Looking for an FTP Alternative?

MASV is a secure FTP alternative. An easy-to-use large file transfer service that delivers your projects on time, every time.

Because You’d Rather Be Creating Than Managing Your FTP

Managing your FTP server and configuring firewalls isn’t fun. For those with little experience or technical know-how, it can be a nightmare.

That’s why MASV’s browser-based technology skips the pain and gets you right to the good stuff. Users can send files within 60 seconds of their first login, while MASV’s dedicated servers handle the rest.

unlike Aspera, no set up or plugins are required. Just log in and transfer filesunlike Aspera, no set up or plugins are required. Just log in and transfer files

Because MASV’s Easy-To-Use Interface is from this Era

While most FTP clients look like something dug up from a previous era, MASV’s intuitive user interface is easy to work with and straightforward.

That means you don’t have to sit through any tutorials or worry about your recipients getting confused. And if you do run into a technical problem along the way, MASV’s 24-7 support team is here to help.

Because MASV’s Customization Features Make It Yours

Give users or recipients a taste of your brand flavor while they’re downloading files with MASV’s personalization features.

Build portals specific to each client’s needs, created branded emails, or show off your latest work to market your company and grow the business.

Use personalization and branding to market your work with MASV
trusted partner network assessment available

MASV Follows Trusted Partner Network Standards

MASV has completed a rigorous third-party evaluation to ensure compliance with the Trusted Partner Network (TPN), owned and managed by the Motion Picture Association (MPA) a leader in third-party entertainment industry assessments.

Upholding Trusted Partner Network standards ensures all content passing through MASV is protected against content security threats so you can confidently use MASV as a secure FTP alternative.

Learn more about MASV’s commitment to content protection.

Build with the MASV File Transfer API

The backbone of MASV’s file transfer service is the MASV file transfer API. Using the API gives you access to the same powerful upload and download code used by MASV’s own web and desktop apps without having to write it from scratch.

Developers choose the MASV API over FTP because it is much easier to integrate and it delivers the reliability and speed that MASV is already known for without all the effort of setting up and maintaining an FTP server. 

File Transfer API

Here are seven good reasons why MASV is a better FTP alternative

Still using FTP to send files long distances? With MASV, you can eliminate technical complexity while improving performance.


Obsessive Delivery Tracking

MASV takes the guesswork out of deliveries by ensuring complete file visibility during the entire transfer process.

It's Not A Bandwidth Hog

MASV’s TCP acceleration technology ensures you won’t annoy your entire network while transferring large files.

It's Dependable

MASV’s global accelerated cloud network sends files as fast as your Internet connection can handle.

MASV Is Resilient

No more worrying about Internet drops: If there’s a problem, MASV resumes uploading automatically as soon as you’re back online.

MASV Is Everywhere

Since there’s no software to install you can use MASV from any computer, on any browser, anywhere in the world.

On Time Or Your Money Back

If your delivery doesn’t make it on time and it’s MASV’s fault, we’ll refund your money – guaranteed.


Always-On Customer Support

If you have a question, at any time, our customer support is there. 24×7.

"I think MASV has huge potential. No plugin and no port issues are absolute music to my ears!"

olly strous

Olly Strous

Head of Post Production – ITN

“I was really sold on the pay as you use it model. This is very attractive to us as we never know how much data we will use or what method the client will want to use to deliver the files. So having the ability to say we can send big files fast but it will cost you x amount is great!”

tony greenwood 1

Tony Greenwood

Technical Director – Core Post

We already use MASV as our only transfer option for all large and finished client files because it's quicker and easier than any other platform we have used, simple as that.

Nick 4 2

Nick Stevenson

Producer – Cadre Productions

“Sharing large files with clients has always been one compromise after another. MASV simplifies all of that and makes file transfer both effortless and blazing fast!”

Garrett Sergeant

Garrett Sergeant

CTO – Simple DCP

Send Your Next File With MASV