MASV + iconik fast file upload

Ingest Media Directly to iconik with MASV

Now it’s easier and faster than ever to ingest large media files from anyone, anywhere.

Collaborate in the cloud with MASV and iconik—Without Sharing Access to your Accounts.

Sometimes you need to collect media files from occasional contributors. Rather than sharing account credentials or requiring collaborators to create accounts just to upload files, MASV makes it easy to seamlessly collect and manage media from your team, clients, and collaborators without sharing access.

That means your contributors don’t need access to your iconik account or your MASV account. Simply share a link to your MASV Portal to collect files from anyone and ingest them directly to your iconik account.

One-Click Delivery to the Cloud

Media production is shifting to the cloud. MASV is the only file transfer service with Cloud Integrations, connecting you with popular cloud services used by video and media professionals. That means you can stop wasting time downloading files only to have to re-upload them somewhere else. Who has time for that?

MASV Portals can be linked to specific iconik storage and collections you choose. Changing or adding linked iconik storage is automatically detected by MASV.

Just connect your MASV Portal to iconik and easily receive all future incoming deliveries directly in your iconik account.

Iconik integration
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Blazing Fast Media Asset Delivery

MASV’s accelerated cloud sends files at faster-than-internet speeds and with exceptional reliability and minimal slow-downs. Our global network of 150+ servers quickly delivers even terabyte-sized files to your cloud or local storage faster than ever before.

Make MASV Your Own

MASV Portals can be totally customized to match your brand standards.  Upload your logo, customize the background of your page, choose colors to fit your desired look and feel, and embed the Portal on your website. Create unlimited Portals at no extra cost, giving you maximum flexibility for any scenario.

Then, simply share a link to your MASV Portal with your collaborators. Collaborators don’t need an iconik account, VPN, or any special hardware to transfer files into your iconik account.


Custom branded MASV Portal
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Securely Collect Media from Anyone, Anywhere

MASV takes security seriously and follows Trusted Partner Network best practices. By default, all content transferred through MASV is protected against content breaches and security threats.

But it doesn’t stop there. Every package you send with MASV is protected by encryption on all transfers—both in-flight and at rest. In addition to comprehensive password protection that can be updated by administrators at any time, MASV operates on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform, which features built-in, on-premise, and cloud-based security protocols for the best possible protection.

RugbyPass Teddy Parker Headshot

“Receiving video content from our contributors went from being the biggest, most stressful side of my job to something now which I don’t even think about.”

– Teddy Parker, Content Operations, RugbyPass

Connecting MASV to iconik is Easy

Create an Application Token in iconik

First, you need an iconik account that is connected to your cloud storage provider of choice (Azure, Backblaze B2, Google Cloud Storage, or AWS S3). You will need to create an Application Token in iconik (contact your administrator if you do not have access to create this) before you can connect MASV.

Create a New Cloud Integration in MASV

Next, create a Cloud Integration in MASV using the new iconik provider option. Now you can attach your Cloud Ingegration to your MASV Portal(s) to have your uploads automatically transferred to iconik. You may also select this connection to upload individual packages using the Send to Cloud feature on the Packages list pages.


    Send Files to iconik via a MASV Portal

    To attach a cloud integration to a MASV Portal, simply select the desired Portal and choose “Select Connections” under “Deliver to Cloud”. Then locate the iconik connection you want to use and click “Update”.

        You’re all set! For further instructions on configuring your integration and troubleshooting, refer to the support documentation.

        This integration was built based on feedback from MASV customers like you!

        Help us make MASV more productive for you. If you have any kind of feedback for us, please submit it via our feedback forum.