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Usage-Based Price

$0.25 / GB

Start with 20 GB free

Ideal for one-time, variable & developer applications

High speeds; no transfer limits

Only pay for what you use

No monthly minimum cost

Commitment free

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$0.22 / GB



Ideal for one-off and fixed-volume projects

Pay in advance; use as needed

Save up to 50%

Commitment free

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Best price

Pro Subscription

$0.20 / GB

$200 / Month


For professional content teams

Lowest prices

Predictable, low monthly fee + locked-in discounts on overages

Unlimited users

Best performance

Custom forms & metadata

Free training

Continuous updates

Early access to new features

Cancel any time

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High volume pricing


Custom Pricing

Rates as low as $0.05/GB

For business, highest-volume and security applications

Unlimited users

Security, compliance & SLA support

Premium and migration support

Advanced training

Roadmap & integration collaboration

Annual and multi-year agreements

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Prices in $USD (1 TB = 1024 GB). Common Pricing Questions
ISO 27001
TPN -Certified
SOC 2 -Compliant

All Plans Include

Get access to all these features regardless of your plan.

Bring Everyone Together

Unlimited users. No counting seats.

Portals for requesting files from anyone.

Request and receive files with unlimited upload Portals.

Custom branding for Teams.

Customize the look and feel of your file collection Portals with logo, background, and color controls.

Email & Slack notifications.

Keep everyone informed about transfer statuses with email and Slack notifications.

Accelerate Your Workflow

Unlimited transfers. No file size limits.

Instant uploads to cloud apps & storage.

Automate transfers into your apps of choice including S3, Frameio, Wasabi, Dropbox, Google and many more.

Watch folders to automate transfers.

When a file is added to a watch folder, it automatically gets sent to a destination of your choice.

Internet bonding to boost speeds.

Add multiple internet connections together to maximize your upload and download speeds.

Keep Everything Secure

Passwords, user roles & permissions.

File expiry with 10 days storage included.

Choose how long files are stored on MASV with the first 10 days free. Extend for only $0.10/GB/Month.

An API for developers.

TPN, ISO, SOC 2 grade-security.

Common Pricing Questions

For more pricing and billing information, visit billing & payments in our support center.
Can I try MASV for free?
Yes, MASV offers 20 GB for free to test out the file transfer service.
How does Usage-Based pricing work?
With Usage-Based pricing, you only get charged when your data is downloaded. If a file is uploaded and the recipient does not download it, you won’t be charged. Uploads are free and are stored for 10 days at no cost.
How does Pre-paid pricing work?
Pre-paid credits let you buy a certain amount of transfer data in advance. The more data (ex. Gigabytes or Terabytes) you buy in advance, the lower your per GB transfer fees. Credits are used when data is downloaded and last for 1 year following purchase.
How does the Pro Subscription pricing work?
At $0.20/GB, MASV’s Pro Subscription plan provides a consistent 20% monthly savings for your team when compared to Usage-Based pricing. Your monthly base cost is determined by the amount of monthly transfer credits you choose. If you go above your chosen monthly amount, you can continue saving with a low overage cost of $0.20 per GB downloaded. Pro Subscription transfer credits do not carry over month-to-month, and will replenish to your chosen monthly amount on the 1st day of every month.
What happens when I automatically renew my Pre-paid credits?
If auto-renew is enabled, your credits will be repurchased at the current discount price upon their depletion or expiry, helping you save on transfer fees. If auto-renew is not enabled, transfer costs will default to the standard Usage-Based rate of $0.25/GB once your usage exceeds your remaining credits amount.
Are there costs associated with storing files on MASV?
Storing files on MASV is free for 10 days for any paid plan and free for 3 days during the free trial. You can extend your storage time for $0.10/GB/month for as long as you need it.
Will I be charged for uploading to integrated cloud storage?
Yes, if you choose to connect your cloud storage, like Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc., you will pay per Gigabyte (GB) downloaded when you upload to that storage via MASV. See all integrations.

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Greg Somerville Founder, Somerville Media

We couldn’t survive without it. It’s a necessity.

Sheila Lynch Operations Manager, Hell’s Color Kitchen
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