Send Large Files To Dropbox with MASV

Save time and send your packages faster with the our new integration with Dropbox. “Save to Dropbox ” makes your MASV delivery direct-to-cloud.

No more downloading files from MASV only to re-upload to cloud storage. Simply visit your MASV download page and select “Save to…” to send your large files directly to Dropbox.

MASV desktop app screenshot

Sending Large Files to Dropbox:

How it works

 Where do the files go?
Using MASV to send large files to Dropbox begins with an upload to MASV’s accelerated cloud network. Once your recipient opts to download their package to Dropbox, a “MASV” folder will be created inside of the Apps directory and all packages are placed inside of it. MASV also supports Save to Google Drive. On Google Drive, a directory named “MASV” is created in the root and all packages are placed inside of it.

Do I have to remain on the download page while it transfers?
No. If you leave the download page, the transfer will continue in the background. However, you will not be able to monitor the progress or be notified if there is a problem.

Do transfers to Google Drive or Dropbox count towards the MASV Download Limit? Will they be locked out once the limit is reached?
Yes, transfers to Google Drive or Dropbox are counted the same as if a user chose to download the files to local storage. Once the download limit has been reached it will prevent new downloads via the browser or to Google Drive or Dropbox.

Does download to Dropbox support Dropbox Teams?
Yes. Users can download to either a Personal Dropbox account or a Team (Business) account. Personal users will see a “MASV” folder in their Apps directory, while Team users will see this appear under the logged in user’s directory (ie. Team Name/John Smith/Apps/MASV/)

Does it work with ZIPs?
Zip files are not transferred – only a package’s files and directories.

Does it work with Portals?
Like any package sent with MASV, files received through a Portal can be downloaded to Dropbox via the pull-down menu on download page. The Portal itself cannot be directly connected to a cloud storage provider at this time. (Stay tuned for updates)

Is there a size limit?
The package size delivers from MASV to your Dropbox cannot exceed the available space in your cloud storage account. Individual files cannot exceed the file size limit of the cloud storage provider: Dropbox allows up to 350GB per file.

Can I download through the MASV app from Dropbox?
No. The MASV app does not support downloads from Dropbox or Google Drive.

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