Paul Methot

Paul Methot

Senior UX/UI Designer, Growth

About Paul

Paul Methot joined MASV in April 2022 as our Senior Designer (UX/UI) for the Growth team. He obsesses over building design value across products and brands using effective process/communication. Throughout Paul’s 10 years in the industry, he has owned a variety of key design responsibilities, ranging from product experience design to brand identity, marketing and visual communications.

Career Highlights

Experience gained across different roles has emphasized the importance of design, collaboration, and how a sound creative process promotes growth and innovation. Those experience highlights include Paul’s first work placement (2012) as Visual Communications Designer at Drexel University. Other highlights include teaching Information Design to 2nd-year students at Simon Fraser University (2014-2015) as well as travelling numerous times to Shenzhen, China as Senior Brand Designer with Wondershare (2016-2021) to help define the corporate identity. Before landing at MASV, Paul was recruited to Microsoft’s Content Services team as a Product Design vendor (2021-2022) to help build a reading framework for new Graphic Novel & Manga content types – enabling creatives and creative content is something Paul cares deeply for.



Personal Interests

When not designing, Paul values time with family, friends and his loving girlfriend. Interests include a wide range from anything creative and artistic, to active and outdoors. On his bucket list is a goal to make and publish a Graphic Novel series.

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