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Majed Alhajry

Majed Alhajry


About Majed

Majed (pronounced like “magic” but with a D) is MASV’s technology, business process, and software development leader. Possessing more than 15 years in technology, Majed at his core is a software engineer, geek, and entrepreneur, having invented the Superbeam peer-to-peer file sharing app that works over fast Wifi, without the need of a router. Majed’s passion lies in discovering novel solutions for complex technical problems. He is an expert in the transfer of large files, local and global, as well as in networking acceleration technology and application layer protocols.

Career Highlights

Majed has a thing for automating and streamlining operations using software, from business processes to day-to-day chores. That’s where his career highlight to build Superbeam started.

Majed has experience with building software that targets multiple platforms (desktop, web, and mobile) and is geared towards automating business processes. Key highlights include architecting and building the entire sales suite of tools (from sales enablement to CRM) for a Jordanian internet service provider, in addition to automating pricing analysis to determine the best bulk international calling minutes providers.


Personal Interests

He lives in Ottawa, Canada. He’s a father of two amazing children and loves hanging out with family and cooking (besides writing a lot of code obviously!). During his spare time, Majed also edits videos for his wife’s YouTube channel.

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