MASV For Virtual Conferences

Receive hours of content from presenters around the world and simplify virtual conference production.

The Show Must Go On

Thousands Of Ingests

Speakers can upload their presentation content through a simple drag and drop interface. No account required.

Meant for Remote Teams

Save files directly to Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive cloud storage. MASV also supports local storage, Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Wasabi, Backblaze, Digital Ocean and many other integrations.

No File Limits

Sharing presentation videos and recordings of live broadcasts can mean terabytes of data. MASV doesn’t cap transfers. So, go ahead and share that two-hour panel discussion. ????


Fast and Reliable

There are no do-overs with events. Files need to be delivered and ready in time for launch day. MASV has servers across the globe to ensure lightning-fast delivery.

Introducing your new collection tool: MASV Portals

With MASV Portals, show producers can create a unified destination for virtual conference file submissions. Create one Portal for all speaker submissions or create multiple Portals for different categories at no extra cost.

film festivals can brand their MASV experience the way they want

Branded Portals for All

When collecting presentation content from hundreds of speakers, the process should be as straightforward as possible to avoid errors. MASV Portals have a single upload pane. That’s it. No unnecessary distractions or barriers to entry. Participants don’t need an account to submit and the entire Portal can be branded to match the unique look and feel of your conference (no additional charge for branding).

MASV is designed to be intuitive, so your film festivals crew can use it without any friction


You know what eats up a lot of time? Downloading submissions to a local disk and re-uploading to a cloud server. MASV Portals makes it easy to deliver content to cloud storage with Cloud Integrations, our direct-to-cloud integration system. Configure a Portal to automatically move submissions to a shared cloud so your entire team has access. We also play well with Digital Asset Management tools like Iconik,, and more (we’re adding new tools all the time).

film festivals can brand their MASV experience the way they want

Only Pay for What You Use

MASV operates on a pay as you go model. Instead of costly subscription tiers, we charge $0.25 per GB downloaded. Your participants can send you as many files as they want. You only pay for what you need. Every download is logged so you always have a detailed record of transactions for those post-show budget meetings.

MASV fast file transfer is secure and is powered by Amazon Web Services

Unmatched Security

MASV’s end-to-end security is backed by highly secure MPAA certified cloud infrastructure provider – Amazon Web Services. Transfers are TLS encrypted in flight and at rest and protected by overlapping application security measures. You can also add your own passwords for additional security. In other words, your files are protected under lock and key. ????

How MASV Portals Helps a Global Conference Move Thousands of Videos On Time

“Our ability to make the file upload experience look professional is really important. [With MASV], it’s a seamless experience.”

Submissions made easy with MASV