Collect Media Files and Metadata into iconik

Using MASV, you can easily collect media assets and metadata from anyone and automatically store them in iconik.

Try iconik with MASV and improve collaboration among video teams.

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Save Precious Time

Downloading and re-uploading large files into storage can take hours. Instead, automate the process with MASV’s straight-to-iconik ingest.

Avoid Extra Admin Work

When you connect your iconik storage to a MASV Portal, contributors don’t need iconik credentials to upload files.


Easily Sync Metadata

Want to simplify asset management? Add custom fields to your MASV upload form to collect metadata that syncs with iconik.

The Challenge:

I need a secure way for those outside my organization to contribute to my iconik collection.

Iconik is one of the best tools available for video teams to gather and organize media assets from any storage location in one place, and it is a crucial part of many major creative workflows.

To add assets to an iconik collection, users are required to have a paid account, which makes it difficult to collaborate with outside contributors, such as freelancers or contracted production companies.

To make it easier to work together with other teams, iconik users can use MASV to receive files from anyone and add them to a collection, even if those people don’t have an iconik account.

The Solution:

MASV’s iconik integration: The easy and secure way to collect assets in iconik.

Rather than requiring collaborators to create accounts, MASV makes it easy to collect media from external parties into iconik, without login credentials.

That means your contributors don’t need access to your iconik account or your MASV account to upload files.

MASV’s iconik integration
  • Simple create a MASV Portal.
  • Add iconik as a ‘Cloud Integration’ and choose your collection.
  • Share a link to your portal to collect all uploads directly in your iconik account. Simple as that!
  • BONUS: Add custom fields to a Portal upload form to record unique metadata information which automatically syncs with iconik.

Stay Organized

Want to separate deliveries by contractor or collection? Just duplicate your Portal and change the settings.

Don’t Touch Anything

All Portal uploads are delivered to iconik storage automatically. You don’t have to do anything.

Protect Your Account

Add upload and download passwords for extra security; all transfers are encrypted and certified secure.

Improve how you collaborate in iconik. Try the MASV x iconik integration today for fast, easy, and secure file collection.

How to Integrate iconik with MASV

For more detailed instructions on connecting iconik and MASV, watch the video tutorial below or read our in-depth help guide.

1. Create an Application Token in iconik.

2. Go to MASV > Cloud Integrations > Iconik > enter your Token information.

3. Choose the specific collection you want MASV to store your files in > click Connect.

4. Create a MASV Portal > Turn on your iconik cloud connection > share the Portal URL.

Video Tutorial

Who is iconik?

Backlight’s Iconik is a powerful “bring-your-own-storage” media management tool. Store files in any storage location you prefer and link them to iconik so they are displayed in one central location. Creatives can store, tag, review, and collaborate on digital media files from anywhere.

Who is MASV?

MASV is a secure file sharing tool designed to accelerate large file transfers over the cloud. It is trusted by creative professionals worldwide to improve productivity by speeding up the delivery of high-resolution media such as raw camera files, images, large file formats, and more.

Recommended Features 🏆

Discover additional MASV features we recommend for iconik workflows:

Custom Branding

Customize your MASV Portal; upload your logo, change the background image, and choose colors to fit your desired brand.

Send to Portal Automation

Use the MASV Desktop app to create an automation that uploads assets from any local folder to a Portal connected to iconik.

View Transfer History

Track inbound and outbound iconik deliveries with a detailed ledger of your MASV transfer history.

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Automated Dailies Workflow with MASV, Wasabi, and iconik

Learn how MASV can be used with Wasabi and iconik to automate dailies delivery from the set, to the cloud. Discover the workflow!

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Try The MASV x ICONIK Integration

Join other video teams who already use MASV and iconik to streamline their workflows. Sign-up for a MASV account and we’ll give you 20 GB to test things out.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up an iconik integration with MASV?

First, ensure that your iconik account is connected to your cloud storage provider of choice. You will need to create an Application Token in iconik (contact your administrator if you do not have access to create this) before you can connect MASV.

Next, create a Cloud Integration in MASV using the new iconik provider option. Now you can attach your Cloud Integration to your MASV Portal(s) to have your uploads automatically transferred to iconik. You may also select this connection to upload individual packages using the Send to Cloud feature on the Packages list pages.

The final step is to attach a cloud integration to a MASV Portal. Simply select the desired Portal and choose Select Connections under Deliver to Cloud. Then locate the iconik connection you want to use and click Update.

For more detailed instructions, read our support documentation on how to integrate iconik with MASV.

What are the benefits of using iconik Integration with MASV?

With MASV’s iconik integration, video teams can improve how they collaborate inside iconik.

MASV can automate file ingest into iconik and allow occasional or one-time contributors to upload files and metadata to an iconik collection without login credentials.

The secret is to create a secure MASV upload portal and connect it to your iconik account. This portal can then be shared with anyone, with all uploads automatically being stored in iconik.

MASV is capable of ingesting terabytes of data into iconik at unprecedented speeds from anywhere in the world.

Can I share large files using the iconik Integration with MASV?

Yes, absolutely. There are two different ways:

  1. Because iconik brings all your files from different locations into one central place, you can upload files via MASV to your preferred cloud storage of choice (e.g. Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.).
  2. MASV also uploads to iconik directly with a native integration; simply connect your iconik account to MASV to automatically sent all received files to an iconik collection of your choice.

Is it secure to share files in iconik with the MASV integration?

Yes! MASV employs enterprise-grade security measures to ensure your files are safe. For example, files have TLS 1.2 and AES-256 encryption in-flight and at-rest, respectively. MASV is also certified secure under ISO, SOC 2, and TPN guidelines.

Learn more about MASV’s security measures.

What is the cost of the iconik and MASV integration?

It’s free to integrate iconik with MASV.