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MASV is the fastest and most reliable way for videographers and creators to transfer time critical files to clients. No limitations or plugins. Completely pay-as-you-go. Always just $0.25/GB

14 Days & 100 GB of free data

MASV Launches World-First 10Gbps Video Transfer Performance

The world’s fastest video transfer service just got even faster! MASV is now optimized for next-generation 10Gbps internet. It’s available now in the MASV desktop app.


MASV Integrates with Microsoft

MASV now works with Microsoft storage and collaboration tools including Microsoft Teams and OneDrive. Now it’s easy to track the status of your transfers with MS Teams notifications and save files you receive directly to OneDrive with a single click.


MASV Integrates with iconik

MASV’s Multi-Cloud Transfer Service is Accelerating Workflow Across the Video Industry’s Most Innovative Collaboration Tools


Automated File Transfer with MASV and Docker

Automate everything with the MASV Agent in a Docker Container. It’s the fastest, easiest way to deploy self-hosted file transfer workflows on any hardware.


MASV Has Completed a Trusted Partner Network Assessment

Upholding Trusted Partner Network standards ensures all content passing through MASV is protected against content security threats. Learn more about sending video files securely with MASV.

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Videographers like you trust MASV to send large and time-critical files.

Video Professionals Using MASV

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How We Deliver On Time

MASV is exactly the same as other large file transfer services but without file size limits, software, port-forwarding issues, expensive annual contracts, storage limits, slow file downloads or upload speeds, complicated interfaces, or transfer failures.

Fast File Upload and Download Speeds

When it comes to transferring 100GB+ files, speed is crucial. MASV rides on a dedicated global accelerated network. With over 150 servers worldwide, we achieve maximum transfer speeds in most locations across the world without the need for any software or firewall changes.

Fastest file transfer with MASV

20GB file sent over 1 gbps connection from Ottawa, Canada.

MASV Server deployments

Reliable File Transfers

Speed is only a benefit if the file actually arrives at its destination. MASV easily handles internet connection crashes and fluctuating conditions. Our global accelerated network means your client deliveries never travels far before it’s riding a high-performance network. Plus, if for any reason within our control a delivery is delayed or messes up your schedule, we immediately refund the full cost of the file transfer.

Client-Proof File Transfer Dashboard

Let’s face it – getting some clients to deal with file delivery can be a nightmare. File transferring with MASV is so easy to use, it’s client-proof – many users have gone from needing wikis to explain file transfers to no explanation at all with MASV.

MASV file transfer

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MASV file transfer history

Delivery Tracking

Shipping hard drives is a major drag, but at least you can track your package accurately. MASV provides complete visibility into the status of your client deliveries on a per-recipient basis. Emails are sent when downloads are initiated, and allows you to keep tabs on who has downloaded what.


Security is paramount when it comes to protecting your content and reputation. MASV encrypts files both in-flight and at rest, allows password protection on all file transfers, and takes advantage of  Amazon Web Services ultra-secure infrastructure.

Secure, password protected downloads
Support response times
Customer Satisfaction


MASV has always been a customer-first company. Our always-on customer support will move mountains to address any problem you hit or questions you have. But don’t just take our word for it – the reports to the left are pulled directly from our support system, populated by real users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose a pay-as-you-go file transfer plan?

Investing in an appropriate file transfer solution shouldn’t mean being on the hook for set-in-stone capacities that you don’t always need, which can also be used to justify upfront cost increases. In addition, your use case could vary wildly from month to month depending on current projects. Therefore, our approach at MASV is to deliver the solutions you need, when you need them, and at a competitive price of just 25 cents per gigabyte. It’s a highly flexible and affordable means for creatives on any budget, with no sacrifices made to speed or reliability.

Can clients lacking technical expertise access file transfers easily?

Absolutely. We’ve designed the MASV user interface to be minimalist, elegant, and anything but daunting to use. There’s no need to rifle through instructions or wikis – the system is remarkably straightforward and laid out in layman’s terms. That way, you can make your next filesharing experience a hassle-free, easy process that won’t cause delays in terms of project completion.

What apps does MASV work with?

We’re excited to offer a solution that is designed for maximum compatibility and seamless integration with a number of popular apps. Google Drive, Dropbox, AWS, Slack, and other programs allow you to send files, save large projects securely, get notified about adjustments made by your team, and plenty more. Along with our companion desktop and mobile apps designed to deliver the same, simplified experience, keeping everyone on the same page – or on the same frame if we’re talking video production – has never been easier. MASV is also constantly working towards completing other app integrations, so don’t hesitate to contact us and see if we can fit your favourite into our roadmap.

I’m having trouble with a specific process or feature. What can I do?

Aside from reaching out to us for dedicated support, we recommend checking our advice and answers section for valuable insights from members of the MASV team. From step-by-step guides to tips on using our extended storage feature, app integration and more, it’s a great place to brush up on the fundamentals and even a few handy tricks.

What industries best benefit from MASV?

MASV is happy to assist with industry projects in broadcasting, digital content creation and media influencing, film festival production, media delivery services, and post-production. Knowing your files are in safe hands, easily accessible by only authorized individuals and transferrable at lightning-fast speeds is essential to maximizing the potential of your project and shortening the leadup time to marketing it.

“Audi is one of the worlds most cutting edge brands and we only work with the best vendors to make that happen. MASV allows us to reliably and quickly deliver our content worldwide.”

Nicholas Kleczewski
Video Creative Director at Audi of America

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“I’ve been using MASV all month. It allowed me to go on vacation with my family and still service clients. I just collaborated with a VFX house across the country using MASV. Overall MASV has improved the post process and made my life easier.”

David Dessel
Metaphor Pictures

Metaphor Pictures

“We already use MASV as our only transfer option for all large and finished client files because it’s quicker and easier than any other platform we have used, simple as that”

Evan Scott
Levitate Media

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“Though there are similar services, none of them can fully compete with MASV. This platform allows sharing as many files as you want without size limitations. Besides, the speed and reliability of the transfer are on point.”

Eva Wiliams

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