Fast, Reliable Presentation Delivery for Live and Virtual Events

Whether sending large video files or receiving content for conference sessions, MASV is your killer keynote.

Learn why live event professionals the world over trust MASV file transfer.

Keep Things Running Smoothly

Live events can’t afford delays. Our file acceleration ensures data arrives on time.

Collect Big Ideas

Embed a MASV Portal to a public submission page to receive assets from presenters anywhere in the world.

Stay Connected

We integrate with all major cloud storages and chat platforms like Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Event Pros Who Trust MASV To Move Big Media

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The Challenge

Sharing presentations and big video files for an event can be stressful.

Managing media for a live event requires organization, efficiency, and patience.

  • Producers have to make sure speakers submit their presentations on time, without making the submission process too complicated.
  • Recorded sessions have to be shared with editors so they can put together post-show recaps or a library of on-demand video content.
  • Conference halls are known to have slow internet which makes on-site file sharing difficult for organizers and exhibitors.
  • Sending presentations and video files through email or other transfer solutions is usually slow and unreliable.

Event professionals need a quick, easy, dependable, and secure way to receive and send large presentation files, especially in places with subpar internet connections.

That’s where MASV comes in. It’s perfect for sharing big video files and collecting presentation assets before deadline so event organizers can put on a good show.

The Solution

MASV makes file transfer the least stressful part of your day.

MASV makes it easy for speakers to quickly upload files, and for event coordinators to receive those files or share recorded video sessions – even when you don’t have much bandwidth to work with.

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Work Better, Faster, Stronger

Enjoy a simple browser interface with heavy-duty stability and file acceleration underneath.

Easily Request and Collect Assets

Share a secure portal link to have speakers upload multi-gig files without a login.

Only Pay For What You Use

Keep expenses low; we price per download so only pay for what you use in and around the event.

Don’t Compromise

Share hours long recordings of sessions. Receive media-rich presentations. We support up to 15 TB per file.

Don’t Slow Down

We automatically optimize for network congestion and offer bandwidth tools like mobile bonding, priority labels, and a scheduler.

The Best File Sharing Tool for Events and Virtual Conferences

Recommended Features 🏆

Discover MASV features that are perfect for event workflows. Steal the show with…


Events are short-lived, so why get locked in? Just pay $0.25/GB per download for the duration of the event.


Conference Wi-Fi not cutting it? Pair your phone’s 5G data to boost your transfer speed.


Have a repeatable workflow? Automate uploads and downloads with our Watch Folders.

Portal Branding

Customize your file request Portal with event branding so recipients know its you.

Transfer History

View and filter transfers by status, sender, or recipient. Easily export searches as a CSV for billing.

Get Started With MASV

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