5 TB per file — to MASV and choose between the following options:

  1. Send file as email: MASV will send a download link to your email recipients.
  2. Generate a shareable link: MASV will generate a shareable link which you can copy and paste into any email field.
How do I send large files securely?
Can I send large files from my iPhone or Android device?
Is MASV better than Dropbox to send large files?

Unlike Dropbox, which is designed for file syncing and storage, MASV is specifically built to quickly move large files like raw 4K camera footage and high-resolution photography. MASV is powered by an accelerated global cloud network that emphasizes speed and secure, reliable delivery above all else. As such, it is used my thousands of media professionals around the world to speed up workflows and keep production schedules on track.

What is the maximum size limit for sending large files with MASV?

The maximum file size of a single file within a package is 5 TB. All browser downloads are capped at 5 TB since browsers can only download multiple files as a single ZIP folder. Using our free desktop app, a package size may exceed 5 TB as long as the single file size limitation is respected. MASV supports virtually infinite file and package sizes. From gigabytes to terabytes, and beyond, MASV can handle it. That’s because we designed MASV from the ground up, using state-of-the-art cloud and software-defined WAN technology to ensure maximum flexibility, capacity, and performance, whether you’re sending files locally or across the world.

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