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"MASV is simple and efficient. It just works. We use MASV, and that’s it – we don’t ever have any questions. It’s a perfect system for us."

Nicolas Leroy, Archivist @ Jellysmack

Frequently Asked Questions

How are my pay-as-you-go charges calculated?
We charge based on the amount of data downloaded in gigabytes. You only pay when your recipient downloads the file, and don’t pay a thing if they don’t.

How do I control / forecast my costs?
To make controlling your costs easy we have introduced download limits. Download limits allow you to set the exact number of downloads you want to allow per recipient. This protects you from users forwarding or downloading a delivery multiple times. You can update these limits at any time.

If I upgrade my account, will I keep my free trial credits?
You bet. When you add a credit card during your trial, you’ll automatically keep all your remaining credits for two months from the time you signed up.

Is there a monthly fee?
No, MASV doesn’t charge any monthly fees. You only pay when you use MASV to transfer files. That means you can send 500 GB one month, then send nothing the next and be charged $0.

Do you have any cost savings options?
When you need to transfer more than 10TB a year, you can easily purchase transfer data credits at a discount. To learn more, please contact us.

Can I bill back my clients for the cost?
It’s easy to bill back your clients for the cost of their MASV transfers. Filter your file transfer history by recipient, see the cost each one added to your total, and even export that data to CSV (in case you want to add some profit for you)!

How do I see the cost of each transfer?
You can see transfer costs on a per-package or per-recipient basis, along with the cost of your upcoming bill.

When do I get billed?
You get billed for the previous month’s usage on the last day of the month. Instead of being billed after each transfer, your total charges are billed just once at the end of each month.

Am I charged if a recipient doesn't download the file?
No, you only pay for downloaded data, so even if you uploaded files to MASV, if they’re not downloaded you won’t pay a cent. Our goal is to help you deliver files – if those deliveries don’t get downloaded, we don’t charge you a thing.

Can I have a client pay for the files they send me?
No, but your client can create their own MASV account and send files to you from their own account. Plus, if you refer them to MASV, you’ll get an extra 50GB free! Visit the referral center in your MASV account to learn more.

How do charges work with Portals?
MASV Portals allow you to receive files from others while paying the transfer costs through your account. If a user uploads a file through your Portal, your bill only increases when you download the delivery. The price of $0.25 per gigabyte is the same as sending files. If you don’t download the files from your Portal, you don’t pay anything.

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