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A File Transfer API for Media Ingest

MASV’s flexible file transfer API lets development teams introduce fast, secure, and reliable large file delivery to their custom workflow.

Get 20 GB in transfer credits when you sign-up.

File Transfer API

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What Can I Do With the MASV File Transfer API?

Whether you require faster ingest, want to build-out an automated workflow, or embed MASV under the hood of your existing application, our file sharing API is flexible enough to adapt to your development needs.

upload & download automations

With the File Transfer API, you can easily automate the sending and receiving of large files without worrying about size limits or subscription constraints.

Automatic file storage

When combined with a MASV Portal, the MASV API can automatically backup files to your cloud storage of choice. MASV integrates with Amazon S3, Google Cloud, Backblaze, Wasabi, and more.

Monetize File Transfers

Embed MASV’s data transfer API into your existing application and leverage our pay-as-you-go pricing model to monetize on file transfers. And if you expect to move large volumes of data, we offer prebuy discounts.

Why Use The MASV File Transfer API?

The File Transfer API is an excellent FTP alternative. It’s faster, easier to deploy, and more reliable than FTP. Integration is straightforward, and can be validated in under 20 minutes. It’s a simple solution that can handle even the most complex workflows.

More reliable than FTP

Slow, corrupted transfers can derail any project. The MASV API ensures data arrives on-time, without any errors, so your production team isn’t left wondering where their files are.

The Fastest upload & download speeds

All MASV transfers deliver at max speed, with built-in congestion control, across a global accelerated network consisting of 300+ servers, powered by AWS.

Enterprise Security

All MASV transfers are encrypted in-flight and at-rest, can be password-protected, and come with an ISO 27001 certification and a verified Trusted Partner Network (TPN) assessment.

Scales automatically

The MASV File Transfer API was built to scale along with your requirements. That means you don’t have to worry about limits on file sizes, team members, recipients, or anything else.

Flexible, usage-based pricing

Need to send hundreds of TBs one month and just a few the next? No worries, our API offers flexible usage-based pricing to ensure you only ever pay for what you use.

Peace of Mind

MASV minimizes the time you spend on routine tasks so you can focus on more productive (and perhaps more fun) things. You’ll get peace of mind knowing your files will be delivered automatically.

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Step 3

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Our File Transfer API
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Designed for Modern Media Workflows

Modern media workflows require files to be made available in the cloud instantly for better team collaboration. With the file transfer API, you can:

  1. Create a MASV Portal to receive files from anyone.
  2. Attach your preferred cloud storage provider by way of Cloud Integrations.
  3. Automatically route all files you receive to a Portal into cloud storage.
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The Transfer Agent is provided in a docker container image for easy cross-platform use.

Use MASV in a Server Environment with Transfer Agent

While the MASV API gives developers access to our transfer platform, the MASV Transfer Agent is a headless service which abstracts the complexities of file transfer through a simplified REST API.

Carry out tasks like uploading and downloading packages while the Transfer Agent manages the underlying file system.

Read the Transfer Agent documentation to learn how you can get started.

Nick Long, Salon

“MASV is like the Stripe of large file transfer – it just gives you the ability to do stuff yourself. It’s not locked down. It’s got an API. You can customize everything.”

— Nick Long, Managing Director, Salon

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an API for data transfer?

A data transfer API requests and manages the transfer of data between two applications. For example, MASV’s file transfer API can be used to automate the uploads and downloads of files, as well as direct deliveries to cloud storage platforms.

Can API be used for file transfer?

MASV’s flexible file transfer API lets development teams introduce fast, secure, and reliable large file delivery to their custom workflow. It can also be used to automate uploads, downloads, and deliveries to cloud storage solutions.

How do I send a large file through REST API?

The MASV Transfer Agency is a headless service which abstracts various file transfer requests, like sending a large file, using a simplified REST API.

Is API better than FTP?

A file transfer API is far faster and easier to deploy than a FTP server.

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